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Sushmita Sen is an incredible woman with a fascinating quotes compilation. She was born in India, and when she was just a teenager, she won the Miss Universe pageant. This launched her into a dazzling career as an actress and model. She’s been through a lot in her life, but has always managed to come out on top. In this post, we’ll take a look at her inspiring story.

Here are the best Films, Life, Believing, Time quotes from Sushmita Sen, and much more.


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About Sushmita Sen

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19 November 1975

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Actress, Model

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Femina Miss India 1994 Miss Universe 1994


Life comes as a full circle. It feels good when you become someone’s idol. — Sushmita Sen

When you have love in your life and respect what you do, you get up and do things. Yes, definitely I do feel tired, but when I look around and see how privileged I am, I get going. — Sushmita Sen

Every celebrity has his or her own personal life. When they go home, they have problems and issues, too. — Sushmita Sen

I celebrate my life, whether it’s being a single mother, wearing diamonds, or holidaying in exotic places. — Sushmita Sen

life comes as a full circle it feels good when you become someone s idol Sushmita Sen quote

With the amount of flops that I have seen in my career, one would think that my career would have been over long back. But it has sustained. And I truly believe it did because I lived life on my own terms. — Sushmita Sen

I have this very simple logic about life that it should not be taken too seriously. — Sushmita Sen

Life becomes easier when we stop aping people. Which is on all fronts, be it looks, body shape, or anything. — Sushmita Sen


I believe in everything. I believe that everything is an illusion, and everything is there to be believed in. — Sushmita Sen

I believe people, especially women, have become more accepting of who they are. — Sushmita Sen

i believe people especially women have become more accepting of who they are Sushmita Sen quote

I truly believe children learn by examples much more than what you can teach them verbally. — Sushmita Sen

I don’t talk about things like women power and this and that. Because I believe fighting for it is saying we are weaker. I don’t believe in that concept. For me, there is no fighting for women. — Sushmita Sen

I believe unexplored territories and taking on new ventures is the natural progression all human beings must experience. — Sushmita Sen

I try and feel good, and the only way to do it is to see myself in the mirror and to know that I’m still a single piece. — Sushmita Sen

I have tried different things as an actor and have always believed in experimenting. — Sushmita Sen

i truly believe children learn by examples much more than what you can teach them verbally Sushmita Sen quote


Marmayogi’ has a budget of Rs 110 crore, and I think only a gifted person like Kamal Haasan can do justice to such a film. — Sushmita Sen

When you see ‘MHN,’ you will see that the film is based on relationships which are serious, but there is a sense of humour to it, too. — Sushmita Sen

I have always felt that acting in a film is very challenging in itself. But when it comes to performing live, I think that is more challenging. — Sushmita Sen

You don’t want to watch a film for two hours that depresses you or makes you think so much it evokes a negative reaction. — Sushmita Sen

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I have succeeded at times and failed at others, but I am here to do good cinema. — Sushmita Sen

i have succeeded at times and failed at others but i am here to do good cinema Sushmita Sen quote


My time is really important to me, and where I put it has to be of tremendous value. — Sushmita Sen

People who believe in science have a hard time believing in ghosts and the supernatural. — Sushmita Sen

During my time, fortunately or unfortunately, I had no idea what Miss Universe was supposed to be like because nobody from India had won the title before me. — Sushmita Sen

There was a time when everybody was busy doing, ‘What is she wearing? How is she looking?’ I am happy that is changing now. — Sushmita Sen

Yes, it is possible to love more than once. Every time you give of yourself, the intensity grows. — Sushmita Sen

my time is really important to me and where i put it has to be of tremendous value Sushmita Sen quote

Inspiring Phrases From Sushmita Sen

I was born to two people who helped me imbibe feelings of nationhood in my heart and love for the country. — Sushmita Sen

Life’s all about choices. Everyone’s destination is the same; only the paths are different. — Sushmita Sen

Being in love is all about the ability to give rather than take. It is not easy, but if you can accept this, then you will experience love. — Sushmita Sen

Every baby step India takes in achieving anything towards its betterment enhances my identity and personality because I love my country. — Sushmita Sen

I used to find going to the gym torturous. — Sushmita Sen

life s all about choices everyone s destination is the same only the paths are different Sushmita Sen quote

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