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Some people are born with a natural talent for one specific thing. For others, it takes years of hard work and dedication to mastering their craft. Ueli Steck falls into the latter category. This outdoorsman has climbed some of the world’s most daunting peaks, all without using ropes or any other assistance. His story is one of perseverance and determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at his life and achievements in mountaineering.

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About Ueli Steck

birth of the author

4 October 1976

death of the author

30 April 2017

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Inspiring Phrases From Ueli Steck

It’s the feeling of total control. When you are properly trained, your body works hardโ€“but when you move, you do not suffer. That’s the feeling I am looking for. โ€” Ueli Steck

You can, maybe, do something like Annapurna once in a lifetime. Then don’t try to do it again. โ€” Ueli Steck

You’re progressing on something and that’s what it’s all about. You wanna keep moving, having a progress in your life. โ€” Ueli Steck

Climbing Everest is so big now, with so much money involved, and the Sherpas are not stupid. They see this, and they want to take over the business and kick out the westerners. This is a big fight. โ€” Ueli Steck

i don t like talking about climbing that much you don t have to discuss just do it Ueli Steck quote

I don’t like talking about climbing that much. You don’t have to discuss; just do it. โ€” Ueli Steck

Annapurna was a special situation. It was a lifetime dream to finish that route. When I started climbing the South Face, I really expected not to come back alive. โ€” Ueli Steck

It’s really impressive what those like Messner and Walter Bonatti have doneโ€“they are a big part of the history of alpinism. โ€” Ueli Steck

Various Statements From Ueli Steck

Slow down and stay alive. โ€” Ueli Steck

Right now, I’m just focused on the 8,000โ€“meter peaks. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t think I will get tired of climbing. โ€” Ueli Steck

slow down and stay alive Ueli Steck quote

I don’t need to come back to Everest. โ€” Ueli Steck

I never expected to make a living from climbing, but it got to the point where I either had to get a job or start trying to make some real money from it. I didn’t want to be 45 and a dirtbag. โ€” Ueli Steck

Everybody has to choose his or her own way to climb a mountain. I don’t give an opinion. But there needs to be enough room for others. โ€” Ueli Steck

I’m getting older, turning 40 this year. I had a period where I thought each expedition had to be something harder, something faster. But you can’t go on like that, or you’re going to die. โ€” Ueli Steck

Not all Sherpas are bad. There are a few who are crazy, but the rest are good people. โ€” Ueli Steck

i don t need to come back to everest Ueli Steck quote

More Phrases From Ueli Steck

The goal is not to solo. Of course, it is possible to move fast in alpine style also with a partner. I just need the right partner. โ€” Ueli Steck

I don’t have a death wish. On the contrary, I’m hanging onto my life like never before. โ€” Ueli Steck

These guys make a lot of money. Of course it’s hard and dangerous work, but Sherpas are the rich people in Nepal. If you make so much money, you can somehow lose reality. โ€” Ueli Steck

My first climb was on lead; there were pitons, no bolts. โ€” Ueli Steck

Redundant Thematics

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I don’t worry about other people, and I don’t let them influence me too much. I try to find out what I want to do and not what other people want me to do. โ€” Ueli Steck

i don t have a death wish on the contrary i m hanging onto my life like never before Ueli Steck quote

The people in Nepal don’t care about alpinism; they just care about money. โ€” Ueli Steck

You just see your hands, your ice axe, and your crampons…and they have to just move. โ€” Ueli Steck

Deeper Quotes From Ueli Steck

During the climb, I never get afraid. But you can’t lose your fearโ€“it is really important. If you lose it, you are going to die. โ€” Ueli Steck

It’s like a living process. You start out, and you see the Eiger north face, and you think, ‘That’s impossible.’ Then you start to dream. Then you climb the Eiger north face. Then maybe you go to the Himalaya. โ€” Ueli Steck

I like to be alone. I am focused on what I am doing. I feel the nature and I feel my body. It’s so simple. โ€” Ueli Steck

When you go to the mountains, you really have to accept that there is always a risk. It’s more dangerous than sitting at home watching TV. It’s really sad. โ€” Ueli Steck

I don’t like being restricted. When I climb, I feel free and unrestricted; away from any social commitments. โ€” Ueli Steck

Today, to find a challenge is really hard. In the Alps, everything is done. The new lines, almost all of them are finished. So to find a new challenge, it’s all beginning to go to speed. โ€” Ueli Steck

Once you start, if you’re still afraid, don’t do it. Either it’s too hard, or you’re not prepared. I’ve never done something when I was scared. โ€” Ueli Steck

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