Why you fail quitting your digital addiction

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Why do you fail quitting your bad habit?

Because of 3 huge mistakes. They are the worst ways to quit:

1. You rely on willpower

The most common mistake when it comes to quitting is to rely on willpower. Sign of courage, willpower is one of the most valued qualities in modern society. However as it’s your most precious resource, you don’t want to waste it. If you spend all your willpower trying to resist your cravings, you’ll lose energy and motivation for the things that really matter. And, like any muscle, your willpower will eventually exhaust itself, leaving you to your own devices.

2. You replace it with something as or more toxic
Replacing your bad habit by another is just going to make it even more attractive and arousing the next time you explore it. You get the illusion of progress while giving your brain diversified sh*t.

3. You treat the consequences rather than the causes.
You can do whatever you want to cope with your bad habits, but as long as you do not heal the drivers behind them, you will end up relapsing and suffering. Your cravings are just a signal from your deep self that something is off.

By knowing these mistakes, you’ll quit more easily. If you don’t feel so confident about it, you can follow this simple step-by-step 7-day course: The Digital Purge. It kills digital temptations, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Until then, stay strong.
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