4 Habits To Reduce Shift Work Sleep Disorder

What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

There is no alternative to sleeping well for a better living.

People do not understand the importance of quality sleep. Some who understand do not know how to improve their sleeping quality. We see below things you can do to increase the quality of sleep you get daily.

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Quality sleep is not something that you should compromise on despite the hectic schedules that you are used to on a daily basis. In case you deprive your body of good sleep the chances of you having health issues is quite high. Although most of us know this as a fact we however do not know how quality sleep can be obtained without having to take medications for the same. Consuming pills can get you addicted to them and despite you sleeping for a good amount of time the sleep quality would not be as good as natural sleep. A few tips are discussed below that you can follow to ensure that you get the type of quality in your sleep and live healthy and stay fit.

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What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Based on Wikipedia 20% of the population is affected:

Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours overlap with the typical sleep period. Insomnia can be the difficulty to fall asleep or to wake up before the individual has slept enough.

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HOW TO REDUCE Shift work sleep disorder?

Keeping in Sync with Your Body

Not many people understand the importance of keeping their body in sync with the natural sleeping cycle and this is where Shift work sleep disorder appears. Altering sleeping cycles can affect metabolism and the quality of sleep that you get during a specific period of time. In case you are not able to sleep with the natural cycle of your body it is important to give your body more sleep than usual to be able to cope up with it. You may also monitor your sleeping pattern to get a better idea on how the quality of your sleep was for a specific period.

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Maintaining a Specific Timeline

Sleeping at a specific time and getting up often contributes towards a healthy sleeping lifestyle. Having a specific timetable in place and abiding by it would help you develop a healthy sleeping style and pattern. It will also prevent you to overlap some important moments of your night and prevent Shift work sleep disorder to take place.

Drowsiness Fighting Post Dinner

It is important that you choose to fight the drowsiness that comes after you complete your dinner. Going to sleep immediately after dinner is something that should be avoided at all costs. Since the food that you consumed is not digested it troubles your sleep and you tend to have restless hours in bed. This is something that you would like to avoid to ensure that the time you sleep you have quality and not quantity with your sleep.

Avoiding Sleeping In

A general habit that people have during the weekends is to sleep for longer hours than weekdays. This can be quite a bad habit that you should avoid and keep yourself rather occupied with other things which can be done. You can include spending time reading the newspaper, tending to your garden or lawn or do other general cleaning work at home. This can ensure that you do not miss out on your timetable created towards specific sleep timings. One single day can lag all your week and confuse your sleeping rhythm, perfect ground for Shift work sleep disorders.

Exposure to Sunlight

Exposing yourself and your body to sunlight is not just good for getting quality sleep but also good for your overall health as well. So rather than staying indoors during weekends and holidays you can choose to spend more time out of your home doing things in the sunlight. In case the daytime heat is more than what you can tolerate prefer spending time during early mornings. This would give you the required energy from the sun as well as avoid the heat factor as well.

Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Habits

Not many people are able to associate their eating habits and lifestyle towards their quality of sleep. These two factors can have a significant impact on the way in which your body gets quality sleep during the time you hit the bed. Having a good exercise routine and healthy food habits can go a long way towards healthy sleeping habits. You should always avoid having a heavy dinner as it would likely disturb your body a great deal while you try to sleep. You may also consider meditation rather than medication to get quality sleep. The balance with work is also important, if you want to be more productive, download the free ebook “The Success Setup: Mindsets and Workflows for Motivation & Productivity”.

Shift work sleep disorder: Take away

Following these things along with reducing negative thoughts can help you reducing Shift work sleep disorders.. Do remember thinking a lot about the day during your time in the bed can reduce the quality of sleep to a great extent as well. So, try and get these things in place so as to ensure that you get the type of sleep that your body, mind and soul requires.


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