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Tori Amos is known for her emotionally charged lyrics and soulful voice. She has been a successful musician for more than two decades, and her songs have touched the hearts of fans all over the world. This article takes a look at Amos’ life and career, from her early days in North Carolina to her current successes. It also explores some of the themes that appear in her music.

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About Tori Amos

birth of the author

August 22, 1963

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Alternative Rock

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Vocals, Piano, Harpsichord, Hammond Organ

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Years Active:

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Atlantic, Epic, Universal Republic, Deutsche Grammophon, Mercury Classics, Decca And More.

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Y Kant Tori Read

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I have so many different personalities in me and I still feel lonely. โ€” Tori Amos

I hurt myself today to see if I could feel. I hurt myself, you said to try to make him feel. So I hurt myself again to see if he’d see me. I hurt myself again and no, he never could see me. โ€” Tori Amos

I wanted to marry Lucifer. I feel his presence in my music. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m not not going to stop giving away what I feel about something. โ€” Tori Amos

i have so many different personalities in me and i still feel lonely Tori Amos quote

Over the last few hours I’ve allowed myself to feel defeated, and just like she said if you allow yourself to feel the way you really feel, maybe you won’t be afraid of that feeling anymore. โ€” Tori Amos

The sense of loss is such a tricky one, because we always feel like our worth is tied up into stuff that we have, not that our worth can grow with things we are willing to lose. โ€” Tori Amos

Musically, I always allow myself to jump off of cliffs. At least that’s what it feels like to me. Whether that’s what it actually sounds like might depend on what the listener brings to the songs. โ€” Tori Amos

For a song cycle to work, you have to feel these things when you hear them and you either have an emotional reaction to it or you don’t. The plotline is something that gets woven together in the backstory. โ€” Tori Amos

I see the dream and I see the nightmare, and I believe you can’t have the dream without the nightmare. โ€” Tori Amos

i wanted to marry lucifer i feel his presence in my music Tori Amos quote

I wanted to do something creatively, having been a beached whale for many months and nursing my daughter. โ€” Tori Amos

Not everyone wants you to become your potential, for whatever reason. โ€” Tori Amos

I believe in peace, Bitch. โ€” Tori Amos

Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. โ€” Tori Amos

Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane. โ€” Tori Amos

i m not not going to stop giving away what i feel about something Tori Amos quote


People listen to music the way they want to listen to music. โ€” Tori Amos


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The music is the magic carpet that other things take naps on. โ€” Tori Amos

It’s emotional blackmail to say if you’re a good businesswoman and a musician, you’re betraying your music. โ€” Tori Amos

I’ve had to keep exploring different ways of presenting the music so I don’t repeat myself. โ€” Tori Amos

I started playing the piano when I was about two and got a scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore when I was five. But I left when I was 11. โ€” Tori Amos

people listen to music the way they want to listen to music Tori Amos quote

I don’t see music as working. โ€” Tori Amos

Music is always a reflection of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of the culture. โ€” Tori Amos

My father was a minister and so rock music was banned in our house. โ€” Tori Amos

This was a time frame when dance music and clubs were having a real impact on culture, and it had an impact on me. โ€” Tori Amos

There are things that I refuse to deal with except through my music… because I don’t trust humanity that much, and I don’t know if I trust me that much. But I trust the songs. โ€” Tori Amos

the music is the magic carpet that other things take naps on Tori Amos quote

I’ve worked with many powerful men in the music industry. โ€” Tori Amos

I wanted to marry Lucifer… I don’t consider Lucifer an evil force…I feel his presence with his music. I feel like he comes and sits on my piano. โ€” Tori Amos

I gave up trying to please others and started playing for myself, and because I love music, things naturally happened then. Funny how that works. โ€” Tori Amos

Carbon made only wants to be unmade. โ€” Tori Amos


God sometimes you just don’t come through, Do you need a woman to look after you? โ€” Tori Amos

god sometimes you just don t come through do you need a woman to look after you Tori Amos quote

