If You Have Those 4 Characteristics, You Have The Entrepreneur Mind

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In this article you will learn the characteristics of entrepreneurs, how to become an entrepreneur, how to build the entrepreneurship mindset and how to create projects that fulfilled your life.

What entrepreneur means?

Entrepreneur definition:

“Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business. The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.” WIkipedia

Entrepreneurship defined by entrepreneurs:

“Entrepreneurial it’s about a desire for a certain kind of journey.” Seth Godin

“It’s about blazing new trails, about believing in yourself, your mission, and inspiring others to join you in the journey. What sets [entrepreneurs] apart is the will, courage and sometimes recklessness to actually do it.” – Derek Hutson, president and CEO of Datical

“Entrepreneurs are the dreamers and the visionaries. Without them, the world stagnates and progress stops. Society needs entrepreneurs the same way the body needs air.” – Cynthia Kirkeby, founder and CVO of Seasonally Fresh

As you can see being an entrepreneur is not just about being a business man.
It’s about an active way of thinking, living and seeing our world. Being an entrepreneur is embracing life at another level, as exigent as rewarding.

Here is how you can dive in the entrepreneurship world in 4 steps.

1. You see life as an entrepreneurship adventure

Nobody has change the world doing the same thing in the same way.

We are the product of years of assimilation of codes and rules from our family, school, work, friendship… and most of our behaviors are automatic, we don’t use our conscious to do them, we do them as habits. While some are helping us, others are limited us. By this we can spend a life doing things we don’t like, staying with people that don’t help us grow and eventually waste our life.

27 375

This is the average number of days we have in our life.
Tomorrow you will have one less day than today.
How do you want to use the rest of them?


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Build your entrepreneur mindset:

• Write a diary including your daily activities.
After seven days read it and ask to yourself “Is this what I really want to do of my life, or do I want to change something?”.

• Think how much of your time you spend doing things because “you have to” and how much doing because “you truly desire to”.
Do you feel you need to change something?


2. You think like a problem solver

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Entrepreneurs are problem’s solvers machines. They create links between the current world and potential better versions of it.

“Entrepreneurship is, fundamentally, the art and science of building profitable systems to help people in ways that other systems do not. The core competency of the entrepreneur is not business acumen or marketing ability but rather empathy – the ability to understand the feelings and needs of others.” – Logan Allec, CPA and owner of Money Done Right

They are constantly looking for actors that are struggling, facing difficulties or lacking chances to enhance their life. Then they create a solution for them.

Basically here is the entrepreneurship blueprint:

1. Spot a problem
2. Create a solution
3. Build a system to make your solution alive
4. Present the solution to the people facing the problem

Building a system is nothing complicated here, it’s just about putting your idea in a real world and finding ways to make it existing.

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Build your entrepreneur mindset:

• Write down some problems that you had and solved. Do you think some people that face the same problem would like to have your solution? If yes, build your system blueprint using the following model. If not, try to find problems people are facing and bring a solution to them.


3: Like entrepreneurs, you are always growing your mind

As an entrepreneur you will create and lead projects that are really greedy of many various skills. You have two solutions to face this.

Learning or delegating.

Because your time is limited, you can’t learn everything. Because your resources are limited, you can’t delegate everything (at least at the beginning).

Before investing your time and energy in learning a skill, ask yourself:

• How important is this skill on the project? Is it a side or a main need?
• Is this skill going to be useful to me on the long term or just for punctual needs?
• To learn this skill, I need Y hours of learning. To pay someone that will do it for me I need X amount of money. Witch one worth the most, X amount of money or Y amount of my time?

Also remember that you are an entrepreneur, not a technical. If you start a bakery company, your priority should be to build a system and processes that create efficient and high quality products. If you start a bakery business but you spend 8 hours a day doing bakery, you are not an entrepreneur, you are a technical. To know more about the difference between a technical and an entrepreneur, you can read The E-Myth from Michael E. Gerber.

In short, an entrepreneur gathers resources and lead them toward a goal. He is not the resources; he is creating a system to create value from the resources.

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What are the entrepreneur skills?

Because the skills that you will need strongly depends on your project, you will have to do some researches. However here are the most common entrepreneur’s skills:

Marketing / Selling: Understand how to answer to a need and propose a unique solution
Psychology: Understand how people think and behave to adapt your system to them
Creative & Strategic thinking: Where do you want to go and how will you be there?
Networking / Relationship building: “Alone we go fast, together we go further.”
Leadership & Public Speaking: Lean to motivate people to follow you
Productivity: The N1 skill in 2020, download our free complete guide and get started

Where can I learn entrepreneur skills?

Find here a complete list of the best website to learn online any skill of an entrepreneur you would need in your entrepreneurship journey.

Where can I delegate tasks I don’t want to learn?

Find here a complete guide on how to delegate any task you will need in your entrepreneurship journey.

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Build your entrepreneur mindset:

• Make a list of all the skill you may need for your project. Research on internet if you struggle.

• Take your list and divide into two categories, the skills you will learn and the skills you will delegate.


4. You are optimizing your life as a business

Before trying to change the world, entrepreneurs try to improve themselves.

The most successful entrepreneurs are known as inspiring leaders and produce the best entrepreneurs quotes because they are in a permanent growth process.

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The power of habits

The philosophy behind the entrepreneur lifestyle is the following; you don’t wake up one day and suddenly make a big change.

You do daily micro changes. The accumulation small changes is leading to a big change.

For example, entrepreneurs don’t focus on reading 100 books per year. They focus on reading 1.30 hour per day.

How do you want to change? How do you want to growth? Witch better version of you are you trying to achieve?

Once you get your goals, divide them into really small achievable daily actions. To make it effortless, turn them into habits. The point should be that everyday at the same hour you know that you have to do it and that you do it automatically. You will therefore feel much less resistance.

This is life entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneur’s challenge

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One of the most common challenge entrepreneurs face is to find a balance between the most important things in their life (their work, families, passions…). You may need to master some skills in order to solve this kind of dilemma:

• Time management
• Making your business working alone (delegate and optimize it)
• Speed Reading Strategies
• Stress Management
• Sleeping Optimization
• Meditation
• Motivation and productivity methods

The list is as long as your desire to become version of yourself.

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Build your entrepreneur mindset:

• Take a piece of paper and write your goals. What is the better versions of you? Do you want to be more intelligent? If yes how will you measure it? Do you want to learn a music instrument? Lose kgs? Travel more? Post your goal in the comment section of this article to really engage yourself.

• Implement 1 new daily habit per goal.



Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. Any form of growth neither.

The entrepreneur mindset and the entrepreneurship lifestyle aspire to make deep change in your life, skills, visions, relations, and much more. By taking this journey you will learn to unleash your potential, to focus on making this world better and to acquire many skills useful in your work and in your life.

Remember that as an entrepreneur you will liberate a huge energy stock from your eager of growth and improvement.

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