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Thom Yorke is one of the most enigmatic and successful musicians of our time. His work with Radiohead has been acclaimed by critics and fans alike, and his solo career has taken off in recent years. But what few people know about Yorke is that he’s a fiercely dedicated entrepreneur. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the ups and downs of Yorke’s career as an entrepreneur, and see how he’s managed to stay successful for so long.

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7 October 1968

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Alternative Rock, Idm, Electronic, Experimental Rock

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Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Composer

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Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

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Radiohead, Atoms For Peace, Nigel Godrich, The Smile


Build gaps in your life. Pauses. Proper pauses. — Thom Yorke

Do you think Radiohead is my whole goddamn life? I also have a roadside cart where I sell apples and mincemeat pies. — Thom Yorke

I’ll take a quiet life, A handshake of carbon monoxide. No alarms and no surprises… — Thom Yorke

When even your fans are writing to tell you to get a life, you know you need to listen. — Thom Yorke

build gaps in your life pauses proper pauses Thom Yorke quote

I’m still not certain on the nature of the spork, whether it is a fork and a spoon, or a fork and a knife mixed together, or maybe a fork and a fork on top. Life is full of mysteries yeah man — Thom Yorke

My parents mistook me for a sack of potatoes so I sat in the corner of the kitchen for the first 13 years of my life. My birth name is Thom Potatoes. — Thom Yorke

In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe. In a deep deep sleep of the innocent, I am born again. In a fast German car, I’m amazed that I survived, An airbag saved my life… — Thom Yorke

My dad spent his whole life getting into fights for telling what he believed to be the truth. Basically it comes from my dad–and he’s screaming right–wing, so there you are. — Thom Yorke

I once got hit with a taser at a concert and everyone thought I was dancing. Now I have to do that dance, at every show for the rest of my life, or admit that a taser can damage the Thom Yorke — Thom Yorke

i ll take a quiet life a handshake of carbon monoxide no alarms and no surprises Thom Yorke quote

My only means of self defense is to wiggle my eye and feign being a salamander. It has saved my life but once I was partially eaten by a bald eagle who thought I was a salamander. Hence, my skills. Hence. — Thom Yorke

If I weren’t in Radiohead I’d be working at a grocery store, I’d be that creepy guy who lives in an efficiency apartment and collects salted, cured meats. — Thom Yorke

Sonic the hedgehog is a beautiful statement on capitalism. You spend your whole life collecting yellow rings and then hit one spike and lose them all. And there is a fat man who wants to kill you. — Thom Yorke

Chicken Little change my life when I was younger. I had no idea chickens could talk *laughs*. — Thom Yorke

Someone needs to tell the truth, but it shouldn’t be my job. — Thom Yorke

when even your fans are writing to tell you to get a life you know you need to listen Thom Yorke quote

And the moral of the story is I’m Thom Yorke. — Thom Yorke

Every Christmas people are so nice to me, they think I am Little Tim from A Christmas Story. But I’m not. *smiles* — Thom Yorke


The hardest part about being in Radiohead is listening to my own music. — Thom Yorke

Kid A is about an abortion. *laughs* It’s about how our music is an abortion — Thom Yorke

I am the greatest thing to happen to black music. — Thom Yorke

the hardest part about being in radiohead is listening to my own music Thom Yorke quote

I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape. — Thom Yorke

It will be only a matter of time before the music business establishment completely folds. — Thom Yorke

I’ve never believed that pop music is escapist trash. There’s always a darkness in it, even amidst great pop music. — Thom Yorke

I got into the music business thinking it was really radical, that it wasn’t really a business at all, that it was a lot of people being artistic and creative. Not true, and it made me very depressed. — Thom Yorke

It’s maybe a good thing to try to make music that feels reassuring in some ways–something that’s got a good feeling, a good vibe about it. — Thom Yorke

kid a is about an abortion laughs it s about how our music is an abortion Thom Yorke quote

In November I’ll be releasing my new solo record, entitled ‘Box Of Bees’. There’s no music, it’s just a box full of live bees. The deluxe edition comes with more bees. — Thom Yorke

Anybody can make ‘good’ music. I make terrible music, which is what makes it so different, and therefore better. — Thom Yorke

Making music for Radiohead is like going to the bathroom, I’m just going to the bathroom constantly, and millions are watching me go to the bathroom. — Thom Yorke

The whole point of creating music for me is to give voice to things that aren’t normally given voice to. — Thom Yorke

