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Gordon Ramsay is an internationally renowned chef who has been lauded by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson. Born in Scotland, his family moved to London when he was just 2 years old. His first experience of cooking came from helping out in his dad’s pub and it was there that he developed a love for cooking. After working hard at school, he attended catering college where one day he got so angry with a student that they both started throwing things around the kitchen before punching each other! He then went on to work as a commis chef under Marco Pierre White at Harvey’s before joining Royal Hospital Road under Elisabeth David. The rest, as they say, is history…

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You don’t come into cooking to get rich. — Gordon Ramsay

This is the next evolution in cooking competitions, it’s big and it’s bold, and i can’t wait for people to see it. — Gordon Ramsay

When you’re cooking in the premier league of restaurants, when things go down, it has to be sorted immediately. — Gordon Ramsay

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye. — Gordon Ramsay

you don t come into cooking to get rich Gordon Ramsay quote

I still love football, though, and I think cooking is like football. It’s not a job, it’s a passion. When you become good at it, it’s a dream job and financially you need never to worry. Ever. — Gordon Ramsay

It’s quite weird knocking that out of them and telling them to forget cooking for chefs; forget what chefs say about your food. — Gordon Ramsay

Cooking a dish is fine; cooking it under pressure is a completely different ballgame. — Gordon Ramsay

We’re really ramping it up a notch with this new live cooking show each week, and i ca n’t wait for viewers to see the other surprises we have in store for each episode. — Gordon Ramsay


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Stopping the junk food and Eating well is partially about cooking well and having the skills to do that. — Gordon Ramsay

cooking a dish is fine cooking it under pressure is a completely different ballgame Gordon Ramsay quote

Cooking today is a young man’s game, I don’t give a bollocks what anyone says. — Gordon Ramsay

I’m a big lover of fish. Cooking fish is so much more difficult than cooking protein meats, because there are no temperatures in the medium, rare, well done cooking a stunning sea bass or a scallop. — Gordon Ramsay

If you want to think about cooking, and it’s a high–five, laid back motion, then flip burgers and dress Caesar salad, don’t try to pitch in the premier league of restaurant. Build up to it, by all means. — Gordon Ramsay

I suppose I might be a player–coach nowadays. I’m a great teacher, and I enjoy teaching. But I’m glad I got injured and ended up turning to cooking. It was an accident but the happiest one of my life. — Gordon Ramsay

Cooking today is far greater than it ever was, and more importantly, a chef’s role today has changed dramatically over the last decade. — Gordon Ramsay


There’s a bond among a kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family. — Gordon Ramsay

Initially let your food do the talking. You’ll be surprised how far you go in a short period of time. — Gordon Ramsay

I spend more time in the kitchen than I have in the dining room, for obvious reasons, however, I just want to sit and indulge. — Gordon Ramsay

Running started as a way of relaxing. It’s the only time I have to myself. No phones or e–mails or faxes. — Gordon Ramsay

We are about creating a new wave of talent. We are the Manchester United of kitchens now. Am I playing full–time in the kitchen? I am a player–coach. — Gordon Ramsay

my gran could do better and she s dead Gordon Ramsay quote

Full English breakfast] it’s what we grew up with! It is the one big treat that the kids get on the weekend–it’s good family time. — Gordon Ramsay

In order to create a little bit of confidence, start cooking with pasta. Pasta is phenomenal. Once you’ve cooked pasta properly for the first time it becomes second nature. — Gordon Ramsay

My gran could do better! And she’s dead! — Gordon Ramsay


If everyone could just cook properly I wouldn’t have a problem. — Gordon Ramsay

Would I swap what I have achieved as a cook if I could have been as successful as a footballer? Definitely. — Gordon Ramsay

if everyone could just cook properly i wouldn t have a problem Gordon Ramsay quote

When you have the arrogance, the confidence and you can’t cook, then you’re only going to look stupid. — Gordon Ramsay

I cook for a living; I’m not a scheduler. — Gordon Ramsay

I cook, I create, I’m incredibly excited by what I do, I’ve still got a lot to achieve. — Gordon Ramsay

When you cook under pressure you trade perfection. — Gordon Ramsay

If [kids] don’t know how to cook, they go to junk, and then the junk becomes addictive, and then all of a sudden they’re left with no choice. — Gordon Ramsay

i cook for a living i m not a scheduler Gordon Ramsay quote

My kids] don’t need to cook to keep me happy. It’s my job as dad to create opportunities so that they can find their passion. Forget about money, find what you really want to do with your life. — Gordon Ramsay

I’m not trying to take New York by storm. I just want to sneak in there, keep my head down, batten down the hatches and cook. — Gordon Ramsay


I am the most unselfish chef in Britain today. — Gordon Ramsay

Being a chef is the best job in the world. — Gordon Ramsay

I am well aware that a chef is only as good as his last meal. — Gordon Ramsay

i am the most unselfish chef in britain today Gordon Ramsay quote

If my last supper was ever going to be cooked by a chef, it would have to be Thomas Keller. — Gordon Ramsay

I’ve always said that I think females make the best chefs anywhere in the world. — Gordon Ramsay

