5 Tips on How to start meditation

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Why should you start meditation?

Meditation is considered one of the best things that you can think about doing on a regular basis. See here a list of all the benefits.

However, many people find it difficult to start the process of meditation. For beginners here are a few easy ways in which you can start meditating without effort.

There are a lot of advantages that you get out of regular meditation that many people do not realize. Ten quality minutes spent on meditation every day is much better than spending an hour or two a week to meditate. The brain easily starts to be at ease when you meditate and can help you overcome stress and other problems that you may potentially have that are related to health. With increased blood flow to the brain you tend to become more productive during your daily routine if you practice meditation on a daily basis.

The grey matter increase in your brain allows you to become better at emotion control, manage anger better, increase memory, ability to see better and even increase your memory power. This are the common reasons why people are asked to spend at least a few minutes of their daily time in meditation. A few simple things are listed below to help you get a head start with meditation that you can choose to follow.

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The tools for meditating

Using a Meditation Cushion or Chair:

A lot of beginners and people who have back problems find it difficult to start meditating. This is one of the foremost things you should take care of before starting with a schedule for meditation. Using a chair or a meditation cushion can help you a good deal in overcoming this hurdle especially if you are a beginner. It gives you the type of comfort required while you calm your mind and concentrate on mediation and nothing more.

Using a Timer or Meditation App:

Almost every phone these days have a built-in timer in it. If you are a smart phone user you can choose to use a mediation app that can help you a great deal as well. Keeping your back straight, being comfortable, crossing your legs and looking slightly downward are the few things you can begin to do once you sit in the position for meditation. Once you start your meditation app you would just have to focus on your breathing in and out process.

How to start meditation?

Choosing a Calm Atmosphere:

First, choose the perfect atmosphere to meditate. If you have a natural environment which is rid of artificial noises it can potentially be the best place to meditate. However, in case you do not have a natural environment you can choose to just choose a calm room without any noises that can potentially disturb your concentration. This would help you as a beginner to focus better and be rid of diversions to have effective time meditating for a period of time.

Complete Focus on Breathing:

Awesome meditation results are derived at when you are able to focus completely on breathing in and out. You would have to ensure that your mouth is closed and you breathe in and out only through your nostrils. It is quite possible for your mind to wander and it is especially the case when you are a beginner. However, to be able to overcome this you would have to gently bring your focus back to breathing in and out for the stipulated period of time.

Start Small and Increase Gradually:

To begin with you can start to meditate for 10 minutes without losing your focus. Once you are successful in attaining this goal you can move towards increasing your time spent on mediation. However, the secret to success is to begin small and increase gradually the time that you spend on meditating.


Take away: How to start meditation?

As a beginner you can choose to follow these simple steps before you move to the expert level. These are considered the potentially most important things that you can take care of while you meditate. It would ensure that the time you spend meditating is of high quality. By doing this you can also ensure that you get the full effects of meditating rather than having conflicts of interest when you begin the process.

While some people choose to have mild music playing in the background there are many who are suggested not to as your attention and focus can get diverted easily with music.

Always remember to have your phone on flight mode so as to ensure that you are not disturbed while you meditate and enjoy complete privacy at the same time as well.

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