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gucci mane quotes on drop

My goal is to drop 10 projects in 2013. All albums. I gotta do it. I know the 10 projects I want to drop. —Gucci Mane


Don’t never drop your head. Don’t never feel like you counted out. —Gucci Mane

Girls are like buses, miss one, next fifteen, one comin. —Gucci Mane

I’m satisfied and proud of the things I did–even the bumps and the bruises that I’ve had on the way. You fall down, you get up, you brush yourself off and you keep going. And that’s what we’re doing. —Gucci Mane


gucci mane quotes on people

I did some things to some people that was downright evil. Is it karma coming back to me–so much drama. —Gucci Mane


For me to be where I’m at now–you know what I’m saying?–a multimillionaire and to help other people be multimillionaires–I’m so proud. —Gucci Mane

I’ll like to tell all the people who wrote me and said a prayer for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. —Gucci Mane

I learned that everybody is not your friend. You have to watch who you associate with and surround yourself with positive things and people who want to do something positive. —Gucci Mane


gucci mane quotes on music

Unfortunately I’ve been to jail a couple times. Anytime I come in it’s difficult to make music, write songs. —Gucci Mane


gucci mane quotes on person

I go to the club just like a normal person. I might go to the studio, but I go everywhere like a normal person would. —Gucci Mane


gucci mane quotes on feelings

As nervous as I am to pick up a water bottle, that’s how nervous I am to perform. My confidence is very high. I really enjoy going up, I feel like it’s my birthday everyday that I have to go up there. —Gucci Mane


gucci mane quotes on lost

If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can be lost in the sauce. —Gucci Mane


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I’m a big bike fan–my homies got Harleys and all kind of choppers–but to be honest I’m scared to ride motorcycles like that. —Gucci Mane

I stay higher than giraffe pussy —Gucci Mane

Before I make an action, think about the consequences. … Any decision I make is a heavy decision. —Gucci Mane


I would collaborate with James Franco as a rapper any day. —Gucci Mane

I always have faith that something’s going to happen good for you, and it going to happen. —Gucci Mane

I ball all through the winter and I stunt all through the summer. —Gucci Mane


My own momma turned her back on me, and that’s my momma. —Gucci Mane

Always watch your back–when I was fourteen I got a tattoo of an eye on the back of my neck, so I could say I was always watchin’ my back. —Gucci Mane

I just want to let everyone know I’m not a murderer. —Gucci Mane


I’m so high, it’s so lonely up here —Gucci Mane

Me personally, I come from very, very humble beginnings–little, small town in Alabama, you know, staying at my granddaddy house. We really didn’t have nothing. —Gucci Mane

I try to take a couple of young guys under my wing and tell them what I’ve learned, because you can’t teach nobody if you don’t know anything. —Gucci Mane


That fame monster’s a fool, man. It really is. —Gucci Mane

Sometimes you almost have to laugh to keep from crying to deal with the pain associated with the ‘hood. —Gucci Mane

I might be ugly, but my cars are real pretty. —Gucci Mane

gucci mane quotes
gucci mane quotes

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