Microsoft Word Productivity Tips You Need: Stop Losing Time

Microsoft word is a popular word editing tool used by billions for both business and personal purposes – creating a proposal to writing other documents on a daily basis. Though many people are masters in using this app, many still have troubles trying to use the tool in it full capacity and therefore loose a lot of time. This could be avoid knowing some handful Microsoft Word tips.

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What is Microsoft Word Productivity?

In simple terms, Microsoft word productivity can be said to be the ability to effectively and efficiently use the Microsoft Word app to complete simple but otherwise laborious projects. The Microsoft word productivity of some people is relatively low.

Enough time would have been saved if many users understand the basic features available in this word processing tool. You can however break from this cycle and maximize the Microsoft Word app to achieve the best result for your project by learning how to work with its available tool Tips and Tricks to increasing your Microsoft Word Productivity.

There are numerous simple tricks within the Microsoft word tool that can help you increase your productivity in the work place.


Nothing can be more frustrating than losing a work document you have invested a lots of time and effort to. This is an important reason to why saving your work is important. Unlike most word processing apps, the Microsoft word allows you to program your work so it can be saved automatically after some few minutes. To save your work manually all you need to is simply press CTRL + S and voila, it’s done.

To set auto save features;

• Go to the ‘File’ menu
• Click on the selections at the list on the bottom left pane
• Select save
• Then click on “save document” section
• Tick the auto recover and keep last box.
• Indicate the amount of time you would like to automatically save your documents.
• Click ok.


You can always try to manually set format style in your document every time you want to copy and apply a particular style to different parts of your documents. Your other alternative would be to simply
• Highlight the text portion
• Double click on the format painter underneath the home menu bar.
• Select the content of your document you want to apply the style to.
• Press the escape button to exit.


Table of contents are used to provide links of a sections within the same document. With the table of contents, you can give your page more organization and help readers get an overview of your page. This can help them go to read specific sections of your work online by clicking instead of the usual scrolling. To add table of contents to your page just go to the reference tab and click ‘add table of content’.


With this feature, you can easily change an original text format when pasting it. Simply
• Press CTRL + ALT + V
• Choose on “unformatted text”. The selected text will automatically be changed into your document’s format.
• Click ok. To configure paste option,
• Click on file
• go to ‘options’
• click on advanced
• locate the copy and paste section and tailor the paste option to suit your preference.


Storing words or images you want to copy from one place to another in the word clipboard will increase tour productivity and working time in general. You can add texts or object to clipboard by
• Select the text, character or images and press CTRL + C twice.
• Click on the clipboard in the home tab to expand it.
• Click the arrow on the items copied and paste it


Using screenshots in your documents is an effective way to avoid lengthy words. Screenshots show in a single picture what you are trying to explain in words. To insert screenshot;
• Go to INSERT tab and click on the screenshot menu.
• Click on the thumbnail image of the page you want to have a screenshot inserted in your documents automatically.
• Position the image to an angle that you desire


Instead of typing words without any visual graphics in your documents, you can create colorful quotes to keep your readers interest. To insert a textbox;
• Go to insert tab
• Click on textbox
• Chose a code quote style from the textbox or create a customized one


Some handful Microsoft Word Tips fr selection: use the following tricks to quickly select texts;
• Double click on a word to select it
• Select a paragraph, click any area of the paragraph thrice
• To select a sentence, hold down control key and click on anywhere in the sentence to select it.


You no longer need to switch back and forth between multiple documents to compare them. with the ‘view side by side’ feature, you can save a lot of time. To view documents side by side;
• Ensure that both documents that you want to compare are open
• Click on view tab
• Click on view side by side


Maybe you are typing and your PC goes of suddenly without saving your document, there is no need to worry. You don’t have to start typing all over again. Just recover your unsaved documents by;
• Going to the file tab
• Click on the info menu
• Click on ‘recover unsaved’ under manage version and you are good to go. 1


You don’t always have to reach for your mouse every time and go through the long process of getting something done. Simply learn some keyboard shortcuts. Some popular ones are;
• CTRL + F (used to find a word or phrase in your document)
• CTRL + space (to remove formatting on a selected text)
• SHIFT + F5 (to navigate quicker)
• SHIFT + F3 (used to change capitalization case of a selected text)
• CTRL + A (used to highlight all the text in your document).


Creating and editing your documents no longer have to be a time consuming task. With the numerous shortcuts available, you can make the most out of your time while increasing your Microsoft Word Productivity.

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