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Who is Wayne Rooney? You may know him as a professional soccer player, husband to Coleen Rooney, or father of Kai and Klay. But what about his life story? In this blog post, we’ll explore the journey that has led Wayne to become one of the most successful athletes in history. From his humble beginnings in Liverpool to his record-breaking career at Manchester United and Everton, Wayne has always been a fighter and a winner. So what’s next for this British icon? We’ll take a look at that too! Read on for an inside look at the life of Wayne Rooney.

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24 October 1985

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Croxteth, Liverpool, England

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I love Barbados, it’s really relaxing. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I love football, football is my life. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I like musicals and I love music. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I love football, I’ve never really taken an interest in anything else. โ€” Wayne Rooney

i love barbados it s really relaxing Wayne Rooney quote

The important thing is to be there, score when needed. It’s better if the goals are beautiful, better still if they are important. โ€” Wayne Rooney


I think the fans are going to expect a lot from me, as they should. โ€” Wayne Rooney

Nice to see your own fans booing you. โ€” Wayne Rooney

Nice to see your home fans boo you. That’s what loyal support is. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I grew up an Everton fan, my whole family are Everton fans and I grew up hating Liverpool. And that hasn’t changed. โ€” Wayne Rooney

i think the fans are going to expect a lot from me as they should Wayne Rooney quote

Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. โ€” Wayne Rooney


I don’t think I look up to any players. Obviously you respect everyone. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I am not the first player to have sworn on TV and I won’t be the last. โ€” Wayne Rooney

Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player. โ€” Wayne Rooney

It’s strange but I suppose I’m one of those senior players now and I’ll be helping the young players as much as I can. โ€” Wayne Rooney

i don t think i look up to any players obviously you respect everyone Wayne Rooney quote

Football’s about the young players, bringing youth team players through to the first team and hopefully getting the best out of them so they can go on to play for their country. โ€” Wayne Rooney

Football is made up of all kinds of conflict. In a dressing room, between players, between us and the manager, between us and loads of people who don’t seem to matter. It’s constant and harsh sometimes. โ€” Wayne Rooney

Everyone who watches me play knows I am an honest player. play the game as honestly as I can. If the referee gives a penalty there is nothing you can do. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I’m not really that bothered by appearance. I know a few players who go off doing stuff in the mirror ages before they go out to play a game, but I’m not really interested in that. โ€” Wayne Rooney

The lifestyle I lead as a footballer means I am always in the spotlight. โ€” Wayne Rooney

i am not the first player to have sworn on tv and i won t be the last Wayne Rooney quote


I love playing football but I am like everyone else, I hate losing and love winning. โ€” Wayne Rooney

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Becoming a dad was the proudest moment of my life. Playing football does not even compare. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I love football so when I finish playing I would like to still be involved in it somehow and a manager would be my first choice. โ€” Wayne Rooney

You just want to keep playing consistently now and keep working hard and I’m sure the goals will come. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I’ve learnt that it is important not to go over the top with aggression, because then either you are going to miss a lot of games, or you are not going to be concentrating on the game you are playing. โ€” Wayne Rooney

i love playing football but i am like everyone else i hate losing and love winning Wayne Rooney quote

When I was about 16, I got my ball taken off me by the police for playing in the streetโ€“which is pathetic really. โ€” Wayne Rooney

When they talk to me, people say, ‘I didn’t expect you to be how you are.’ โ€” Wayne Rooney

Inspiring Phrases From Wayne Rooney

If you don’t score, and you have chances, you are disappointed. โ€” Wayne Rooney

To me, Paul Scholes was in a class of his own. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I play the game as honestly as I can. If the referee gives a penalty there is nothing you can do. โ€” Wayne Rooney

if you don t score and you have chances you are disappointed Wayne Rooney quote

Diving has been in the game for years. Probably the coverage the game gets now, with all the cameras around, it gets highlighted a bit more. But it hasn’t got any worse. โ€” Wayne Rooney

As you get older you play in more important games and that is when you start thinking about what will happen if you win or lose. โ€” Wayne Rooney

I want to score in every game and win things. That’s the most important thing. โ€” Wayne Rooney

You’re trying to put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself, to have a ‘memory’ before the game. I don’t know if you’d call it visualising or dreaming, but I’ve always done it, my whole life. โ€” Wayne Rooney

WAYNE ROONEY Quotes Take Away

Wayne Rooney is an inspiration to many people, not just football fans. He has faced some difficult challenges in his life and career, but heโ€™s overcome them all with hard work and a positive attitude. We hope these quotes have inspired you as much as they inspire us. If you need help achieving your goals, be sure to check our courses page for more information on how we can help you succeed.

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