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As an entrepreneur, you are constantly seeking new sources of inspiration. You want to learn from the best and put their strategies to work for you. So, what can you learn from Jerry Garcia, the lead guitarist and singer of the Grateful Dead? Plenty. Garcia was a master of improvisation who never stopped learning or experimenting. He was also a successful businessman who knew how to build and maintain a loyal following. If you’re looking for some unconventional entrepreneurship advice, then look no further than Jerry Garcia.

Here are the most inspiring quotes from Becky Hammon, and much more.


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About Becky Hammon

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March 11, 1977

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American / Russian

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5 Ft 6 In

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136 Lb

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Hide Medals Representing United States Jones Cup 1998 Taipei Team Competition Representing Russia Olympic Games 2008 Beijing National Team Eurobasket 2009 Latvia Team Competition

Inspiring Phrases From Becky Hammon

It’s just really awesome to be rewarded for all your hard work; that people take notice of how I treated my teammates, how I was in my community. โ€” Becky Hammon

I was living my dream as a WNBA player. โ€” Becky Hammon

If you don’t want a female coach, don’t hire one! โ€” Becky Hammon

But, at the end of the day, you live in the world with billions of people, and everyone has a unique upbringing and experience. โ€” Becky Hammon

i was living my dream as a wnba player Becky Hammon quote

My whole childhood I grew up wanting to be a professional basketball player. โ€” Becky Hammon

You have those people speaking really good things in your life and it grows and produces fruit later on. But somebody had to initially plant those good seeds. โ€” Becky Hammon

Playing basketball for me is like breathing. โ€” Becky Hammon

Various Statements From Becky Hammon

I’m up for challenges. I’m up for being outside the box, making tough decisions and challenges… And I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. โ€” Becky Hammon

People ask me all the time, will there ever be a woman player in the NBA? To be honest, no. There are differences. The guys are too big, too strong and that’s just the way it is. โ€” Becky Hammon

i just think there s a real art in listening i need to listen Becky Hammon quote

I just think there’s a real art in listening. I need to listen. โ€” Becky Hammon

Let’s just face it: The average girl is not 6โ€“3. I look very average. โ€” Becky Hammon

I was always smaller and slower than everybody else, so I had to figure out other ways to be successful. Some people can survive on their athleticism; I had to survive on my brain. โ€” Becky Hammon

Hope and encouragement, especially hope, is probably one of the greatest things you can give another person. โ€” Becky Hammon

But I think in the midst of working, you can’t get too crazy serious. โ€” Becky Hammon

let s just face it the average girl is not 6 3 i look very average Becky Hammon quote

More Phrases From Becky Hammon

If you could play in the Olympics or sit on your couch and watch at home, what would you do? It was that simple. This is basketball; it’s not war. โ€” Becky Hammon

I feel like I’ve had 20 years of experience at a very high level, if you throw in college, playing overseas, I’ve played in hundreds and hundreds of games. โ€” Becky Hammon

Your mind is just constantly moving, thinking of different scenarios, not only on your team but their team too, trying to figure out things they are doing. โ€” Becky Hammon

It’s 2015, and I’m the first female coach in any of the major sports. That’s ridiculous! โ€” Becky Hammon

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I… scout, I’m in all the film sessions, I’m in all the coaches meetings, I travel… I’m in on everything. โ€” Becky Hammon

it s 2015 and i m the first female coach in any of the major sports that s ridiculous Becky Hammon quote

But it’s been a learning experience; learning the NBA, learning the travel schedule and certain coaches, their styles, what they like to run out of timeouts, personnel, tendencies. โ€” Becky Hammon

The greatest thing about sports, to me, is just the crossover into everyday life. โ€” Becky Hammon

Deeper Quotes From Becky Hammon

It’s not that I set out to say, ‘I’m going be the first assistant coach in the NBA.’ That reallyโ€“it was never my intent. It just kind of happened very naturally. โ€” Becky Hammon

It’s one thing to watch the NBA, but when you have to be there for every film session, every practice, it’s a grind. It’s a lot of hard work. โ€” Becky Hammon

Nothing in my life has really ever been easy. I’ve always been someone who did it uphill. โ€” Becky Hammon

nothing in my life has really ever been easy i ve always been someone who did it uphill Becky Hammon quote

You shouldn’t get into coaching unless you care about the people you’re leading. โ€” Becky Hammon

I had a fantastic career. I loved being a professional athlete. โ€” Becky Hammon

For me, I think it’s such a notable point to make that a leader had to believe, a leader had to see that potential. โ€” Becky Hammon

I can’t open doors that aren’t open. But if a door opens, I would be happy to walk through. โ€” Becky Hammon

BECKY HAMMON Quotes Take Away

Becky Hammon is an inspiration to all of us. She has faced challenges and achieved the impossible. Her story is one of determination, grit, and perseverance. We can all learn from her example. If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our online courses. We have a range of courses that will help you achieve your goals and live up to your potential. Whatever your dreams may be, we can help you make them a reality.

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