Management or Leadership? The 7 Qualities of a Charismatic Leader

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The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

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In this article you will learn what are the qualities of a good leader and how to become a charismatic leader. How you too can charm and influence your entourage by having simple habits that become long term strengths.

Successful leaders tend to have in common leadership skills that you can implement right now.

What is leadership’s charisma? What are the strengths of a leader?

Charismatic leadership is the most powerful social skill.

It makes people like you from the very first seconds, persuasive without arguments, self-confident whatever your beauty and attractable without flirting. It prevents regrets and helps you to become a more appreciative and famous person.

What is leadership? What is a good leader?

“Whether they lead a small tribe, a powerful nation, or just a loose grouping of people, leaders primarily serve as agents of change, with the best of them transforming people’s lives for the better. They use different approaches to influence how people feel, think and act.” Seth Godin

So let’s see how to become a charismatic leader with those 7 leaders strengths.

Step 1: Accept the leader in you

There is no self-confidence possible without self-acceptance.

Charismatic leaders accept themselves. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses but instead of blaming, depreciating or boasting themselves, they accept and respect them. They know their defects and limits and can even make fun of them because they feel in peace inside.

Therefore, they are less scared about the way others look at them. They eventually appear more independent because they rely much less on others’ approbation. Therefore, they seem authentic and unique, which also make them trustable and attractive leaders. The point is that you should start to build a fulfilled life before trying to fulfill the life of others.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Take a sheet of paper and write all your weaknesses. Spend a bit of time thinking about how those weaknesses affect your self-esteem and reduce your charisma.

• Then turn your piece of papers and make a list of all the qualities people will miss by not meeting you (your strengths). Before your next interaction read those two lists again. Reading your strengths list will boost your self-esteem and the weaknesses list will help you improve yourself.

Step 2: Build your body language charisma

Charismatic leaders are good communicators.

→ They can enhance energy and emotions doing nothing more than standing in a room. This is because most of their communication is non-verbal.

→ They use their eyes to show consideration or enforce respect; we see in their eyes that they are not playing a role, but are really strong inside.

→Their smiles communicate peace (honest smiles, not the nervous ones), their posture show involvement at every moment.

→Their voice is really stable: they speak out of their diaphragm without seeking approbation.

→ Their body language is powerful enough to make them persuasive and inspiring. They are able to say no or interrupt when it’s necessary, without showing fear or discomfort which make them respected and respected leaders. And at the opposite, they can express consideration and gratefulness without talking.

The main strength of a leader is his presence. Without speaking, we can feel his leadership.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Go in front of a mirror and try to find one expression for each one of those communication: peace, saying no with conviction, gratefulness. Then practice them in social environment and improve them based on the people reaction.

• Start smiling to random people, start with a slight one if you are shy, and increase your expressiveness little by little.

In this video you will learn about the importance of nonverbal communication and how to become charismatic with your body language. Pay also attention to how Mark Bowden is captivating his audience.

Step 3: Leadership is inspiration

We tend to be attracted by positive people. Therefore, leaders that generate positive feelings are immediately more charismatic.

They give us the energy and hope we need in our flat life. They push us to get what we want and they feed our dreams with inspiration. Take the example of the US Navy Amiral William McRaven. In a fluent speech he transmits so much hope and optimism. He believes that a better future is possible and show you the path to access it.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Tomorrow, try to pay attention to everything you say. What is the ratio of negative / positive? How much time do you say words like “can’t”, “not possible”, “too difficult”?

• Try to encourage someone that is trying to succeed something. Share positive energy with him.

Step 4: As charismatic leaders, be attentive and emphatic

Charismatic leaders, managers, communicators, teachers, trainers notice when someone is in trouble, needs support, or is trying to express something.

Empathy is this quality that will make you attentive and receptive to others’ feelings and act accordingly. People will really love you if you can understand their feelings and care for them. They will remember it. Of course, you can’t be Santa Claus all the time, but you may notice that simple actions make big differences.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Pay attention to your environment (at work or with your friends for example), do you see someone that is excluded, someone that try to connect with the group but encounter some difficulties (maybe he is shy)? Pay attention to small moments when people feel down or powerless. Then ask yourself if with a simple action you change the situation

Step 5: Valorize people

A charismatic leader notices the strengths and qualities of people around him, and try his best to enhance them.

He will make genuine compliments about their skills, behaviors and ideas to make them feel more comfortable and trust themselves. It’s different than empathy because it’s more about fulfillment. Great leaders use their charisma to connect people by showing their talents to the others, they share their aura in order to reveal greatness. 


become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Next time you make a speech or you are talking in a group, quote one or some of your coworkers. Explain why they are good for their speciality and how you appreciate their presence or their work. If you worked in team, remember to credit people for their efforts and creativity. Put the others on the spot.

Step 6: Tell your stories in a cinematic way

Remember how charismatic is your grandfather when he speaks about how beautiful was life 30 years ago or telling his war stories? If everyone is fascinating about it and waiting for the next stories to come, it’s because of his storytelling ability. Humans have always loved stories from the very beginning; they are part of our DNA. They can catch and retain emotions and thus stay in our memory more easily. In movies, music, advertising, politics, education, they are everywhere. In this world good storytellers are leaders that get our attention and leaders we remember. We gathered this practical article to give practical steps to tell better stories right now.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Think about the most boring story that happens to you. Try to tell it in a great way using this step by step guide to tell awesome stories.

Step 7: Your identity is your strength

If you want to become a charismatic person, do it because it’s part of your fulfillment path and it fits your values, not because society love charismatic leaders.

Healthy charisma shouldn’t force you to do something against your core identity. Charisma is a skill that your environment will benefit, but if it absorbs to much of your energy or even makes you feel fake maybe you should think twice.

Charisma shouldn’t change you. It should change people around you.

In other words, don’t try to change yourself, try to change people’s life. Make it easier to understand you, to be interested in what you say, give energy, attention and care.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a successful entrepreneur and an inspiring leader known for his weirdness. His unique style makes him memorable. You can see on this video that despite the fact that he expresses himself in an out of the box way, he is sharing some care and he is really appreciated by his audience.

become a charismatic leader (2 minutes):

• Write down why you are special. Everything (good or bad) that you think makes you unique. What is your feeling about it? Would you like to keep them or remove some of them? Decide where is your limit between pleasing the others and keep your identity.

become a charismatic leader: Take Away

As we can see, charismatic leadership is not a mystical thing. It works on confidence, altruism, optimism, and communication skills, and we can learn all of them.

When trying to implement those habits in your environment you may feel powerless as some are really difficult. It’s normal, in any learning process there is a part of pain. Becoming a charismatic leader is not an overnight process.

Remember that charismatic leadership is about values first. By understanding how you can enhance people life you’ll become a charismatic leader.

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.

guide thumb success habits productive mindset pdf

The success setup

Motivation & productivity Hacks and Mindsets from the most successful entrepreneurs.


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