The Best Unknown quotes

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to be constantly learning and growing. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the time or motivation to read new books or articles. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best unknown quotes that will help inspire and motivate you in your journey. Whether you’re just starting out or have been running your own business for years, these quotes are sure to provide some insight and encouragement.

1. It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable. β€” Maya Angelou
2. You do not truly know yourself until you have learned to appreciate others. β€” Unknown
3. ‘the greatest of all faults is to imagine you have none”.’ β€” Unknown Author 692
4. Creativity without commercialism will result in unseen masterpieces by unknown painters. β€” Shriram Iyer
5. When one door closes, a window opens and then zombies pile in and bite you in the ass. β€” Unknown
6. It is the unknown that excites the ardor of scholars, who, in the known alone, would shrivel up with boredom. β€” Wallace Stevens
7. Betrayal means breaking ranks and going off into the unknown. Sabina knew of nothing more magnificent than going off into the unknown. β€” Milan Kundera
8. Fear of the unknown and the other is the root of almost all hate. It is born of ignorance and fed by those who would keep us divided. β€” Tinnekke Bebout
9. Intelligence comes with hard work and curiosity for the unknown. β€” Roberto Llamas
10. Of course I’m out of my mind. It’s dark and scary in there. β€” Unknown Author 672
11. Wen life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. β€” Unknown
12. No one should feel afraid of the unknown. Because everyone is capable of achieving everything he wants and needs. β€” Paulo Coelho
13. Reading is just staring at a dead piece of wood for hours and hallucinating. β€” Unknown
14. Together forever, never apart. Sometimes in distance, but never in heart. β€” Unknown
15. You cannot travel to the known β€” because all travels are towards the future and the future is unknown!
16. With the known, you simply repeat the process. With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life. β€” Roshan Sharma
17. Losing path is a magic! If you can enjoy with the unknown path, you shall find the exit much quicker! β€” Mehmet Murat ildan
18. On oct. 19, you will have to choose between experience and the unknown, between security and risk, security and experience, that’s what cOnservative candidates offer. β€” Stephen Harper
19. Losing path is a magic! If you can enjoy with the unknown path, you shall find the exit much quicker! β€” Mehmet Murat ildan
20. Losing path is a magic! If you can enjoy with the unknown path, you shall find the exit much quicker! β€” Mehmet Murat ildan
21. Often known science will revolt against unknown science β€” tirumala
22. What is love after but trusting in the unknown. β€” Marty Rubin
23. Music is a language that speaks to people emotions. β€” The Unknown
24. All this was new to me. Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move towards the unknown–even when we don’t want to and we think we don’t need to. β€” Paulo Coelho
25. Latent brain functions can be enabled by force majeure when we are facing the weirdness of an unknown reality. β€” Toba Beta
26. Like navigation markings in unknown waters, definitions of poverty need to be distinctive and unambiguous. A definition that is not precise is as bad as no definition at all. β€” Muhammad Yunus
27. Stars can’t shine without darkness. β€” Unknown
28. A journey to the unknown shores needs a port, a ship, a wind; but more important than all of them: Courage; courage to leave the known for the unknown! β€” Mehmet Murat ildan
29. The 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make the choice, to take a chance, if you want anything in life to change. β€” Unknown
30. The most crucial problem with intellectual learning is that it receives the unknown on the grounds of the known. β€” Raheel Farooq
31. I’d suggest you find something better to do with your time…’ – Unknown Author 188 advice, advice for life, life lessons, reality β€” Unknown Author 188, Unknown Book 10139187
32. Be a man: accept the challenge of the unknown, of the beyond. Let it become a great dream in your being. β€” Osho, The Secret of Secrets
33. If you are a parent, open doors to unknown directions to the child so he can explore. Don’t make him afraid of the unknown, give him support. β€” Rajneesh
34. On getting lost in a book. Set adriftA life unknownConnections formLove is sewn β€” Patty Wiseman, An Unlikely Arrangement
35. Every moment is unique, unknown, completely fresh. β€” Pema Chodron
36. Stop categorizing and labeling! This is your way to avoid the unknown but brings the risk to avoid the new! β€” Rossana Condoleo
37. When I think about books, I touch my shelf. β€” Unknown
38. Its the actions one produces that will lead them toward the unknown. β€” Steven Farmer
39. Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal β€” Unknown
40. All I know is that I shall be alone again. There is nothing more terrible than to be alone among human beings. β€” Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman: The Fowler Snared
41. You really shouldn’t say I love you unless you mean it. But if you mean it you should say it a lot. People forget. β€” Unknown
42. When one door closes, a window opens and then zombies pile in and bite you in the ass. β€” Unknown
43. Every country is renewed out of the unknown ranks and not out of the ranks of those already famous and powerful and in control. β€” Woodrow Wilson
44. The only thing that stops you from from success is fear of the unknown β€” Thabiso Monkoe, The Azanian
45. Invest in the known versus the unknown. β€” Suze Orman
46. Be picky about vibes. Be picky about the energy you surround yourself with. You owe yourself that much. β€” Unknown
47. So now i know. I fear the unknown so deeply that I’de rather repeat the same heart–breaking pattern than face something or someone i can’t predict. β€” Valerie Frankel, The Girlfriend Curse
48. There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world. β€” Thomas Jefferson
49. Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be β€” Unknown
50. Fear? What has a man to do with fear? Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown. Best live as we may, from day to day. β€” Sophocles


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