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A list of the best websites to easily find free musics, videos, fonts, icons… for commercial uses!


A list of the best websites to easily find free musics, videos, fonts, icons… for commercial uses!

Whether you own a small-sized business or medium-sized business, or you are planning on starting your own enterprise, knowing how to create good copywriting is necessary you will need a proper advertising to reach your target audience. This is by generating great content to captivate them.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting involves writing creative contents usually for advertisements or other aspects of marketing. As a business owner, one of the necessary skills for promoting your business is the ability to create good copywriting. A good copywriting will make your advertisement stand out and create more clients to engage with your brand. Copywriting is one of the best ways in to generate passive income in 2020.

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Usual copywriting template of an article:

An article is divided into several parts. Knowing them will help you in knowing how to write an article for a blog. These parts are;

• Title: contains the name of the article.
• Introduction: gives a general overview of what the article is all about.
• Body: this contains the central idea(s)of the passage.
• Conclusions: typically contains a summary of every topic discussed in the article.

An article for blogging can sometimes not follow this format, it can come in a pattern unique to the writer. Below are several ways for writing an article for a blog.

How to copywriting so people read?

Creating a good copywriting that will fascinate your audience requires not only skill but paying attention to important aspects. To help you create a good copywriting, I have compiled a list of tips to follow so as to blow the mind of your audience.

Follow the steps below and start your journey to being a great copywriter!

How to present your article?


The headlines for your adverts should not be too plain, regular or too straightforward. Make use of something creative and interactive so your readers can interact with. Your headlines should also be concise. You can create catchy headlines for example by using;

• Labels
• Quotes
• Provocative questions
• Screamers

Make your copy visually appealing

Your copy should be visually appealing for your readers in order to maintain their attention. You can achieve this by utilizing the use of;

• Beautiful designed thumbnail / cover (you can learn here for free how to do a pro one in 15 minutes)

A good and bold type font: Use of type fonts that are readable and also strive to use an appropriate font size so that your work does not appear too small.Using good fonts make your word look breathable. Readers can easily skim through them to get the main points. You can also bold fonts to make them more visible. Find here royalty fonts and images for your articles.

•Keeping your paragraphs brief: each paragraph should contain a central idea and be as precise as possible. Try to maintain the focus of your paragraph by going straight to the point.

•Bullet and numbered list: Try highlighting your lists using by using bulleted points instead of merely listing them in sequence

•Italicizing and underlining relevant parts of your text: Highlight important quotes to create emphasis using italics and underline relevant links

•Headings and subheadings: Proper use of headings and subheadings help keep your work organized and invariably add to its beauty. Headings and subheadings enable people focus and get the main idea of your blog article. The heading should give a clue as to what the passage entails. Subheadings give a pointer as to what particular paragraph is all about. Making use of this tactic will enable you come up with better articles.

•Visual printers

Other tips to help you create a good copywriting includes;

•Being purposeful

•Creating simple contents

•Telling a story

•Giving specific examples

Make use of proper images

Images will always capture people’s attention whether they like it or not. In writing for a blog, you should make use of images. These images must relate to the article. A proper use of images will keep your audience engrossed in your blog post. A good example of this is Pinterest; bloggers use captivating images to lure readers into their websites. You can find free images on Unsplash.


Make full use of digital possibilities

Search engine is your friend

Another splendid method for article writing for blog post, is utilizing the search engines. This can be done by using keywords that people search often on the internet. When you optimize search engines, it will enable your audience reach your post faster. Search engines work by taking note of the keywords that have been typed by a user. In writing an article for a blog, learn to make use of important keywords. Find here a great tutorial to learn how to write for humans and for google in the same time.

Create hyperlinks

In writing your article, it is also good that you create hyperlinks. Your hyperlink should lead your readers to other sites or your posts with similar topics. This way, there will be coherence. Your hyperlinks should never lead your audience to unrelated articles. If it does, you might probably get bad reviews. Hyperlinks boost your SEO and enhance the value you are giving to your audience.

Use royalty free content to enhance your article

Nowadays you can access plenty of free content to use to enhance your articles. You can find free images on Unsplash, free illustrations on Freepik... Take benefit of those free resources to give a professional look to your article. You can find a list of all the royalty free resources here.


Research is a fundamental aspect of article writing. It enables you discover your target audience, some facts and data that support your articles and strategies that will help you grow quicker.

It would be embarrassing if you input unverified and non-adapted facts, data, and theories into your article. To communicate better and serve optimal content, you need to do some research.

