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Trixie Mattel, the drag queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and All Stars 3, is a self-proclaimed real Barbie. In this post I will be discussing her life story including her past work in carpentry and construction. Trixie has always been an advocate for LGBT rights and same sex marriage; she even married herself! Even though she got eliminated early on in the show, she still made a big impact on everyone watching. She is also currently working on her own TV series with Viceland called The Trixian Show.

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About Trixie Mattel

birth of the author

August 23, 1989

education of the author

University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

occupation of the author

Drag Performer, Singer-Songwriter, Comedian, Television Personality, Author, Youtuber And More.

date of the author

Years Active:

knownfor of the author

Known For:
Rupaul’s Drag Race, Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Unhhhh, The Trixie & Katya Show, Trixie Cosmetics And More.

title of the author

Drag Race All-Stars Winner

genre of the author

Comedy, Beauty, Music

instrument of the author

Vocals, Guitar, Autoharp, Clarinet

institution of the author

Producer Entertainment Group, Ato Records

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
Katya, Kim Chi, Juno Birch, Brittany Broski, Jaymes Mansfield And More.

award of the author

Show Creator Awards:
Show Creator Awards


I’m like the Justin Bieber of the drag world. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I always say you can be great at drag and not great at ‘Drag Race,’ and you can be great at ‘Drag Race’ and not great at drag. โ€” Trixie Mattel

My favorite drag queens are Tammie Brown and Katya, so I like my drag queens a little left of sanity. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Some of my favorite drag queens are women. โ€” Trixie Mattel

i m like the justin bieber of the drag world Trixie Mattel quote

Some people say that ‘Drag Race’ is about glory and immortalizing yourself in the Hall of Fame. For me, it’s about shaking RuPaul down for her money. โ€” Trixie Mattel

To me, drag is about doing whatever you want, and nobody says anything. And ‘Drag Race’ is about doing what you’re told and having it evaluated. I hate being judged. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Drag is pastiche and parody and satire. Drag queens are never meant to be stars. We make fun of stars. Drag queens are the people that ‘point’ at the star. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Out of drag, I’m a white guy with a guitar, which isn’t special. There are a million white guys with guitars. But being a drag queen with a guitar is a lot more commanding. โ€” Trixie Mattel

When I was on ‘Drag Race,’ it felt like a serious competition going on between drag queens… and then Katya and I were also there. โ€” Trixie Mattel

For years, ‘Drag Race’ was gay people’s best kept secret. When I started doing drag, people didn’t know anything about it. Look at it now: it’s like it’s gone from black and white to IMAX. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I’ve always said drag queens are like Swiss Army knives. Most come from having to take $50โ€“aโ€“show pay and doing their own costume, wig, music and jokes. โ€” Trixie Mattel

People are slowly realizing that they’re looking at drag all the time. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’ ‘Real Housewives.’ Peewee Herman. Don’t let calling it drag make you uncomfortable. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I didn’t start drag because I thought it would be a ticket to anything. I did it for my own narcissistic fulfilment. When I started selling records, going on tour, doing TV… I never expected any of it. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Something ‘Drag Race’ is really good at is portraying us as artists but also human beings. And normal human beings don’t know everything. They don’t have all the answers. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Any time there is an economic downturn or political strife, lipstick sales skyrocket. If you have a hard day, it’s this $14 thing that lifts your day. I think drag has that same lipstick effect. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Inspiring Phrases From Trixie Mattel

Northern Wisconsin, where I’m from, is so ridiculously rural. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Something that I love about drag is that it’s a celebration of feminity. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Bad things can happen to you, but it doesn’t mean you have to have regrets. It’s all about what you do with it. โ€” Trixie Mattel

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When I’m in drag, I don’t always want to be spoken to, but I love being looked at. Nobody puts that much work into how they look to be ignored. โ€” Trixie Mattel

northern wisconsin where i m from is so ridiculously rural Trixie Mattel quote

Trixie is like a hyperโ€“feminine child’s toy who has it all. I love looking like I’m from Toys ‘R Us but serving offโ€“color comedy. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Mental health and sobriety is not a straight line, and ‘Drag Race’ is a family, and we support our family members through anything. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I’m an optimistic realist. I kind of expect the worst but prepare for the best. โ€” Trixie Mattel

Various Statements From Trixie Mattel

I want to look otherworldly, like I was made in a factory. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I’m not good at anything! I can do, like, two voices. โ€” Trixie Mattel

i want to look otherworldly like i was made in a factory Trixie Mattel quote

The best way to create emotional or spiritual distance between me and another person is for them to come up to me and go, ‘yaassssss.’ โ€” Trixie Mattel

In the real world, people go against my beliefs all the time, and I don’t make it my place toโ€“like, I’m not super confrontational. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I always tell my mom that if she would have just bought me a Barbie when I was little, I would have gone into real estate. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I love my life so much. I wouldn’t change anything. โ€” Trixie Mattel

I think the perception of audiences that love folk and country is they’re perceived to be more closedโ€“minded than they really are. โ€” Trixie Mattel

i m not good at anything i can do like two voices Trixie Mattel quote

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