The Best Window quotes

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to make your business more efficient and profitable. One way to do this is by taking advantage of window quotes. Window quotes can help you save money on your energy bills, while also making your business more attractive to potential customers. In this blog post, we will provide a compilation of window quotes that will help you get started with this cost-saving measure.

1. I would love to see all open–source innovation happen on top of Windows. β€” Steve Ballmer
2. Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window. β€” Ralph Waldo Emerson
3. It is not enough to knock on successes’ door; you have to knock hard enough. And if no one answers, either go through a window, or break down the door. β€” Matshona Dhliwayo
4. What if there’s a fire?’ Glenna said sweetly, and Cian merely smiled. ‘Then I guess you’d better open a window, and fly. β€” Nora Roberts
5. The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. β€” Sydney J. Harris
6. In my head there are several windows, that I do know, but perhaps it is always the same one, open variously on the parading universe. β€” Samuel Beckett
7. I think fame is one of those things where you have a window of opportunity and you have a certain amount of trust from the fans and without that you don’t have a career. β€” Patrick Dempsey
8. An evil person is like a dirty window, they never let the light shine through. β€” William Makepeace Thackeray
9. To embody a slice of life on stage/film/script/book is awe–inspiring β€” like peeking into a window to the soul or prima materia
10. An entrepreneur is born, when a person has more reasons to drive his dreams against his excuses. β€” Sukant Ratnakar, Open the Windows
11. A champion team needs only a small window of opportunity to stage a fightback, something I had learnt over the years. β€” Sachin Tendulkar
12. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone. I think you do to use an Android phone. β€” Steve Ballmer
13. It’s not always easy to tell the difference between thinking and looking out of the window. β€” Wallace Stevens
14. People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. β€” Rogers Hornsby
15. I ask you, what good is a big picture window and the lavish appointments and a priceless decor in a home if there is no mother there? β€” Spencer W. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness
16. In the school I went to, they asked a kid to prove the law of gravity and he threw the teacher out of the window. β€” Rodney Dangerfield
17. Peace for Israel, ‘ he said.’Is that possible?’ I drew closer.’Yes, if we have peace with God first. β€” Rachelle Ayala, Michal’s Window
18. Design a flight of stairs for the day a nervous bride descends them. Shape a window to frame a view of a specific tree on a perfect day in autumn. β€” Matthew Frederick
19. If our thoughts can change our actions, reverse is also possible. Our Actions can Change Our Thoughts! β€” Sukant Ratnakar, Open The Windows: To the World around You
20. When you looked out my window you could see the whole city crouched under a blanket of car smog. β€” Markus Zusak, Underdog
21. ..a hawk soared over our carriage, letting out a high, piercing cry of defiance, and I wanted to jump out of the window and fly with it β€” Stephanie Burgis, Kat, Incorrigible
22. People make things happen. All the rest is just window dressing β€” Oprah Winfrey
23. If I see a door comin’ my way I’m knockin’ it down. And if I can’t knock down the door I’m sliding through the window. β€” Rosie Perez
24. You’re better than seven years of food. You’re better than windows. You’re even better than the sky. β€” Shannon Hale, Book of a Thousand Days
25. Half of the modern drugs could well be thrown out of the window, except that the birds might eat them. β€” Martin H. Fischer
26. ‘surely no one would ever use such a weapon against a city.””There are no limits in war, ” Volger said, still staring out the window.’ β€” Scott Westerfeld, Goliath
27. I remember I was so depressed I was going to jump out a window on the tenth floor; they sent a priest up to talk to me and he said, ‘ On your mark…’ β€” Rodney Dangerfield
28. Whose ideas breathe through me? Am I a thief? Do I dream my own dreams? β€” Suzy Davies, Johari’s Window
29. I don’t have aluminum foil on my windows anymore. β€” Rick James
30. Whatever device you use, Windows will be there. Windows will be everywhere on every device without compromise. β€” Steve Ballmer
31. I turned to the window. A single raindrop fell against it, and seeing my reflection in the glass, I suddenly knew why Finn’s eyes were familiar.They were exactly like mine. β€” Pamela Nicole
32. Pissing out the window, and sh*tting out the window, are two different things! β€” Tourettes Guy
33. A Hubble Space Telescope photograph of the universe evokes far more awe for creation than light streaming through a stained glass window in a cathedral. β€” Michael Shermer
34. The sky outside the window was changing rapidly from deep, velvety blue to cold, steely gray and then, slowly, to pink shot with gold. β€” J.K. Rowling
35. ‘my behavior last night was poor.””Poor?” Agatha coughed. ”You pushed me through a window!’ β€” Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil
36. ‘resistance to change” is our fine ability to create reasons to crib and criticize.’ β€” Sukant Ratnakar, Open The Windows: To the World around You
37. Look out your window on a morning in spring, ten or twenty years hence, and perhaps you’ll see me coming. β€” Suzannah Rowntree, Pendragon’s Heir
38. Good! he wanted to cry out to her. Good! Because you only had to see it! I had to wear it! β€” Stephen King, Two Past Midnight: Secret Window, Secret Garden
39. When kids are young, before the age of ten, there is a critical window of opportunity when their habits and motivations can be influenced. β€” Richard Attias
40. I’ll be the light in the window. β€” Nicholas Sparks
41. Sunlight reflecting from rippled windows greatly accelerates plant growth by up to three times normal rates. β€” Steven Magee
42. Learning a new language, just like opening a new window, allows you to see the world with intimacy. β€” Pearl Zhu, Thinkingaire: 100 Game Changing Digital Mindsets to Compete for the Future
43. A picture might be worth a thousand words but a good sentence is worth a thousand windows β€” Mati Klarwein
44. The gods had a habit of going round to atheists’ houses and smashing their windows. β€” Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic
45. We are dreamers. We worship love, we hope against hope and toss practicality out the window. β€” Pete Wentz
46. They got married, they got divorced, and half their money goes out the window. β€” Suze Orman
47. A birdie with a yellow bill Hoped upon the window sill, Cocked his shining eye and said: ‘Ain’t you ‘shamed, you sleepy–’ead? β€” Robert Louis Stevenson
48. A gigantic tortoise with a jewel–encrusted shell was glittering near the window. β€” J. K. Rowling
49. There is no window to look outside.There is no window to look within.Open the doors. β€” Sanhita Baruah
50. I see a schoolboy when I think of him, With face and nose pressed to a sweet–shop window. β€” William Butler Yeats


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