Being in your fortiesโ€“any woman who isn’t there yet, I just have to say to you: Euphoria is coming to you. โ€” Tori Amos

I want to be an integrated woman. โ€” Tori Amos

The violence between women is unbelievable…women try to make each other crawl so that their knees are bleeding. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m a grown woman. I’ve earned my experiences, my scars. โ€” Tori Amos

There are older men with younger women but you don’t see a lot of older women with younger men. There are some women who have been able to do it but not often. โ€” Tori Amos

i want to be an integrated woman Tori Amos quote

The music industry is a vicious business. It chews women up and spits them out. โ€” Tori Amos

I don’t mind a dirty girl. But what I find tragic is when we, as women, become not the subject of our own story but someone else’s object. โ€” Tori Amos

Some of the biggest advocates for feminism seem to believe that in order to feel powerful you have to make another woman subservient, and that is not what feminism is about at all. โ€” Tori Amos

Women must understand that simply attacking or hating men is just another form of disempowerment. A woman has to realize that when she makes a man crawl it doesn’t give her power. โ€” Tori Amos

Anything a wife should do, I’m terrible at. Anything a mistress should do, I’ll try. โ€” Tori Amos

i m a grown woman i ve earned my experiences my scars Tori Amos quote


I really really love Christ, but I’m not a Christian. โ€” Tori Amos

And maybe she had certain beliefs that if you love somebody, [you’re] gonna like them too. And that isn’t necessarily true. โ€” Tori Amos

Gimme peace, love, and a hard cock! โ€” Tori Amos

I’m a daughter of a minister and I love chasing the Dark. That which is hidden. I like licking it like ice cream โ€” Tori Amos

I would love to compose something for dance before I kick the bucket, and I’m not closedโ€“minded about the dance, or the dance company. โ€” Tori Amos

i really really love christ but i m not a christian Tori Amos quote

I love the classic crooners, but I got that from my motherโ€“she worked in a record store. โ€” Tori Amos

A guitarist or a drummer can get a cold and still play; I get a cold and sound like a wet mitten trying to sing you a love song. Charming. โ€” Tori Amos

Muhammad, my friend, I’m getting very scared. Teach me how to love my brothers who don’t know the law, and what about the deal on the flying trapeze? โ€” Tori Amos

I think all the boys that write the screaming stuff would write the best love songs… because they have the most to hide. The guys that are in the most pain are usually the ones with the biggest hearts. โ€” Tori Amos

I usually get myself into situations that cause sparks. I mean I’m a girl that likes the storms. I love feeling alive, I love walking out in the cold in my bare feet and feeling the ice on my toes. โ€” Tori Amos

gimme peace love and a hard cock Tori Amos quote

I had a very strict upbringing with my dad and was very close to my mum, who was extremely loving. โ€” Tori Amos


Life is fleeting. It is to be enjoyed. โ€” Tori Amos

Her entire life has been devoted to healing the deepest, most invasive unseeable scar that one can ever have. โ€” Tori Amos

Redundant Thematics

In Tori Amos Statements


When you don’t have people in your life pushing you, can you push yourself? โ€” Tori Amos

I found the secret to life: I’m ok when everything is not ok. โ€” Tori Amos

life is fleeting it is to be enjoyed Tori Amos quote

The word ‘confession,’ to me, means needing to be absolved. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m not asking people to understand. I’d like to think that I tell stories and sometimes my life weaves through it. โ€” Tori Amos

In my new life, no room for a lost boy. โ€” Tori Amos

Every place you land in life has a reason and a lesson. โ€” Tori Amos

Being stylish is about enjoying your life and expressing yourself and your inner light. โ€” Tori Amos

There is an energy that you carry when you’re nurturing another life where you’re protecting firstโ€“and once you know that cub is out of the way of the hunter’s gun, you can be a little more daring. โ€” Tori Amos

when you don t have people in your life pushing you can you push yourself Tori Amos quote

Give me life, give me pain, give me myself again. โ€” Tori Amos

I get painted quite a bit as a tragic figure because of some of the stuff that’s happened in my life. โ€” Tori Amos

