The Best Time quotes

As an entrepreneur, you’s likely know that time is a precious commodity. It’s important to make the most of every minute, and to always be working on something that will move your business forward. That’s why today we’ve put together a compilation of time quotes from some of the most successful people in history.


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The best time quotes

1. Right person, wrong timing doesn’t mean God was wrong. It means you were there at the right time to fulfill something else. Look for it. — Shannon L. Alder

2. He leans his face close to mine and wraps his fingers around my chin. His hand smells like metal. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? — Veronica Roth

3. I don’t have time to think about age. There are so many things to do. — Ursula Andress

4. Life is about balance. It’s not about forgetting the bad times or escaping them. It’s about creating enough good times to outweigh the bad. — Tommy Cotton, Just Went Out for Milk

5. Because i’ve suffered. Because many times in my life i have tried to love with all my heart, and my love has wound up being trampled or betrayed. — Paulo Coelho

6. Feminists want to be treated as equals, but at the same time they want special treatment. — Rush Limbaugh

7. Maybe the best things are those that take the most work, you know? Maybe how you get somewhere can be at least as important as where you’re going. — Ryan North, Adventure Time Vol. 3

8. Perhaps with age came a more sedate appreciation of the passage of time. — Tim Lebbon, Alien: Invasion

9. The old–time–religion and today’s cutting–edge–religion have one thing in common–they’re both religion. I want neither. — Steve McVey

10. Working with heart, then enjoy our time. — Marya Sy

11. Intelligence we gathered at the time indicated that this was in fact leadership and we struck the leadership. — Peter Pace

12. Life is a totality of time — Sunday Adelaja

13. There are times when you have to face your enemies, sit down and deal with it. — Martin Scorsese

14. Mutual respect is an integral part of communication. — Rajen Jani, Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories

15. You’re so good at what you do, keep pushing, success is on the table at all times! — Sereda Aleta Dailey, The Magnificent Weight Loss System

16. All activities and events that a body is to go through are determined at the time of conception. — Ramana Maharshi

17. Life is too short to spend your time avoiding failure. — Michael Bloomberg

18. We have not seen great things done in our time except by those who have been considered mean; the rest have failed. — Niccolo Machiavelli

19. Wherever man did not settle, the world was not owned.It was not wanted.In time of course this was bound to change, for there is never enough it seems. — Ross Turner, Midnight

20. With sports, you have no time to reflect. You just do. — Terri Giuliano Long, In Leah’s Wake

21. Among all the wonderful things we have, we don’t seem to have a time to love. And to me that’s the fuel, that’s the fuel we need to make the engine go. — Stevie Wonder

22. But there was no time to rest on my laurels. — Talal Abu–Ghazaleh, Blankets become Jackets

23. I am going to dedicate myself, full time, to my day–drinking. — Tina Fey

24. There were times in ‘Adaptation’ during the editing where I really thought, ‘Okay, well, this was a noble failure. I tried to do something good, but this is not going to work.’ — Spike Jonze

25. Every time the long–forgotten people of the past are remembered, they are born again! — Mehmet Murat ildan

26. Do you have a girlfriend?”No, ‘ I said quickly.Deny Honour again. Peter only denied Jesus three times. I must have denied Honour like three thousand times. — Ruth Ahmed, When Ali Met Honour

27. I was born and raised in Ohio. During my childhood, I spent most of my time drawing and reading fairy tales and myths. — Natalie Babbitt

28. The Brat Pack is timeless. — Rob Lowe

29. I’m not a morning person, but I’ve become one as the result of having kids. The morning is my private time to spend with my boys. — Usher

30. I would say if you are going to party, show up on time to work. — Sandra Bullock

31. Of course, no man is entirely in his right mind at any time. — Mark Twain

32. I met lee In los angeles durIng oscar week and we had a nIce( tIme), went to a couple partIes, we were sort of jokIng around about the musIc–tv busIness. — Mick Jagger

33. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean. — Ray Kroc

34. What happens in committee if the committee functions, more often than not, not every time but more often than not, a bill comes out with bipartisan support. — Mitch Mcconnell

35. You can act in five, six, or seven films in the time it takes to direct one film. — Stephen Fry

36. Last time I tried to make love to my wife nothing happened, so I said to her, ‘What’s the matter, you can’t think of anybody either?’ — Rodney Dangerfield

37. I’ve always believed that I had talent, even when I felt like a very inferior sort of person, which I spent a lot of time living my life feeling that I wasn’t worthy. — Rita Moreno

38. I’m projecting somewhere between 100 million and 200 million computers on the Net by the end of December 2000, and about 300 million users by that same time. — Vint Cerf

39. If I had free time to go to Los Angeles to shoot a movie, I would rather spend it with my kids. — Stephen Colbert

40. You have to be skillful in your time management to be productive — Sunday Adelaja

41. Personally, I think if a women hasn’t met the right man by the time she’s 24, she may be lucky. — Oprah Winfrey

42. I never outgrew my conversion to atheism at 13, but at various times was a serious cultural Jew. — Steven Pinker

43. The first time I tried to write was when I was 14, after I got an electric guitar. I put a song together, and it wasn’t that bad! The writing came natural to me. — Tom Petty

44. It’s time to restore the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution. — Mitt Romney

45. With time, people forget to say, ‘Darling I love you.’ just that word. — Ozzy Osbourne

46. It has to be living, to learn the speech of the place, It has to face the man of the time. — Wallace Stevens

47. For many years I have devoted articles and essays to newspapers, from the inside. So criticism of the newspapers was a topic that I practiced for a long time. — Umberto Eco

48. The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading in order to write. A man will turn over half a library to make a book. — Samuel Johnson

49. Old habits cannot be thrown out the upstairs window. They have to be coaxed downstairs one step at a time. — Mark Twain

50. For all the compasses in the world, there’s only one direction, and time is its only measure. — Tom Stoppard


Time is precious and should always be cherished. Taking the time to appreciate the moments we have is the best way to use our time. With these quotes about time, may you find the inspiration to make the most of your time and live life to the fullest!

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