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There are some people in this world who just have a natural gift for doing things. Artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs all come to mind. Then there are those who work hard at improving their skills until they reach the top of their field. Stevie Ray Vaughan was one of those rare people who had the natural gift and worked tirelessly to become one of the best in his industry. His story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

We are glad to present you the deepest quotes from Stevie Ray Vaughan, and much more.


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About Stevie Ray Vaughan

birth of the author

October 3, 1954

death of the author

August 27, 1990

deathcause of the author

Cause Of Death:
Helicopter Crash

education of the author

Justin F. Kimball High School

occupation of the author

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer

genre of the author

Blues, Blues Rock, Electric Blues, Texas Blues

instrument of the author

Guitar, Vocals

date of the author

Years Active:

institution of the author

Epic, Legacy, Sony

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Double Trouble, The Vaughan Brothers, Lonnie Mack, Doyle Bramhall, David Bowie And More.

Inspiring Phrases From Stevie Ray Vaughan

Jazz changes and all. But I don’t know the names of what it is I’m doing. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

So, my big brother was playing guitar and I figured I’d try it too. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Marshall is supposed to be 200 watts, but mine’s never worked right; it peaks out at 80. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

Even though there’s reasons to try things that may or may not work, it’s still a real intimate way to finish the song with everybody right there in the band just locked in. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

jazz changes and all but i don t know the names of what it is i m doing Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

Lots of times I’ll play lead and rhythm together. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

My baby she’s a long and lean, you mess with her you see a man get mean. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I got a lot of paradoxes in my life. I guess I’m a real confused person, but there are some focused parts to my life now, and I’m slowly trying to put all the pieces back together. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

Various Statements From Stevie Ray Vaughan

I don’t play with a lot of finesse. I usually play like I’m breaking out of jail! โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

Your sound is in your hands as much as anything. It’s the way you pick, and the way you hold the guitar, more than it is the amp or the guitar you use. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

i don t play with a lot of finesse i usually play like i m breaking out of jail Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

Looking back in front of me, in the mirror a grin. Through eyes of love I see, I’m only looking at a friend. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

You know, there’s a big lie in this business. The lie is that it’s okay to go out in flames. But that doesn’t do anybody much good. I may be wrong, but I think Hendrix was trying to come around. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

If you hit the front end on the rightโ€“hand side you could turn that one on by itself and if you hit on the leftโ€“hand side you could turn it on and off. And in the middle it was like serious overdrive. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I’m just doing the best I can now to keep this going… trying to grow up and remain young at the same time. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

While I was sleeping, I had a beautiful dream that all the people of the world got together on the same wavelength and began helping each other. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

More Phrases From Stevie Ray Vaughan

Music really is a way to reach out and hold on to each other in a healthy way. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

All the Strats have personalities of their own and feel completely different. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I hit rock bottom, but thank God my bottom wasn’t death. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I’ve been trying to grow up some myself, in my heart, and it’s happening quick and I feel good about it, and I want that to come out in the music. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

The way I play, I go through a set in a year. So I put ’58 Gibson Jumbo Bass frets on all my necks. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

music really is a way to reach out and hold on to each other in a healthy way Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

Lonnie was ahead of his time, but at the same time he was right in there with Albert Collins’s Cool Sounds. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

What I am trying to get across to you; is please take of yourselves and those that you love; because that is what we are hear for, that’s all we got, and that is all we can take with us. Are you with me? โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Deeper Quotes From Stevie Ray Vaughan

You see, we are here, as far as I can tell, to help each other; our brothers, our sisters, our friends, our enemies. That is to help each other and not hurt each other. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I actually wanted to be a drummer, but I didn’t have any drums. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

The way people come into your life when you need them, it’s wonderful and it happens in so many ways. It’s like having an angel. Somebody comes along and helps you get right. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

i actually wanted to be a drummer but i didn t have any drums Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard, and floor it. Floor it. That’s technical talk. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

Well there’s floodin’ down in Texas. All of the telephone lines are down. Well, I’ve been tryin’ to call my baby, Lord, and I can’t get a single sound. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

And sometimes to help them we have got to help ourselves. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

That’s how it happens, livin life by the drop. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

Amazing Thoughts From Stevie Ray Vaughan

The whole deal is when you walk onstage, you’re up there bigger than life. People idolize you. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

i wanted to play saxophone but all i could get were a few squeaks Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

But between sets I’d sneak over to the black places to hear blues musicians. It got to the point where I was making my living at white clubs and having my fun at the other places. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I wanted to play saxophone, but all I could get were a few squeaks. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I play as many different thingsโ€“piano, sax and harp partsโ€“as I can at once. Whatever I can fit, whenever I need to. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

I was taught to think the next week or month or year will only get better than it is today. So I just keep waiting to see how great it will get! โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

God it’s good to be here walkin together, my friend. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan

god it s good to be here walkin together my friend Stevie Ray Vaughan quote

When I play from my mind I get in trouble. โ€” Stevie Ray Vaughan


Stevie Ray Vaughan was an incredible musician and his words of wisdom continue to inspire people all over the world. We hope that these quotes have inspired you as much as they have inspired us and we encourage you to check out our courses to learn more about music and how to become a better musician.

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