How to flirt as a shy person?

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      flirting as a shy tips

      Being shy can be hard sometimes. Especially when we try to express things or be social, like flirting. Sometimes we can get too apprehensive of telling a person how we feel. This most likely due to the fear of rejection. Although flirting can give a clue through which you can know if a person is interested in you, this can be a problem for a shy person. Such a pity when you know that you can learn how to become a charismatic leader.

      Flirting is simply a way of making someone feel that you are romantically attracted to him or her. This can sometimes happen even when you have no genuine feelings. As stated earlier, this can be a problem for shy person. In this post, you get to know how to flirt if you are shy.

      These methods can help you get out of this cave that you find yourself.

      Be confident, little by little

      Confidence is the to almost anything. In trying to be flirtatious with someone, it is important that you exude a high level of confidence. This will enable you draw their attention and make them listen to you. In flirting as a shy person, you should be bold and put aside any fears that you have in mind. No one is going to blow your brains for starting a discussion. In doing this, care should be taken not to overstep from confidence into pride. These two characters have a very thin line. Improving your confidence level should be your first steps. If you really struggle, why not start with online flirting? And then little by little increased exposure to courage. Here are some practical tips to start flirting online and get tons of messages.

      Maintain eye contacts

      Maintaining eye contacts is a good way of passing subtle messages to people. It can make people think that you are attracted to them. this is a great way of flirting as a shy type. So when next you want to flirt with anyone, try to maintain a regular eye contact with them. In addition, maintaining eye contact can keep people focused on you.

      Subtle body contacts

      Your body language is a great tool with which you can flirt. It can help pass elusive messages to people. Keeping body contacts is another method through which you can flirt if you are the shy type. This can be done by holding their hands, touching their faces, or even resting your head on their shoulders. This will definitely make them believe that you are interested in them and a good means of flirting.

      Without body contact you risk to fall into the friend zone. If it’s already your case, here is how you can get out of the friend zone.

      Play on words

      Your choice of words in communicating with people matters a lot. In flirting when you are shy, make use of words that slightly indicate that you are attracted to them. You can make use of indirect seductive words. When next you want to flirt, use the proper choice of words to pass your messages.

      Showing attention as a timid

      Paying attention to other persons makes them feel important. It can also make them believe that you are interested or attracted to them. For shy people, this can be an elusive way of flirting. Giving people attention goes a long way in affecting what they think about you. This may make them believe that you are romantically or physically attracted to them. When next you want to flirt as a shy person, paying attention will be a great tool.

      Smiling is confidence

      Everyone love a smiling face. Smiles portray you as a jovial person and invariably get persons attracted to you. Smiles are also the best make up anyone can wear. In your quest to flirt when you are shy, smiling frequently to your target person(s) is a good starting point (just don’t overdo it). In trying to flirt, keep a jovial face and try to be as casual as possible. Smiles also portray you as an accessible personality. This will definitely make it easier for people to start up conversations with you.

      Impressive dress sense

      It is always said that we should dress the way we want to be addressed. This is because our dress sense tells a lot about our personality and definitely affect the way others think about us. Dressing impressively to dates and appointments is a great way to flirt as a shy person. It will most likely make the other person feel that you have fallen for them. a little bit of modest yet seductive dressing will not be bad idea.

      Start up a conversation

      Starting up a conversation with people can make them think that you are interested in them. This can be an indirect way of flirting with people as shy type. It helps you overcome your shyness. This is because once you can successfully get a conversation going, the shyness will be gone. In doing this, you may want to try using an alluring accent. Sentences like “hi there, nice shoes. Know where I can get one of these”, “hello you’ve got a great physique, do you go the gym often” are great way to initiate a conversation. This is because they get to reply. After this all you have to do is keep the conversation going.

      Ask relevant and open-ended questions

      This is one great way of keeping people engaged in a conversation and get them to believe that you are interested in what they are saying. This portrays you as being actively engrossed in the discussion. Asking relevant questions can be a great way to flirt as a shy person. This is because it can show people that you are possibly interested in them. When trying to flirt with someone, endeavor to ask questions open-ended. This way you keep the conversation going and subtly flirt with the person.

      Be fun to be with

      One of the best ways to flirt as a shy person is to be an interesting personality. Be fun to be with. Give the person an interesting time. This will make the other person into looking forward to spending time with you. In doing this don’t forget to be yourself and definitely don’t do things to your disadvantage. 1

      Make good use of compliments

      Who doesn’t love compliments. At least, this is a common feature that we share with other humans. Giving people proper compliments is a great way to flirt with them. Especially when you are the shy type. In making good use of compliments, you make the other person feel appreciated and desired. This will most likely attract the person to you. This is because everyone loves being with someone who appreciates them.

      Take Away

      Flirting can be fun when you know how best to do it. It is usually exciting to enjoy the feel of the moment and the attention you get to receive. In flirting you can probably find your heartthrob as we never know where we find love. It can also give us an insight to know if are compatible with a person. Now, why not moving to the next level and learning public speaking?

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