How to Write Your Dating Profile to Instantly Get Messages

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It’s not about beauty. Like everything on internet, your success depends on how you present things. Your dating profile too.

In recent times dating has scaled from the traditional style of boy meeting girl physically thriving more online. Nowadays one out of every five relationships started online. Most known are MatchTinderHinge

But online dating can be quite challenging and overwhelming especially if you are new. With a culture of fake, robotic algorithms, industrialization of attraction online dating has a unique set of codes and expectations. You are judged by a lot of people in a few second and your dating profile is the first door to your soul.

But first things first, learn what is charisma. If you are shy, here is how you too can achieve flirting confidence!

Your dating profile encourages other online prospects to either message you and set a date or skip you. To get the most out of your online dating platforms, you have to know how to trick the system and optimize your profile so you can get a rain of dates.

Here are 17 tips to write a dating profile that will stand out from the rest.



The first thing to know is that many things unconsciously happen when we see a picture of someone. Our eyes scan to spot many elements:

• Safety
• Friendliness
• Statut
• Personality

It’s important that you facilitate this process. A fluent and smooth dating profile create an impression of cleanness and efficiency, directly associate to yourself.


• Your profile picture quality will be associate to your seriousness and the involvement you have toward the dating app or website. Therefore, a low quality picture show a poor involvement while a high quality personal photo shooting show a desperate single person.

• The background and the others elements of the picture are associated to your life (your living environment, the kind of space you like, the place you frequent, how you spend your time…). To give a good impression it’s better that the background of your profile picture should be bright, colorful and also free of busy activities.

 The dressing reflects the image that you want to give. It shows how you want to appear in front of people. People knows it’s the image you want to give of you. Therefore it can be dangerous to show a prestigious image of you, because it shows that you try to impress your audience. Trying to impress someone is a strong sign of dependency and conformism, and can repulse some partners.


• If you upload several pictures, make sure each one of them bring an information about you. By doing this you increase the perceived value of yourself (for example if on your first picture you show that you do sport and on the second one you play an instrument, qualities accumulate and you become someone more valuable).

• Whatever the emotion, make sure it’s not forced. It’s better to not smile than make a forced smile. Some people are more attractive when they show a serious expression for example.

• Think as a storyteller. What story each picture is telling about you. People want heroes, not banalities. Choose epic moments.

• Don’t abuse of selfies. Instead, prefer picture taken from further or with a tripod.

Alongside a profile picture, the rest of the photos should be purposeful and intentional.

I like to bring a kind of ratio in my images:

1 that shows body or face beauty
1 that reflects blossoming or fulfillment (work’ success maybe?)
1 showing some social life (with friends for example
1 demonstrating some financial success (traveling, in an hotel…)

The goal is to paint in a few seconds the portrait of the ideal partner.

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Secondly, a vital step to creating an impactful and remarkable dating profile is choosing your username. If you really want a partner, then your username should not be vague or blank. But more than that, it should reflect a sense of quality and pleasantness. Avoid “R” or heavy syllables. Also:

• Simple and easy to remember
• Descriptive
• Clear and positive
• Should have fewer numbers. This is because numbers can sometimes be hard to remember and doesn’t bring any sense.

Keep that in mind when writing your dating profile.


Another point is to not forget that it’s a dating profile, not a business profile. You have to keep your profile as updated as possible.

Your needs in a partner should be stated clearly to avoid wasting time and money on futile dates. Mention what you want and don’t show confusion or ambiguity. Most people prefer people that are confident about what they want in life.

• You don’t want to portray yourself as unnatural, assume what you are and what you want. It will avoid you many surprises afterwords and to lose your time.

• Also show potential suitors that you are an easy-going personality. Don’t portray yourself as someone inaccessible because too important.

• Keeping your profile simple will prevent people from seeing you as desperate and appreciate the fluency. This will make you more likable.


Then, your headlines should be creative, inspiring, funny and courageous. It should be extraordinary. A proper headline will make your profile look captivating and consequently make it stand out from the rest. Remember, write your headlines as a storyteller.


After wooing prospective partners with your profile picture. It is advisable to seal the deal by writing a captivating profile. If you have no idea what to do, you can try visiting popular profiles to get clues on how to modify your profile.


• Stay positive your profile is like your curriculum vitae. It editing it, try as best as you can to be positive. You do not want your potential partner to see something negative about you. The best dating profile examples show a lot of positivity.

• Maintain updated contact information
Another method on how to create an impactful and remarkable dating profile is by keeping valid contact information on your profile. This will enable suitors to see you as a serious-minded person who really wants to find love. Your mobile number and emails should be working. It is advisable to use your home emails and number and not work mails or number. This is will enable you to keep your personal life away from your work life. Also, people might get discouraged seeing your work mail and number on your profile. No one would like to call during work hours.

• Don’t tell people who you are, show them
Don’t go ranting about who you are, don’t describe to people. You can achieve this through you through simple posts. That way, they get to be acquainted with your personality.

• Check your grammar Proofread words in your profile before posting them. This is to ensure that there are no grammatical errors or spelling errors. You definitely do not want to look like a dummy to your suitors.

• Keep it unique
Avoid popular clichés. Keep yourself distinct from the majority. Highlight your profile and stand out by accentuating your uniqueness. Other useful tips on how to create an impactful and remarkable dating profile includes;

• Be honest with your posts

• Changes occur in life, update your profile regularly

• Be interactive, encourage to date


In conclusion, online dating is all about putting the best of yourself out there and understanding how people make their “compatibility” choice. Writing a powerful dating profile starts when you try to connect with someone who is compatible with your personality and see if you can take it to the next level.

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