How to Let Go Someone – 7 Ways to Smoothly Get Ride Of Toxicity

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Loving someone like a friend, a partner or any other person can be an effervescent experience of life. Your life may feel complete to you but relations don’t always stay the same and people change with time.

Life is long and full of evolution and staying static in a dynamic life is the most dangerous attitude you can choose. We gonna see how to NOT ruin your life waiting someone, procrastinating to take an obvious decision guided by your values and intuition. They are ways of letting go someone with way less pain.

Why should you let go someone?

What if that ‘someone’ doesn’t want you anymore or this relationship is poisoning you slowly? If that is the case then the right decision is of course is to let go the person because he/she is causing more harm than good. You may not want to accept it but letting someone go is what you need in this situation. Waiting or postponing can cause your serious problems, from sadness to depression, including anxiety, fear, deception and many other negative feelings.

When should you let go someone?

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There is no universal answer here, but the key is to listen yourself. A little voice inside you will tell you when it’s time, don’t shut it down and consider what it has to tell you. There are also signs that it’s time for you to quit someone:

  • The relation doesn’t help you or the person to grow
  • More negative moment than positive ones
  • You always feel disappointed, ashamed or guilty
  • You feel you could be better elsewhere

How hard is it to stop a relationship?

Letting go of someone with whom you have built blissful moments and planned good days ahead is, no doubt, an exhausting and draining task to do. How to let go someone you loved is an even harder question. You have to stop yourself from going back to them even if you crave their presence. You have to bottle up your feelings, which is far more difficult than anything else.

But you can’t stick to your past forever, you have to move on for the betterment of yourself. You have to forgive others to move ahead. It will take the burden off your shoulders and you will have a sense of inner peace. It will also help you reconnect with yourself. So let go of someone, not for others, but for your own well-being.

7 Solid Ways How to Let Go Someone

If you feel that you must let go someone, do it gracefully. Do it with your head held high. Accept the loss and move ahead so you can have what is actually meant for you. This article is a step-by-step guide to help you get over your past.

So dig in and find out the ways how you can get ride of a toxic relationship and start living an happy and fulfilled life!

1. Recognize & Acknowledge Your Feelings

Recognize your feelings

A lot of times, people choose the wrong approach by denying their feelings due to this loss. By doing so, your wounds will not get healed and feelings will bubble up every time something about that person is mentioned.

So the first thing that you need to do is stop dodging your emotions and admit the truth.

Accept the loss. Accept the grief, jealousy, insecurity, and irritation as normal feelings that people go through under such circumstances.

With time these feelings will fade away and you will not be bothered by them any longer.

Learn from them

Whether the person loved you, or hurted you, or both, it’s important to take time to think about what this relation brought you and costed you.

You can ask yourself many questions and analyze this relation until you feel that you are taking the decision of letting go with wisdom and not just emotional impulsion. This will help you to let go someone way more easily.

To help you find your answers, you can meditate, speak to someone about it, speak directly with the person in a mature way.

Goal here is to base and construct the decision of letting go, so it become easier to undertake it.

2. Let go, just let go

Now that you took your decision and that it’s clear for you why, you can let go the person. The point here is to get ride of toxicity and drama as fast as you can, so you suffer less and you don’t grow anxiety on the road.

Do Not Contact Them No Matter What

You may want to call or text them (out of habit) in a moment of weakness but stop yourself from doing something that you will regret later. Delete their number, photos, chat, etc. Put the things that constantly remind you of that person out of your sight. You can’t let go of someone when you are continuously getting a reminder of your relationship with them.

How to not regret your decision?

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Staying stuck in the past will make you relive your bad moments again and again. Rather, you should learn from your past mistakes or relationships so that you do not make the same mistake again. This will give you ideas and energy to bring to your next relation!

You have your whole life ahead which you cannot disturb because someone wanted to cut his or her ties with you. Lessons learned from your old relationship will craft a better version of yourself. Use them, take the chance, and let others see a person who is brighter than before.

Be around Those Who Care for You

You may feel like staying in your room 24/7 all alone, that is totally normal. However, doing so will only make you carry the whole burden and get worn-out soon. Reach out to your support network. They will help you and ease your suffering.
Talk to them, pour out your feelings. Their presence beside you, alone, will heal you in different ways. You will understand that your life does not revolve around one person when you have others who actually care about you.

3. Rewire your mental space

An easiest way to get rid of an habit, is to change it for an other. This way, your brain feels the lack of the person with less intensity.

Get Busy with Life

You can’t cry again and again over something that is not worth it. Value yourself, your time, and others who are always there for you. No matter how hard your heart keeps reminding you of that person, divert your feelings and indulge yourself with different activities.

Do things that make you feel alive, motivated, encouraged, and satisfied. Stay focused and busy to stay away from bad memories. Your brain will learn to stay busy in the present moment that will eventually blur your memories from the past.

Here are some quotes to find and follow a new goal and a new dream.

Pay Attention to Your Mental and Physical Health

With one relationship out of your life, you have more time for yourself. Take full advantage of this period and reconnect with yourself. Do things you have always dreamt of doing but could not do so because of your busy schedule.
Set a healthy sleep routine and do morning walk. It will ease your muscles, energize your brain, and evaporate your feelings away. While trying to let go of someone do not overburden yourself. Be patient and let the time heal things.

Give Other People a Chance

When you are ready to let go of someone, welcome new people in your life with open arms. Attend functions, parties, interesting seminars, etc. to keep your brain busy doing productive and refreshing things. Meeting new people will show you that you are not alone to have gone through these feelings.
Every person goes through this phase for at least once in their life. Their experiences will provide you more opportunities and better ideas to get ahead of the feeling of loss. You might catch a chance to add valuable and trustworthy people in your circle of friends.

Take away: How to let go someone?

Holding on to someone seems easier than letting go but by doing this we harm no one but our own selves. Letting go of someone will take more courage than you think but once you accept that what is done cannot be undone things will start falling back to normality. More opportunities will come your way and you will be back on your feet as a more refined version of yourself.


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