Finding your niche

In writing an article for a blog, it is important to find your niche. When you find a niche that suits your style and person, your ability to captivate your audience will be increased. This is because a person is usually at his best in is comfort zone.

When finding your niche, it is important to consider the following; what intrigues you, activities that you are naturally good at, and what you think of yourself. In doing this, you will be able to come up with a unique style of writing that will help you in writing an article for a blog.

Exploit your competitors’ weaknesses

Think of what your competitors are creating, think of their strategy and their style and their technique of passing their information; then up your tactics by exhibiting your uniqueness. Highlight what makes you different from them.

Write for people, not for you

The essence of article writing is communication. If you fail to communicate to your audience in a clear and articulate manner, then perhaps you should quit blogging. In communicating with your audience, make use of the simplest possible words and at all times; avoid technical words. Let’s say for example, that you are writing an article for a blog on medicine, you have to understand that not everyone who reads your article is in the medical field. Break the words into understandable terms to be understood by everyone.

Focus on your audience

A major point on how to write an article for a blog, it is important to know and understand your target audience. Understanding your audience helps you communicate better with them and invariably keeping them engaged. When you understand your target audience, you will know what articles or posts interest them.

The Content of your advert should be focused on your audience and not just your business or merchandise. They should be highlights and everything should revolve around them. through this means, you can let them know that you appreciate their patronage.


One of the best ways for writing an article, there should be a focus on skillful editing. The arrangements of your sentences matters. Make corrections, check the spellings etc. before you publish. You should also choose a suitable paragraph system and stick to it. In addition, make sure that each paragraph contains a particular idea. Avoiding lumping multiple ideas into one paragraph. It is also necessary to use adequate spacing. The font should be bold and readable. Furthermore, learn the use of punctuation marks. It is important to know when or how to make use of them. This aspect of your work will show organized you are. Its best to put in your best.

Call to action

To increase your audience engagement, create a call to action. Call to action encourages your customers to take specific actions. When creating a call to action, try to make use of action words like ‘buy now’, ‘view more’, etc. Another way to make call to actions more effective is to make it sound urgent and the idea of scarcity of your special bonuses.


Make promises

As frightening as it may be, making realistic promises will make your copy text seem convincing. It guarantees your readers that you are certain of what you are talking about. Avoiding promises make you sound bland and unable to deliver. However, do not renege on your promises.

How to be persuasive?

Create persuasive content by using the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting;

•Gaining attention
•Focusing on your customers
•Stressing the advantages of your products/services
•Differentiate between yourself and your competitors by accentuating your uniqueness
•Using testimonials, facts, and statistics to prove your case
•Establishing credibility
•Building worth
•Closing with a Call to Action

Simplicity of copywriting

Make sure your words are as simple and conversational as possible. Continually strive to avoid jargon and speak the language of your audience. This is because the key to successful communication with them is to understand and speak their language. You have to understand what they’re saying. For example, does your audience say “cappuccino” instead of “macchiato”? Don’t try to force your language on your audience because you will be on the losing end.

Try to pass your message in the shortest possible form. Let your focus be on the relevant points. Not many people on the internet like to read lengthy articles. Avoid long sentences and go straight to the point. This will keep your audience engaged in your blog post.

Appeal to their emotions

All humans, even the hardest of us are emotional. Certain experiences, scenes or ideas trigger our emotional reflexes. When writing, you should be able to appeal to the sentiments of your audience. Ask yourself questions like ” what are their greatest desires?” to get opinions on how to frame your content. The strongest emotions you can appeal to are joy, sadness, fear, and happiness.

Use active voice

Ditch the passive voice and go active. Communicating with an active voice passes your info strongly and makes it easier to understand. Passive voice, on the other hand, makes your information sound weak. The active voice takes charge.

Back up your claims

Backing up your claims with other proofs and facts make your contents sound confident. You can use statistics, facts, and testimonials to back up your claim. This will assist you in winning more skeptics as more readers will be certain that you understand what you are examining.

Think outside the box

Your content should not be confined to your brand or niche alone. Always try something new and completely distinct from your usual style of writing. Do something extraordinary to excite the interest of your audience.

How to copywriting: Take Away

Copywriting is an interesting activity; captivating your audience and keeping them engaged is crucial. When you know how to write an article which is tailored towards the needs of your audience, the sky will be your limits. Don’t forget to be specific.

When writing, ensure that you mostly specialize in the ‘you’ rather than ‘we’. That is your customers instead of your business and its commodities. This is the foremost basic and most important facet of making copy. Using the tips listed above can help you create a good copywriting that can stand out.

If you want to go further, here is an article on how to become a freelance writer!


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