How to flirt as a shy person?

So what do you think can explain that some quotes go up to millions of likes while others just flop and nobody notice them?

Well we gonna see in this quote design tutorial a few important key points that are responsible of a quote success. If you think that it’s due to luck well you may actually need to build your luck.


quote design course
quote design course

The font is the most important visual element of your quote. It operates like a visual hook. By the style of the font your target audience can identify quickly if they are concerned or not. This is why motivation channels tends to use strong and bold fonts while Pinterest quote, that are mainly designed by and for feminine audiences, are more delicate and aerial. Think your font as a voice and to be afraid of trying a lot of them until you find the voice that makes your heart vibrating. If you don’t feel conformable with fonts, watch first some design tutorials for beginners.


Around 60% of people will see your quote on a smartphone. To avoid losing this amount of traffic you should better design your quote to be readable on small screens. Older is your audience, easier it should be to read, as sight tend to diminish with age.


quote design course

I see too many creators that just take a random quote and copy paste it.

You don’t want a random quote nobody cares about; you want the quote. People like quotes because they inspire them. If your quote doesn’t inspire anyone, then it’s useless. So how to recognize an inspiring quote? Well here is the key: the quote should trigger either emotions, energy or new ways of thinking. When you are browsing quotes, select the one that makes you stop scrolling and dives you into a wondering moment.


quote design tutorial

Stuffs that are inspiring for some people may not be for others. Doing a bit of marketing and some researches about your target will help you figure out what kind of influence your audience needs. What visual style are they are used to?

It’s important to know that because designing a quote based on your audience increases the chance that they actually feel concerned. Ideally you want to design your quote in a way they feel your content and brand is made exclusively for them.

To discover how to do that check your most successful competitors on Instagram or Pinterest using the same keywords or hashtags related to your niche. Write down all their similarities and tendencies and make sure your quotes is in the same vibe so your audience resonates to them.


quote design course

Finally, keep things simple. This is just a quote. Don’t put too many stuffs on it because it will increase the cognitive load and make people feel lazy to read it. Most of the successful quotes are designed the simplest visually. And less elements you put, more attention and care you can put on each element to make them impactful.

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