Time Management Skills I Should Have Known Earlier

Where your attention goes your time goes

People often find difficult to manage their time effectively. To know ways in which you can manage time better you can look at the options you can ponder on in the below article. Those time management skills will help you.

Each of us have only 24 hours in a day and nothing less or more. You have the same hours in your day that Einstein or Picasso had. There are no ways in which you can get back even one lost second. This means that you would have to make use of the time available in the most effective manner possible. Although people find it difficult to manage time effectively there are others who do it successfully. If you are a procrastinator you may suffer of permanent lake of time.


Based on Wikipedia, Time management is

the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectivenessefficiency, and productivity. It involves a juggling act of various demands upon a person relating to worksocial lifefamilyhobbies, personal interests and commitments with the finiteness of time.

The people who are capable of managing time better are the ones who become successful in their lives and careers. Losers are the ones who say that they do not have enough time in hand as everyone has the same amount of time as you do.

The way in which they plan their time and use it would be the only difference between being successful or not. So, you can choose to follow a set patter with a few time management skills mentioned below so that you are able to manage time in the most effective manner possible.



This is probably the most important time management strategy. A lot of us choose to sweat it out and work as hard as we can which is one of the silliest things that you can do. Being thoughtful and robotic can help you go a long way in being smart. Approaching your tasks with a set target would be the ideal way to fulfill your goals. It is always not about squeezing in as many things to do in a given day. It is about doing things simpler and faster in a more efficient manner.

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Making a to-do list for each day can help you manage time better. Once you make a to-do list you should always find out which one needs more importance and choose to complete them first. By doing this you are able to prioritize and give importance to the tasks in hand.


The number 1 time management skill. Many people consider saying no as their inability to do specific tasks. However, this is not the case as you should learn to say no when you are not interested or not capable of achieving it in the given time. If you choose to say yes to things that you have to say no the chances of you stressing out trying to do it is very high. Also, it would bite into your productivity and end up wasting your precious time. So, never say yes when you wish to say no to certain things you are not able to do. This skill is worth hundred of hours.


An other time management tip: You should give importance to your body and mind. Adequate sleep and rest are important for anyone to be productive and make full use of the available time. In case you deprive your body and mind of rest and sleep the chances of you being efficient goes down a great deal. This is because a tired body and mind are less capable of achieving set targets and goals in a specific or stipulated time. Sleeping time is not wasting time.

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The earlier you start the better chances you have of achieving your set goals in time. In case you tend to start late you would end up trying to rush things up in order to try and complete your desired tasks for a day. This is not a wise thing to do and most successful lot of people choose to start early and be there in time rather than rush things up. If you feel discourage on the road, here are some quotes from champions about following goals and dreams.


Of course, you would need your own space and time for entertainment. There is no denying this fact for people by any means. However, being conscious towards the time you spend for the same should be important.


To be able to work in an efficient manner you would have to ensure that you have healthy eating habits along with regular workout sessions. This would ensure that your body and mind are fit and ready to work when its time for the same. Unhealthy eating habits can always bring down your efficiency which his something that you have to be aware of.


These few time management skills can make you an effective person and help you manage your time better and in a much efficient manner. Without following some of these things you are literally working hard and not being smart about the tasks at hand. Once you put a set plan in place it is always easy to move things forward and complete them within a specified time period.

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