Easy Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rate

You’ve just started email marketing, but nobody is reacting to your emails. You’ve sent countless emails and still nobody open them, your click rate is still very poor. Well you are not alone. In this article we will show you how to increase your email open rate.

What is email click rate or email opening rate?

Email click rate is simply the percentage of people who click the link or images in your emails. For your email marketing to achieve its goals you have to increase your click rate of mailing because poor click rates generate no leads and ultimately no sale.

The average click rate in 2019 is 2.5%.

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

guide thumb success habits productive mindset pdf

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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How to increase your email open rate?

Below are some tips to help you increase your click rate of mailing to achieve your email marketing goals.

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Be strategic

Get email addresses voluntarily

Always make sure people actually sign up to receive mails from you. You can ask them to confirm subscribing to your mails, so your mails would not be considered as spam. Avoid buying email list because your mails will have a higher chance of not being opened or being marked as spam. Protect your reputation and future email deliverability by asking for emails opt-ins.

Use demographics

Send relevant information to a group of people that it concerns only.Avoid sending mails to all the addresses in your email list because it might be irrelevant to some recipients and you do not want to be marked as spam.

Personalize your mails

Personalizing your mails to your recipients by using their names in the subject line and body of the mails. This can significantly increase your opening rate of mailing because it makes your mails communicate to them personally and make them feel special.

You can learn easily design skills here.

Send mails at the right time

It is important to send your mails at strategic times so as to increase their chances of being opened.Make sure you time your mails so they can get to your readers at times when the can take actions.To optimize this, it is advisable not to send your mails during work hours but during times when readers are most likely to be with their phones, preferably between 8pm and midnight.

Emails Presentation

Create amazing subject line

Your subject lines can increase your email open rate of emailing or decrease it depending on how you frame it. Researches show that your subject line is a crucial factor when it comes to recipients opening your mail or marking it as spam. Make your subject line attract recipients to open your mail, and eventually click your link with the following tips

•Arouse their curiosity so they have the need to learn more

•Make it as brief as possible

•Trigger the fear of missing out in them

•Ask questions.

Format your emails properly

Your format technique is how you arrange your emails. Make sure your emails are not poorly formatted, because you already know the implication it will have on your marketing goals. Try formatting your emails to;

•Be easily read on mobile since most people access their mails through their phones.

•Have the right width. Your mails should not be too wide or too narrow.

•Be readable by making all key information readily available.

Here are also some useful copyrighting tips

Use call to action buttons

This should be the greatest weapon available in your email marketing arsenal. Give your clients something to do when they read your mails by creating a call to action (CTA) button on your mail.
A call to action is a word or phrase that motivates and persuade your recipients to take actions. It is an effective way for generating engagements. When creating CTAs make sure they are related to your content and always deliver what you promise immediately.
Ensure to use action words for your CTAs, and remember to always make it sound urgent and scarce.

Work on your contents

The contents of your mail is what keeps your recipients engaged long enough to want to click your link. It is therefore important to create captivating contents. Use the following tips on your content to increase your click rate.

•Appealing to their visual sense with high-quality aesthetic images

•Include bonuses or freebies.

•Add social sharing buttons to your contents

•Ask for feedback.

Include a video

Try adding a video to your mail instead of regular long speeches. A video can be an amazing way to increase your email open rate because it will require your readers to click before viewing.

BUild a relation with your subscribers

Build trust

Your emails may never get to your recipient because they’ve been automatically sent to their spam box by their internet service provider (because they don’t trust you).
To avoid this, keep an eye on your sender score as this affect email filtering. Your sender score is affected by the rate at which people open and click on your mail. This is why you should avoid the mistake of sending mails without recipients first subscribing to them. Your sender score can be increased

•Using a real email address with a professional name

•Always sign your name and include your photo in your mails

•Add your social media links to prove that you are a real person.

Send same link twice

Including a particular link twice shouldn’t seem like bugging your recipients with unnecessities. Including your link, the second time actually has the opposite effects on them because some recipients need additional information before they are likely to take actions.

Fast follow-up

Follow-up is a great way to inspire your readers and potential customers to take action. It shows them that you think they are special.Try sending your readers a follow-up email when they’ve made previous engagement. Interactive follow-up would encourage your readers want to connect with your business again.

Emails Openings: Take Away

Email marketing shouldn’t be hard as you think. You shouldn’t abandon your goal because of some few setbacks. With the simple tips above you can build a team of dedicated and loyal customers who value your brand and will open your emails.

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

guide thumb success habits productive mindset pdf

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


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