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What can you learn from a woman who has been homeless, faced poverty, and battled unimaginable odds? Winnie Byanyima is one such woman who has not only overcome these challenges, but also leveraged them to help others. In this blog post, we will explore her inspiring quotes compilation and what lessons we can take away from it.

Here are the strongest Inequality, Global, Economic, World, Fighting quotes from Winnie Byanyima, and much more.


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About Winnie Byanyima

birth of the author

13 January 1959

country of the author


country of the author


college of the author

Alma Mater:
University Of Manchester

occupation of the author

Engineer, Politician, And Diplomat

date of the author

Years Active:
1981 – Present

political of the author

Political Party:
Forum For Democratic Change


Another world is possible, without the 1 percent. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

The world belongs to the wealthy, and nowhere is this injustice more apparent than in the workplace. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

The U.N. must be made more inclusive, accountable, democratic, effective, and reflective of a world in which political and economic power has shifted. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Wealth does not trickle down to the poor. Oxfam knows this, the IMF knows this, the World Bank knows this. Poor people have always known this. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

another world is possible without the 1 percent Winnie Byanyima quote

Global governments should start seriously talking about the creation of a World Tax Authority with the mission to ensure that tax systems will deliver for the public interests in all countries. โ€” Winnie Byanyima


The importance of tackling inequality in Africa cannot be overstated. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Wealth is used to entrench inequality, not to trickle down and solve it. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Progressive taxation can offset the effect of growing inequality. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Giving a minimum wage reduces inequality significantly. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

the importance of tackling inequality in africa cannot be overstated Winnie Byanyima quote

Inequality, climate change, and conflict are evicting millions from their homes. But these perils are being met with ‘antiโ€“answers’ such as nationalism, closed borders, lies, and hatred. โ€” Winnie Byanyima


The scale of global inequality is quite simply staggering. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Tax abuse is a scourge on our global community, but especially for Africa. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Global growth and development that is strong, sustainable, and inclusive requires the challenges of inequality to be met headโ€“on. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Oxfam believes that any global talks to reform tax rules must include all countries, including the poorest. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

the scale of global inequality is quite simply staggering Winnie Byanyima quote

Cuba needs to engage in the global economy and the embargo cuts them out, we are going to be calling for a lifting of that embargo and normalizing relations sooner rather than later. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Without women’s equal access to positions of decisionโ€“making power and a clear process to get there, gender equality, global security, and peace will never be realized. โ€” Winnie Byanyima


Billions of people are being left behind by economic growth. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

The discrimination of women and girls goes to the core of any and all analyses of the world’s economic, political, and environmental problems. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

When we talk about women’s economic empowerment, we should be careful that we’re not just giving women more to do. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

billions of people are being left behind by economic growth Winnie Byanyima quote

Instead of presiding over an economic system that panders to big business and a wealthy elite, a more human economy must be established which meets the needs of African women and young people. โ€” Winnie Byanyima


The proud fight against colonialism is one that should be consigned to history. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

I grew up thinking the most decent job to do was to fight injustice. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Economic inequality is a corrosive force that undermines economic growth, puts a brake on the fight against poverty, and sparks social unrest. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

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Climate change is the biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

the proud fight against colonialism is one that should be consigned to history Winnie Byanyima quote

Inspiring Phrases From Winnie Byanyima

Far too many governments are cutting back on their investment in human development. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

The high price of medicines is crippling healthcare systems and denying people access to the treatments they so desperately need. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Having an economy that works for the 99% is achievable. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Here’s something we’re rarely told growing up: our world rewards wealth, not hard work or talent. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Cutting down a forest for timber adds to GDP, but what we don’t record is the loss to our wealth in terms of natural resources. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

far too many governments are cutting back on their investment in human development Winnie Byanyima quote

That a country has a strong civil society is, I believe, particularly necessary for good development. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Rule of law, access to justice, and financial transparency happen by design, not accident. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Various Statements From Winnie Byanyima

We can’t keep doing what We always did when their problems multiply. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

What is concerning is that work in the informal sector is characterised by vulnerability, low wages and no rights. So it is not the way that we lift people out of poverty in Africa. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

We need to harness the boundless energy and creativity of our youth. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

we can t keep doing what we always did when their problems multiply Winnie Byanyima quote

Developing countries are losing significant tax revenues through corporate tax dodging. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

Gdp excludes care work and other unpaid work, most of which falls to women and girls in rich and in poor countries alike. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

We don’t have to accept an economy that doesn’t work just because some people have got rich in the status quo. That is not democracy. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

I don’t think it’s helpful to go dismantling the past, but you can refuse to honor aspects of it that you don’t believe in anymore. โ€” Winnie Byanyima

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