Being a chef never seems like a job, it becomes a true passion. — Gordon Ramsay

Long Island for me, it’s producing more chefs coming out of there than Paris. — Gordon Ramsay

I can’t say, maybe it’s something in the ingredients, but again, we have a couple of contestants from Long Island and a phenomenal array of chefs. — Gordon Ramsay

being a chef is the best job in the world Gordon Ramsay quote

I am a chef who happens to appear on the telly, that’s it. — Gordon Ramsay

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To have 95% of the ingredients sourced, food and wine, within 100 miles radius, that’s a dream come true for any chef. — Gordon Ramsay

Two key ingredients in any successful chef: a quick learner and someone with a sharp brain. — Gordon Ramsay

Pressure’s healthy. It becomes stressful when you can’t handle that. I mean, if you don’t want to become pressurized in this environment, then don’t be a chef. — Gordon Ramsay

There are very few chefs both in Britain and the States that really identify the secret of being consistent. And combine consistency with flavor. — Gordon Ramsay

i am well aware that a chef is only as good as his last meal Gordon Ramsay quote

If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did. — Gordon Ramsay

The thing is, I can teach. I can teach bloody well. So few chefs have that level of generosity. I demand a lot, a f***ing hell of a lot, but I give a lot back. — Gordon Ramsay

I suppose more than anything, chefs have gotten better, which is great news, which makes my life a lot easier. I can be a lot more creative in terms of the menu. — Gordon Ramsay

Chefs are nutters. They’re all self–obsessed, delicate, dainty, insecure little souls and absolute psychopaths. Every last one of them. — Gordon Ramsay


It has always stood for f***ing great food. — Gordon Ramsay

it has always stood for f ing great food Gordon Ramsay quote

Chefs don’t do ponytails and we shouldn’t do them because I guarantee that whenever there’s a discovery of hair in the food, it’s guaranteed it’s from the chef’s ponytail. — Gordon Ramsay

Stunned and saddened by the loss of anthony bourdains, anthony bourdains brought the world into our homes and inspired so many people to explore cultures and cities through their food. — Gordon Ramsay

Everything has to be done for a reason, and everything has to be done to make sense in terms of running a proper business today, and it’s not just about the food. — Gordon Ramsay

Molecular gastronomy] was a great trend, because it experimented with food. The benchmark was [former elBulli head chef] Ferran Adrià, and now he is no longer there it is harder to gauge. — Gordon Ramsay

Can you imagine the headlines if I gave someone food poisoning? They’d hang me off Tower Bridge by my ballbag! — Gordon Ramsay

You can’t depend on the exposure of a TV screen to keep your feet on the ground and your food tasting delicious. You’ve got to push yourself. — Gordon Ramsay

Growing up in Britain, we didn’t have much, worked for everything. To leave food on the plate, Mom classed it as being rude and so we ate because we were hungry, not ate because we had a choice in the fridge. — Gordon Ramsay


Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters. — Gordon Ramsay

Ninety percent of the battle in any kitchen is great communication and great prep, if the prep is done and the communication is done right, then trust me, you’re almost there. — Gordon Ramsay

Being on a soccer pitch is not the same as being in a kitchen when things are going wrong. — Gordon Ramsay

kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters Gordon Ramsay quote

My mum doesn’t enjoy sometimes listening to me tell staff off, and I say to my mum, it’s a kitchen, not a hair–dressing salon. — Gordon Ramsay

It goes back to the early days in the kitchen where you would be tasting dishes all night long, so the last thing I want to do in the morning is eat. Chefs generally tend to be grazers. — Gordon Ramsay


Long Island] is buoyant, it’s on the outskirts of Manhattan, and so they have access to phenomenal restaurants. — Gordon Ramsay

How many restaurants do we know across the world that customers visit once and once only? — Gordon Ramsay

The level of jealousy and insecurity in this industry [restaurant] is far greater than ever before. — Gordon Ramsay

how many restaurants do we know across the world that customers visit once and once only Gordon Ramsay quote

I don’t think it’s a good advert for any restaurant, a fat chef, and secondly, who wants to eat a dessert when the chef’s a fat pig. — Gordon Ramsay

Focus on your customers and make that restaurant synonymous to where you are in terms of area. — Gordon Ramsay

Rude staff, bad lighting, and dirty bathrooms are all signs of a bad restaurant and a good reason to leave a restaurant! — Gordon Ramsay

It’s very hard when you eat out every day for a living, and a new restaurant comes along and you haven’t got that same vigour that you had 10 years ago. — Gordon Ramsay

Very few restaurants do five services a day–breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktail, theatre and dinner–and because of that we can offer something for everyone. — Gordon Ramsay

I spend a] lot [time travelling]. Between the restaurants, filming for TV, producing MasterChef, seeing the kids… it’s pretty constant. — Gordon Ramsay

I don’t run restaurants that are out of control. We are about establishing phenomenal footholdings with talent. — Gordon Ramsay

You know, running a restaurant is something you have to be working at each and every day; it’s not a foregone conclusion that you’re a success. — Gordon Ramsay

I’ve never been a hands–on dad. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but you can’t run a restaurant and be home for tea at 4:30 and bath and change nappies. — Gordon Ramsay

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