The Best Virtue quotes

There are many quotes out there that discuss the virtue of different things. Today, we’re going to compile a few of our favorite virtue quotes and talk about what they mean. This is an important topic for entrepreneurs because it can help us stay on track when times get tough and remind us why we do what we do.


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The best virtue quotes

1. It’s no virtue to gain the whole world. Just gain the heart of one person. โ€” Saadi

2. Virtue that transgresses is but patched with sin; and sin that amends is but patched with virtue. โ€” William Shakespeare

3. Tidiness is a virtue, symmetry is often a constituent of beauty. โ€” Winston Churchill

4. Virtue is beauty, but the beauteous evil. Are empty trunks o’erflourished by the devil. โ€” William Shakespeare

5. I prefer a pleasant vice to an annoying virtue. โ€” Moliere

6. Open the doors of opportunity to talent and virtue and they will do themselves justice, and property will not be in bad hands. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

7. Forget happiness. You were called to a throne. How will you prepare for it? That is the question of virtue, Christian style. โ€” N.T. Wright, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters

8. There is no virtue in poverty and illness. we all have been created to be healthy and wealthy with more than enough for everyone. โ€” Raphael Zernoff, All That Is

9. The virtue of books is to be readable. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

10. To the eye of enmity virtue appears the ugliest blemish. โ€” Saadi

11. I don’t thInk eIther sIde has an edge In vIrtue. โ€” Warren Buffett

12. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. โ€” Max Planck

13. Courting is an activity where a man and a woman flaunt their virtues. Dating is an activity where life exposes the other’s vices. โ€” Mokokoma Mokhonoana

14. All the big wordsโ€“virtue, justice, truth, …โ€“are dwarfed by the greatness of kindness โ€” Stephen Fry

15. Virtue in obscurity is rewarded only in heaven. โ€” Sonia Sotomayor

16. So I fancy my Muse says, when I wish to die, Oh no, Oh no, we are not yet friends enough, And Virtue also says: We are not yet friends enough. โ€” Stevie Smith

17. Today, you can pick your own news. At no time has the world been this compatible with apathy. โ€” Psyche Roxasโ€“Mendoza, Cardinal virtues collection of stories on Jaime L. Cardinal Sin

18. I have always lived my life by thriving on opportunity and adventure. Some of the best ideas come out of the blue, and you have to keep an open mind to see their virtue. โ€” Richard Branson

19. A cavalryman’s horse should be smarter than he is. But the horse must never be alowed to know this. โ€” Steven Pressfield, The Virtues of War: A Novel of Alexander the Great

20. Virtue is like a rich stone best plain set. โ€” Sir Francis Bacon

21. Sensibility of mind is indeed the parent of every virtue, but it is the parent of much misery, too. โ€” Thomas Jefferson

22. True humility does not know that it is humble. If it did, it would be proud from the contemplation of so fine a virtue. โ€” Martin Luther

23. That is the way with people … If they do you wrong, they invent a bad name for you, a good name for their acts and then destroy you in the name of virtue. โ€” Zora Neale Hurston

24. If virtue were its own reward it would no longer be a human quality but supernatural. โ€” Vauvenargues

25. The great virtue of those who seek the spiritual path is courage. โ€” Paulo Coelho

26. Men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues we write in water. โ€” William Shakespeare

27. Love can cause problem and love can heal humanly problems based on our virtue. โ€” Santosh Kalwar

28. There are two things at which most men are grieved: when their faults are exposed, and when their virtues are concealed. โ€” Norm Macdonald

29. There is virtue yet in the hoe and the spade, for learned as well as for unlearned hands. And labor is everywhere welcome; alwayswe are invited to work. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

30. Women are degraded by the propensity to enjoy the present moment, and, at last, despise the freedom which they have not sufficient virtue to struggle to attain. โ€” Mary Wollstonecraft

31. Power doesn’t equal worth. Wisdom is a far greater virtue. โ€” Michael J. Sullivan, Age of Myth

32. The machine has several virtues… One may lean back in his chair and work it. It piles an awful stack of words on one page. It don’t muss things or scatter ink blots around. โ€” Mark Twain

33. Moral courage is higher and a rarer virtue than physical courage. โ€” William Slim

34. The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance. โ€” William Shakespeare

35. People in every nation behave and respond according to the values and virtues upon which they were raised. We all are a product of our environment. โ€” Sunday Adelaja

36. Virtue is defined to be mediocrity, of which either extreme is vice. โ€” Rutherford B. Hayes

37. The nationalist regrets the change โ€” an illโ€“founded belief in the merits of purity blinds him to the virtues of the foreign and the hybrid.

38. When you know how to use it, disobedience can be a virtue. โ€” Paulo Coelho

39. You must come to terms with Your wholeself. the wholeness which exceeds all our virtue and all our vice. โ€” Ursula Le Guin

40. There is genius as well in virtue as in intellect. ‘Tis the doctrine of faith over works. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

41. Women are degraded by the propensity to enjoy the present moment, and, at last, despise the freedom which they have not sufficient virtue to struggle to attain. โ€” Mary Wollstonecraft

42. Friendship with a man is friendship with his virtue. โ€” Mencius

43. Suspicion is a virtue as long as its object is the public good, and as long as it stays within proper bounds. โ€” Patrick Henry

44. Restfulness is a quality for cattle; the virtues are all active, life is alert. โ€” Robert Louis Stevenson

45. My father Sam, by his lifelong example, displayed for me the virtues of an honest day’s work and of great personal courage. โ€” Marv Levy

46. Wealth without virtue is no harmless neighbor. โ€” Sappho, A Garland: The Poems and Fragments of Sappho

47. There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of virtue on his outward parts. โ€” William Shakespeare

48. At that time my virtue slumbered; my evil, kept awake by ambition, was alert and swift to seize the occasion. โ€” Robert Louis Stevenson

49. It is better to leave a child well instructed than to hand over the whole world in the hands of a fool โ€” Michael Quansah, What You Can’t Live Withoutโ€“The Cardinal Virtues

50. A weed is just A plAnt whose virtues hAve not yet been discovered. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson


We hope that these quotes about virtue have inspired you to be a better version of yourself, to do the right thing, and to remind yourself that true virtue does come from the heart. No matter what the situation is, it’s always important to remember that it’s better to do what is right and just. Virtue is an important trait, and it’s something that should always be nurtured and celebrated.

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