How to Stay Awake in Class? Tips That Actually Work

The struggle to keep your eyes opened during a lecture when you actually want to close them and sleep serenely is real.

Many times students fail this battle of staying awake and take a trip to their dreamland. Most certainly everyone goes through this moment at least once in their lives. But you can’t let it happen every other day in class, right?

What is Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

Based on Wikipedia 20% of the population is affected:

Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours overlap with the typical sleep period. Insomnia can be the difficulty to fall asleep or to wake up before the individual has slept enough.

Here are 7 incredible tips to stay awake in class and save you the trouble? Roll in to read tips that actually work. Troubled about falling asleep during class? Here are the 7 tips to stay awake in class that will improve your class engagement and attentiveness without letting your mind drift off.

build an awaken routine

Get Enough Sleep the Night before Class

The most common reason behind dozing off in class is lack of sleep. Gadgets can keep us awake for hours so we often forget that our mind and body need a proper time to get healed. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for keeping mind active and energetic the next day. So set a sleep schedule, your body will develop a sleep/wake cycle soon. This cycle will establish a rhythm to tell your body when to stay awake and when to get asleep.

You can learn here how to optimize your sleep with simple but powerful habits.

1. Keeping in Sync with Your Body

Not many people understand the importance of keeping their body in sync with the natural sleeping cycle and this is where Shift work sleep disorder appears.

Altering sleeping cycles can affect metabolism and the quality of sleep that you get during a specific period of time. In case you are not able to sleep with the natural cycle of your body it is important to give your body more sleep than usual to be able to cope up with it. You may also monitor your sleeping pattern to get a better idea on how the quality of your sleep was for a specific period.

Meditation can help you achieve this. Here are 5 tips on how to start meditation and some meditation quotes to inspire peace and happiness within you.

2. Take a Refreshing Shower and Do Morning Walk

A refreshing shower will switch on your sleepy senses completely.

It will stimulate your vital organs especially your brain to get ready for the day. The flow of water all over your body will increase blood flow and activeness of your body parts. If you need extra energy for long hours, then take a cold shower to be extra attentive.

3. Drink Coffee and Plenty of Water

Coffee or other caffeinated drinks can give your mind the energy it needs to be focused. So take help from coffee but make sure you do not drink too much. Similarly, staying hydrated by drinking a good amount of water keeps your blood circulating properly and your brain keeps getting nutrients needed to stay energetic. So if you don’t like caffeinated beverages, you always have the other option (water, water, and more water).

Be strategic

4. Where You Sit during Lecture is Important

We have heard a lot that ‘company matters’ so sitting among those who sit in the front row and are attentive most of the time will also help you stay focused. When you sit in the front seat, you stay aware of your teacher’s presence. So the feeling of embarrassment of dozing off in front of a teacher and getting scolded in return will keep you attentive during the class. Here are some extra tips from successful entrepreneurs to succeed your study 😉

5. Participate during Class Discussions

Your involvement during class discussions will not only help you stay alert or responsive but will also improve your confidence and reputation in class. So, next time do not hesitate to raise your hand to ask a question or even answer a question asked by your teacher. Keep yourself engaged in class activities.

6. Jot down Things You’ll Need to Remember

Taking notes during lectures can be a useful habit in many ways. You can write down important points that you doubt you might forget, you can also note down questions that you want to ask at the end of the lecture. This whole process of listening carefully and writing valuable points will keep your brain working continuously. Check here to learn how to study more efficiently and stop struggling with studies.

7. Get Power Nap between Classes

Many famous and successful personalities know the importance of power naps and take its full advantage. The sleep of 15 to 20 minutes during the free time will perk up your productivity and erase indolence from your day. So charge your mind and boost your energy level with these short breaks.

With these tips in hand, staying active will not be an issue anymore!


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