This digital detox course cures your digital addictions
so you rewire & focus on what matters.

digital detox purge addictions
digital detox purge addictions


This digital detox course cures your digital addictions so you rewire & focus on what matters.

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Loosing Life?

Distracted by notifications
Hypnotized by porn
Procrastinate scrolling
Waste hours on screens
Constantly check emails
Crave likes

Maybe it’s time to detox from screens?

A Course to detox from Any Digital Habit

Heal & Let Go Your Toxic Habits

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digital detox purge course psychologist digital detox purge

7-days of

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The Life You Used To Have. Back.

get more energy by quitting porn social media digital detox purge

Real Energy

Less FOMO & anxiety. Better sleep, health & productivity.

stop procrastination be productive quitting porn social media digital detox purge

Pure Pride

Quit procrastination.
Accomplish things.
Live again.

save and get more time cure porn social media addiction digital detox purge

More Time

In average, participants save 18 hours of screen time per week.

How toxic is your digital habit?

Get a free 4-min diagnosis

“My life was a wreck”

How a “0 willpower” guy detoxed digitally his life.

‘I cannot quit those habits, I don’t have enough willpower.’ Arthur wrote.
Reading the first line of his email, I immediately knew that it was not a willpower problem.

‘I can’t achieve anything. I spend hours on the Internet, watching videos, and browsing social networks. Instead of sleeping, I spend my nights endlessly watching netflix and porn. Those things are ruining my life, I know it, but no matter how hard I try to quit (I tried nofap programs, digital detoxes, digital detox vacations and even retreats. I’m also reading a bunch of digital detox books), I keep coming back. It is stronger than me, I feel it.

Our team of digital addiction experts, composed of technology, psychology, and spirituality coaches, receives this kind of testimony every day.

Most people try to quit by resisting their cravings. But if willpower were enough to break an addiction, could we really call it an addiction? It is a common quitting mistake; we try over and over to stop a habit in the same way. We push harder and harder something that doesn’t work, and eventually blame ourselves that nothing changes.

So how to change digital bad habits? Arthur did not lack willpower. Actually, the more he tried to quit using willpower, the less energy he had to grow what really matters in his life.

After hearing that explanation, he joined the Digital Purge Program. Our course revealed his bad habits and stopped his toxic autopilot. A few weeks later, he wrote back.

‘Can’t tell how grateful I am to you and your team. […] At first, the exercises in the program seem very basic. I was doing them effortlessly and I was sure it would make very little change. I quickly realized that they actually become new habits! You don’t realize it much because you don’t directly work on them, but the cravings slow down each day. […] I started tracking my screen time, and each week I would save between 2 and 3 extra hours!! Within a month, It dropped from 47 weekly hours down to 16 hours. It’s like it inverted my life: I progressively started to do sport again (not so much but better than nothing), meet new friends in events, getting nofap benefits and more importantly, started to work again on my project (to create my own company). It has been 7 weeks that my weekly screen time is below 5 hours (mostly audio books) and I would say that you saved my dreams. I regain motivation and focus, I no longer feel brain fog, I wake up refreshed, I am present in the things I do, and I go to bed satisfied. […] I wish this feeling to all addicts.