Unleash Your Real Focus Potential

The problem

Focus is as invaluable as fragile. Inability to protect and cultivate focus leads to failure and regrets.


Cultivating a few habits to strengthen your focus and enhance the best of your potential.


Iron focus can lead to your goals x10 faster.

4 powerful steps to build iron focus


Focus is a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding.

1.      Clean your environment of aggressions

Before trying to cultivate focus, it’s important to clean what can kills it. Here are the three pillars of a fertile environment for focus:
– Protection against toxic triggers
– Proper leverage of resistance
– Proper leverage of energies

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2. Prevent wondering

Time pressure

In this approach, you set a limited time frame to work on a task. It’s clear. You can’t cheat. Instead of going for a huge session of 3 hours, you divide it into small parts, like 6 x 20 minutes, with goals for each session. This rhythm frame you to be efficient and swift because 20 minutes
is short and stopping close to complete a goal is frustrating. The most famous time-method is the Pomodoro technique. In this technique, you do short sessions of, for example, 20 minutes. At the end of each session, you must stop no matter what and take a 5-minutes break, and then restart.

Writing down thoughts

It may sound simple, but this hack is formidably efficient. While you are working, keep a piece of paper and a pen around. Each time a thought pops to your mind, rather than expanding it and let it distract you, write it down, with the intention to come back to it later. You may never come back to it, but the point is to let your brain knows that you are going to take care of it, so he doesn’t further harass you. After doing that for a few sessions, you’ll realize that your thoughts stop trying to disturb you.

3. Resources

Focusing is really energy consuming, it soaks up calories and use your full mind space.
Poor sleep, lean alimentation and stressful environment won’t allow you to focus on your best. This lack of resources will kill your creativity and courage, slowing you down in everything you do. It’s like running a formula 1 competition with a flat tire, it’s inefficient and dangerous.
Learn here how to improve your sleep, alimentation, and physical activities for better focus.

4. Exercises to develop focus

On the long term, it can be interesting to invest on activities that strengthen your focus. This investment will make you a more focus person in whatever you do, and ultimately bring you better results.
– Mindfulness. Lean it here.
– Activities that put you in flow (intense sports, chess, philosophy, or basically whatever passionate you enough to absorb you).


Test your habit in 4-mins

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Test your habit in 4-mins