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Tara Stiles is a yoga teacher and author of the book Yoga for Regular Guys. She has been practicing yoga for over 13 years and is known for her simple, yet effective instruction. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Tara’s life story and how she became one of the most successful yoga teachers in the world. We’ll also explore her philosophy on life and motivation for entrepreneurs.

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Tara Leann Stiles Morris, Illinois, U.S.

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Strala Ceo

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We only get one bodyโ€“might as well take good care of it. โ€” Tara Stiles

Green things are good for your body. โ€” Tara Stiles

Meditation can be like a battle with yourself, your thoughts, your body. โ€” Tara Stiles

Each inhale creates more space in our bodies. โ€” Tara Stiles

we only get one body might as well take good care of it Tara Stiles quote

For me, meditation is a practice to get rid of useless junk cluttering my mind and useless ticks inhabiting my body. โ€” Tara Stiles

Yoga practice is therapeutic for the body and mind, reminds us of our goodness, energizes our creativity, and inspires. โ€” Tara Stiles

Stress happens. In different ways, we all hold unnecessary tension in our bodies all day long. Shoulders, neck, wrists, hips, hamstrings, back, oh my! โ€” Tara Stiles

Imagine an America where the health care system is dramatically improved simply because people need to go to the doctor less. Preventive health care, aka taking care of your own body, is a sensible way to go! โ€” Tara Stiles

When we are at ease, our bodies work efficiently, our minds settle, and space opens up for us to connect to our intuition, creativity, and sense of connectedness. โ€” Tara Stiles

green things are good for your body Tara Stiles quote


There is no limit on life besides the one we put on ourselves. โ€” Tara Stiles

Why is balance important? From a life lesson standpoint, it’s about learning to enjoy yourself without getting the ego involved. โ€” Tara Stiles

There are no rules in life. It’s a mindโ€“set that limits people dramatically. โ€” Tara Stiles

What fun is life if it’s taken so seriously, and what fun is yoga and the search for enlightenment if we are tight, tense, and clenched up from the inside out? โ€” Tara Stiles

It’s amazing what we’ve been through already in our lives no matter what our age. Think of what we’ve seen, people we’ve met, our relationships, experiences, and accomplishments. Reflection is a powerful tool. โ€” Tara Stiles

there is no limit on life besides the one we put on ourselves Tara Stiles quote


What you practice on the mat is what you end up doing in your life. โ€” Tara Stiles

The practice of being at ease also gives you the strength and stamina to pursue all that you find when you connect inward. โ€” Tara Stiles

Efficiency is a great secret that can drop us right into our ideal life path, but it is a hard one to practice and something that takes constant maintenance and work. โ€” Tara Stiles

Any of the yoga poses could be substituted in this analogy. How you practice is much more meaningful than what yoga moves you can or cannot do. โ€” Tara Stiles


I think yoga should be for everyone, not just the folks who change their name to something Hindu. โ€” Tara Stiles

believing in yourself is essential to creating lasting change and a happy life Tara Stiles quote

Believing in yourself is essential to creating lasting change and a happy life. โ€” Tara Stiles

Each movement reminds us that every moment invites a new opportunity for change. โ€” Tara Stiles

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You are the only thing holding you back from happiness. You have the ability to change your life radically for better or worse. โ€” Tara Stiles

A successful tree pose probably won’t change your life. Learning how to keep your breath easy, long, and deep no matter what the circumstance? That absolutely will. โ€” Tara Stiles

I’m a pushover for cleaning items that come in packages of three or more. โ€” Tara Stiles

each movement reminds us that every moment invites a new opportunity for change Tara Stiles quote


Meditation has taught me to be in the present moment and observe the present moment at the same time. Just breathe, follow your breath, and your intuition can take you from there. โ€” Tara Stiles

We spend so much time closing ourselves to protect from scary things that we forget that when we do open to the world, inspiration can flow. โ€” Tara Stiles

You are whole body, whole mind, whole spirit, all the time. When you experience all of you at once, anything is possible. โ€” Tara Stiles

Yoga, the physical part, brings health in your body; meditation works on the mind, realizing your self. And they both can be practiced at the same time. โ€” Tara Stiles

There is a big lesson in experiencing uncertainty and calamity with a sober focusโ€“the most chaotic moments are the ones from which we can learn the most. โ€” Tara Stiles

Inspiring Phrases From Tara Stiles

That’s what yoga teaches: how to be fully present now, no matter the circumstance. โ€” Tara Stiles

It’s a great thing that yoga is so popular. โ€” Tara Stiles

Yoga can get at the roots of issues that cause behaviors leading to obesity, heart disease, and stress. โ€” Tara Stiles

You can tell a lot about yourself by how you go about things. โ€” Tara Stiles

Yoga is not about the history of yoga. Yoga is not about being in a sacred community of the initiated few. Yoga is about uniting inward, which takes place in the present, not the past, in each and every moment. โ€” Tara Stiles

that s what yoga teaches how to be fully present now no matter the circumstance Tara Stiles quote

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