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Priyanka Chopra is one of the most inspiring and influential people in Hollywood. She has been at the top of her game for years and it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down any time soon. Priyanka is an Indian actress, singer, philanthropist, businesswoman and former Miss World from Jamshedpur who was crowned Miss World 2000. After winning the title, she became a global icon as well as being known as the most beautiful woman in world by Time magazine readers worldwide.

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About Priyanka Chopra

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18 July 1982

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Actress, Singer, Film Producer, Model

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Miss World 2000


When someone asks me about my diet I feel terrible saying that I don’t really have one. β€” Priyanka Chopra

You need to feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you feel confident. And when you’re confident, the world is your oyster. Most important, you gotta feel what you wear. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I taught myself confidence. When I’d walk into a room and feel scared to death, I’d tell myself, ‘I’m not afraid of anybody.’ And people believed me. You’ve got to teach yourself to take over the world. β€” Priyanka Chopra

After reaching season two on TV series, having done a film, and receiving acknowledgment in America, I feel like now whatever I do will be on me. My choices will be mine; my disappointments will be mine. β€” Priyanka Chopra

when someone asks me about my diet i feel terrible saying that i don t really have one Priyanka Chopra quote

The joy of creating is the truest joy. β€” Priyanka Chopra


I believe destiny and hard work go hand in hand. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I believe in myself and my art so much. I’ve always trusted destiny. Wherever it takes me, I just work damn hard at the opportunity. β€” Priyanka Chopra

If my film does not do well, it really hurts me. But by God’s grace, even if some of my films may not have done well, people have still liked my work in it. β€” Priyanka Chopra

It is in my nature to give the work I have all the discipline and due diligence that I am capable of. β€” Priyanka Chopra

i believe destiny and hard work go hand in hand Priyanka Chopra quote

My career is the sum of the decisions I have made. Everyone can work hard, but I work on my own terms. I stand my ground, and once I have committed to anything, I give my 150 percent. β€” Priyanka Chopra


Be true to who you are. Be courage. Be selfless. Be love. β€” Priyanka Chopra

After every bath, I make sure to moisturize my entire body. I’m obsessed with Diptyque: people love their candles, but their body products are also amazing. β€” Priyanka Chopra

In India, people love turmeric. They make turmeric milk, and sometimes I mix it with some cream or yogurt and turn it into a scrub. You’d be amazed at what it can take off your skin. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I was obsessed with Tupac–like eat, sleep, breathe Tupac. During this obsessive love affair, I dressed the part. β€” Priyanka Chopra

be true to who you are be courage be selfless be love Priyanka Chopra quote

I live cinema and passionately love music, and my efforts in both these crafts are unfolding. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I adore watching movies; movie marathons are my favorite pastime. I can watch up to five movies back to back. I also love music and like reading whenever I get the time. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I love that our wedding was a religious mash–up. We took beautiful traditions that we both grew up with and personalized them in a way that made sense for us. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I never thought I am a stylish. For me, style is always a representation of what you want to wear but doing it in a unique way and expressing yourself. Every girl loves to be stylish. β€” Priyanka Chopra


I don’t want to be a stereotype; I want a character that’s aspirational. β€” Priyanka Chopra

i don t want to be a stereotype i want a character that s aspirational Priyanka Chopra quote

A character is 2D, and then after I come in it becomes a 3D; it becomes alive. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I don’t ever want to do the same character twice. Variety excites me. β€” Priyanka Chopra

Yes, I play this evil, mean character Victoria in ‘Baywatch.’ It is so much fun. I didn’t want my first film in America to be just another role. β€” Priyanka Chopra

Strength of character is already written. What we bring, as an actor, is an almost 3D–ness to it. β€” Priyanka Chopra


People keep speculating about my personal life because I am evasive about it. β€” Priyanka Chopra

people keep speculating about my personal life because i am evasive about it Priyanka Chopra quote

I think it’s great to be flawed. I am hugely flawed, and I like it this way. That’s the fun of life. You fall, get up, make mistakes, learn from them, be human and be you. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I’ve always been someone who’s kept my private life a little private. When there’s a ring on my finger, I’ll talk about it. β€” Priyanka Chopra

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I owe 90 per cent of my life to people because I am a public figure, but 10 per cent is private to me. And I am not saying it in a defensive way. I feel my life has been made into a TV serial. β€” Priyanka Chopra

If two of your films don’t do well, people say you’re out in the cold and your career is over. One film does well, and you’ve had the best year of your life! I don’t believe in all that’s written. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I’m inspired by creative people because they add the color and the emotions to our lives. β€” Priyanka Chopra

To be a philanthropist, you don’t have to be Nelson Mandela. You just have to look around you and ask, ‘What little bit can I do? Whose life can I touch?’ β€” Priyanka Chopra

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and let people wonder how you did it. β€” Priyanka Chopra

There’s so much more to be done. they need your money, time, compassion. β€” Priyanka Chopra


Ambition is a word associated with women negatively. People say she’s too ambitious. Why is that a bad thing? β€” Priyanka Chopra

You can be an absolute woman and also be smart and tough and not lose your femininity. β€” Priyanka Chopra

you can be an absolute woman and also be smart and tough and not lose your femininity Priyanka Chopra quote

I am a little old fashioned. I believe that in a relationship a man and a woman are never equal. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I always advocate to young women that if we don’t do this for ourselves, no one else is going to. We have to have a voice. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I don’t believe in being a size 0. I don’t believe in starving. Women should totally embrace their curves. β€” Priyanka Chopra

I seek out parts which are strong women. It’s not the quantity of a role; it’s the quality of a role. β€” Priyanka Chopra

No one will say that a woman is getting paid less because she’s a woman of color, but the numbers mostly end up reflecting that. β€” Priyanka Chopra

Mary Kom is a woman who stood up alone in a male–dominated field and fought for her rights and what she believed in. Her story is an inspiration for every young person out there. β€” Priyanka Chopra

It’s so stupid, so archaic to say that men are so stupid they’d give anything for sex, and women are…that that’s the only resort we have. β€” Priyanka Chopra