Finding people in your life as sounding boards who can be neutral and clear is worth nurturing. โ€” Tori Amos

As the sun sets, we’ve all had those nights where you question your choices and where your life is going. โ€” Tori Amos

It’s not as if the stories merge to a point where you think they are your life, but you do let them in the front door and the back door, and it’s okay that sometimes certain characters stay for dinner. โ€” Tori Amos

i found the secret to life i m ok when everything is not ok Tori Amos quote

I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it. โ€” Tori Amos

Parenting is not for everybody. It changes your life. Especially when they’re little. โ€” Tori Amos

Though I can’t change what happened, I can choose how to react. And I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being bitter and locked up. โ€” Tori Amos

We don’t often see our own stories. Good artists are the ones that whisper our own stories back to us. โ€” Tori Amos


I was very close to my mother as the youngest of three. She was my playmate. โ€” Tori Amos

i was very close to my mother as the youngest of three she was my playmate Tori Amos quote

When the mothers start to shatter, then everything just comes undone. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m not very social when I’m off the promo trail, because I step into wife and mother mode. It’s very reclusive. โ€” Tori Amos

At 15, I knew someone whose mother cooked macrobiotic, so I persuaded my mother to go macrobiotic with me. โ€” Tori Amos

I have a great relationship with my motherโ€“inโ€“law. We’re both Leos, we understand each other. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m a mother, and that’s really important. Today, the mother and the musician can sit next to each other. Even when the musician is out there in full swing, the mother doesn’t get switched off. โ€” Tori Amos

when the mothers start to shatter then everything just comes undone Tori Amos quote

There are enough scary rock & roll mothers in the world. โ€” Tori Amos

My parents think I’m better under pressure. โ€” Tori Amos


A lot of songs are derivative of each other. โ€” Tori Amos

Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, and I’m quite sure I’m in the wrong song. โ€” Tori Amos

You really do kind of learn a lot about a person when you watch and listen to the songs that mean something to them. โ€” Tori Amos

a lot of songs are derivative of each other Tori Amos quote

My husband doesn’t know what my songs are aboutโ€“even when they’re about him. He’s very British in that way. He doesn’t ask, and he doesn’t want to be told. โ€” Tori Amos

When I play live, it’s a conversation that we’re all having with the song, and the audience… their response and relationship with the songs is as valid as my relationship with the songs. โ€” Tori Amos

I like involved projects. I’m driven by the idea of characters and the songโ€“cycle form is similar to a musical. โ€” Tori Amos

If I was writing songs just for me I’d only play them in my living room, alone. โ€” Tori Amos

I was fascinated to think about a place where men could be the mothers and I thought of my own songโ€“writing and I decided to have a relationship with their daughters. โ€” Tori Amos

standin on a corner in winslow arizona and i m quite sure i m in the wrong song Tori Amos quote

A lot of the carols were not as you hear them now. โ€” Tori Amos


What girls do to each other is beyond description. No Chinese torture comes close. โ€” Tori Amos

It’s hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m a winter girl. I like coming out when things are desolate and everybody’s ready to slit their wrists. โ€” Tori Amos

I’m too young for a man, but I’m too old for a boy. So, can’t we just pretend, that I’m older than I really am, but then, only little girls pretend. โ€” Tori Amos

what girls do to each other is beyond description no chinese torture comes close Tori Amos quote

She’s been everybody else’s girl, maybe one day she’ll be her own. โ€” Tori Amos

I can see how the young girls really get hurt when their moms are critical, or vice versa when they’re overly critical of their moms. It can be so painful. โ€” Tori Amos

You’re just an empty cage girl, if you kill the bird. โ€” Tori Amos

Never was a cornflake girl; Thought it was a good solution: hanging with the raisin girls. โ€” Tori Amos

The last thing I want to be known as is ‘The Girl Who Got Raped’. The big turn around you make in your head is from victim to survivor. โ€” Tori Amos

it s hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair Tori Amos quote

For the most part, pianos are female to me. Sometimes they’re dykes, and they’re always good fun. โ€” Tori Amos

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