7 Tips To Instantly Reduce Stress At Work

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Stress at work affects many people around the world. It impacts motivation and happiness leading sometimes to depression in the worst case, reducing happiness, productivity and creativity.

Pressure to achieve targets, deadlines, bad communication, aggressive management…. often lead to undesirable stress and deeply affect workers.

Some companies understood it long time ago and are now known for their creative and relaxing management methods.

If you are a manager, this article will help you to understand and treat the root of the stress at work. If you are a worker, you will understand how to deal with a stressful environment and how to reduce stress at work in order to make your life much easier.

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Before diving into how to reduce stress at the workplace, here is how to reduce stress in your life.

This is important to start there because it affects the way you work and your reactions during the whole day.

As and when you start to have these things implemented in your life your stress levels tend to go down much faster than you would expect. You would also end up living a longer, healthier and fitter life than you would otherwise do with built up stress in your body and brain. There also other things that you can choose to do that can help avoid stress or minimize it which you can find on the internet and use if necessary. However, the above discussed steps can be considered a platform for people for stress free living.

If you are lacking patience, those patience quotes from Zen Masters may help you to quickly calm down.


Indulging yourself in physical activities can help a great deal in relieving your body and mind off stress. There are people who choose to play outdoor games or have simple workout patterns which can help them reduce stress to a great extent. In case you are not capable of doing any of the above things you can go for a simple walk or job to the closest part and spend some time there. This can end up working wonders for you as a person who is affected by stress.


Bad habits like excess intake of caffeine, nicotine or alcohol can be a contributing factor towards stress. These habits would only help the stress grow rather than bringing it down. This is why alcohol and nicotine are sometimes called depressants which affect people rather than helping them. In case you are not able to get rid of these habits always seek help to avoid them in a safe manner.


One of the best ways to reduce stress is by effectively managing the 24 hours that you have in a day.

By doing this you are able to make best use of the time that you have in hand and always allot time for other activities such as entertainment and physical activities. If you take control of these things you would be relieved of stress to a greater extent than you can imagine.

Often the contributing factor towards stress is the feeling that you tend to have when you think you have little or not enough time left in a day. If your activities for each day are planned and moved in a certain pattern you would be surprised at the amount of time you are able to have for other activities.

Learn how to better manage your time here.


While you sleep your mind and brain rest and has time to rejuvenate. This means there are no thoughts and your brain have ample rest too. So, always ensure that you get enough sleep that your body requires to ensure that you live healthy, stay fit and stress free.

Sleep depravation is one of the other things which can increase your stress levels at work. To be able to overcome this you should ensure that you are having a healthy sleeping patter.

Giving your body enough amounts of rest and sleep can help you conquer stress at work much easier and in an effective manner.

Here some tips to instantly improve the quality of your sleep.


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Stress is a survival reaction. If you stress at your workplace, that means you are trying to survive to something.

In scientific words, stimulus triggers reactions that boost our stress levels. We release chemicals when we feel we are oppressed, threatened or even uncomfortable.

Here are some strong tips to eliminate all those negative triggers and make your workplace a pleasant place to be.


One of the best ways to organize your work would be to prioritize your work and the tasks that you have in hand. You would have to ensure that you only pay attention to the most important tasks and leave the least important ones for later. This will not just help you save time but also reduce the amount of stress you would be putting your body and mind under.

Here are some must-known time management tips that can save your life at work.


Creating an environment to work at is very important in destressing yourself at work. To do this you would need to build relationships with people who are around you at work. Fun activities at work can also allow you to destress easily. Using stress busters are said to be very helpful for people. This is why many companies have entertainment zones and stress busting zones with punching bags and other stuff which allows their employees to destress in an effective manner.


Sometimes we can’t control everything. But there is one thing we can learn to control: our reaction.

If you can’t eliminate the negative triggers in your workspace, you still can learn how to react less intensively to them. As Maureen Killoran said, stress is all about how we react to what happens to us.

Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose. Maureen Killoran

Here are some powerful way to reduce your answer to stress. You can implement them now in your workplace.


A person having bad habits such as smoking, too much consumption of caffeine or alcohol can be vulnerable to stress at work. Often people think these habits would help bring the stress down which they had developed at work. However, it is totally the opposite as these things increase stress and lead to further health complications. Sometimes, these habits combined with stress can fasten the process of health risks attacking you irrelevant of the age bracket you belong to. So, ensure that you kick off your bad habits or at the least keep them to a bare minimum to be able to manage stress better.


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Inspiring quotes are amazing, fast to read and super efficient, you can read one each time you stress and it will entirely reduce your stress hormones! Here is a compilation to always keep with you: 160 Quotes To Immediately Calm You Down


By being able to develop healthy food habits you are capable of bring down the stress to a great extent. Being without proper food also can lead to increased levels of stress which can be difficult to otherwise overcome without healthy food habits for a person.


Giving importance to your body, soul and mind is very important to combat stress at work. This would mean that you have a healthy workout habit which can be followed regularly to avoid being stressed out at work. It would also tend to relax your body better and help you work efficiently and be productive at work.


You don’t need to be an expert. It’s all about taking a bit of time to rest your body and your mind.

You can learn few exercises to do at your workplace and spend a few minutes per day meditating. This will drastically break the stress flow and teach you to low down the levels much quicker.

Here are simple steps you can follow to start meditation and some meditation ideas and inspiration quotes from Meditation Masters.


While some things make use nervous, others soothes us. Putting relaxing things in your workplace  can help you decrease your stress level much quicker.

You can use:
– Plants (even a small cactus works)
– Essential oils (Aromatherapy)
– Chewing gum
– Affection (cuddle someone)
– Pets
– Appeasing Music (try the binaural beats)

When you feel stressed you can also read one of those anti-stress quotes to immediately bring you back to calmness and happiness.


Anyone who is capable of following the above-mentioned things would be able to overcome stress that is built up at work. They can live healthy and longer at the same time as well when they are able to overcome stress.

You may also develop relaxing and entertainment habits which can help your mind overcome the stress and think less about work. Many successful people around the world do these few things which helps them a great deal and not be bogged down by stress at their work place. It also lets them have a happy family life or personal life when compared to others when they are stress free.

Spending time with your loved ones and taking vacations can also be helpful to relax and be without stress in the longer run for working men and women alike.

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