There’s an upside to the digital thing from my point of view because I find that I have access to all this wacky, weird–ass dance–music stuff that I just can’t go into a shop and buy on vinyl. — Thom Yorke

i am the greatest thing to happen to black music Thom Yorke quote


The only thing more difficult than being a God is being Thom Yorke. Thom Yorke has all these responsibilities, to save the planet. To save the world. To redeem Thom Yorke. — Thom Yorke

Can you imagine a world in which the letter O does not exist? My name would be Thm Yrke. Think about that. — Thom Yorke

I wanted to live with the ****ing manta rays, but they banned me from Sea World. — Thom Yorke

Redundant Thematics

In Thom Yorke Statements


Well, I’ve been reading a lot about the fifty years since the Second World War, about Western foreign policy and all that. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes I just think that there’s no hope. — Thom Yorke

I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world. — Thom Yorke

i wanted to live with the ing manta rays but they banned me from sea world Thom Yorke quote

I once wrote a song so beautiful that I myself couldn’t sing it. It’s called Plastic Government Cheese Swan, and it’s about how the world is plastic and full of government cheese swans. — Thom Yorke

I’m not afraid of computers taking over the world. They’re just sitting there. I can hit them with a two by four. — Thom Yorke

One person can’t change the world. But Thom Yorke can, because he’s two people. Both of them are Thom Yorke. — Thom Yorke

If I could do just one thing to change the world, I’d make everyone Thom Yorke, and this would be paradise. — Thom Yorke


Imagine? Yeah I can imagine John Lennon being dead. — Thom Yorke

imagine yeah i can imagine john lennon being dead Thom Yorke quote

I’ll regularly just burst out into laughter at funerals, at the expense of the dead. What’s the difference between a dead person and Thom Yorke? One is talented and the other is dead. **** you grandma — Thom Yorke

The society, is, a dishwasher, where all the water, is, dead chipmunk blood. God I’m brilliant. — Thom Yorke

I tell you what’s really ridiculous––going into a bookstore and there’s all these books about yourself. In a way, it feels like you’re already dead. — Thom Yorke

There was a clown that tried to eat me as a boy, in my nightmares. Years later I found a clown for booking online who resembled him named Patches. Needless to say, Patches is dead now. — Thom Yorke


Well, it only dawned on me about six months ago that not everybody’s against me all the time. It was something of a revelation. — Thom Yorke

i want to be alone and i want people to notice me both at the same time Thom Yorke quote

I want to be alone and I want people to notice me–both at the same time. — Thom Yorke

Wasn’t intentional. I thought you carry a 1 every time there are two 2’s in an equation. I’m not stupid, the mathematicians is stupid — Thom Yorke

Isn’t it strange how someone can be both human and divine at the same time? I am referring, of course, to myself. — Thom Yorke

You think I have the responsibilty… I have the responsibility to give the fans a good time! — Thom Yorke

I think we’re entering a very dangerous time. The West has set itself up, decided it’s in charge, not for good intentions, not for the benefit of mankind. — Thom Yorke

Well, my son really loves wildlife. And everytime he draws a polar bear I want to tell him there probably won’t any by the time… he’s my age. That’s kinda hard to deal with. — Thom Yorke


We didn’t start out to make a protest record at all. That would have been too shallow. As usual, it was simply a case of absorbing what’s going on around us. — Thom Yorke

We don’t have to stand on a soap–box and preach because hopefully we’re channelling it through the new record. — Thom Yorke

The joke is that U2’s new record only looked like a virus. Enjoy mining bitcoins for me losers. — Thom Yorke

I have this thing about my own voice on record. No matter what I sing, it sounds really serious, and I sound self loathing or whatever, which was just driving me nuts because that’s not what I was writing. — Thom Yorke

And then computers got to a point where you could just record directly into them. So when that happened, funny enough, I thought, Right, I’m going to learn how to do this because then I can understand that part. — Thom Yorke

I can be very drunk in a club in Oxford on a Monday night and some guy comes up to you and buys you a drink and says that the last record you made changed his life. That means something. — Thom Yorke

THOM YORKE Quotes Take Away

Although we all face challenges and down times, it’s important to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Thom Yorke’s words of wisdom remind us that we should never give up on our dreams and persist through the hardships. If you need a little push in the right direction, or some inspiration for your next project, check out our courses. We have everything from writing tips to marketing advice to help you achieve your goals. With a little effort and determination, you can reach any goal you set for yourself.

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