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You may not know who Sue Bird is, but you should. She’s a basketball phenom and one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the world. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at her life and career, and see what we can learn from her best quotes.

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About Sue Bird

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October 16, 1980

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American & Israel

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5 Ft 9 In

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150 Lb

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Hide Medals Representing The United States Olympic Games 2004 Athens Team 2008 Beijing Team 2012 London Team 2016 Rio De Janeiro Team 2020 Tokyo Team World Championship 2002 China 2010 Czech Republic 2014 Turkey 2018 Spain 2006 Brazil


I have a whole journey–everybody does in life. — Sue Bird

I can take care of myself. You’re probably never going to know if something bad is happening in my life. I think I was just made that way. — Sue Bird

I’ve had, like, 10 surgeries in my life: four or so on my knee, my hip and my nose a couple of times. — Sue Bird

I guess, technically, I went to a New York City high school, but I wouldn’t call myself a New York City kid. But I’ve played against city kids all my life. So that kind of instills something in you. — Sue Bird

i have a whole journey everybody does in life Sue Bird quote


Basketball is a short period of time, and you’ve got to take advantage of it. — Sue Bird

Going to Jerusalem was an amazing experience… I spent most of my time in Tel Aviv. Gorgeous. — Sue Bird

I have to be more assertive–I have take more control at crunch time. — Sue Bird

That’s how the WNBA is a lot of times. It’s being in the right place at the right time and fulfilling a role. All of us in some way, shape, or form are role players. We have to do what our teams need of us. — Sue Bird


I think just by the nature of getting older, I hope that I’m a smarter basketball player than I was at 23. — Sue Bird

at some high schools you re the star player and everything revolves around you Sue Bird quote

At some high schools, you’re the star player, and everything revolves around you. — Sue Bird

If the wnba was going to have a season end and they wanted us as players to show up and play, they were going to have to support us in this fight and to the league’s credit, they did. — Sue Bird

You hear about players like Jamal Crawford who’s constantly giving back. Isaiah Thomas, even though he’s from Tacoma, he went to U–Dub, and he’s constantly giving back to the community. — Sue Bird

A young basketball player has people to look up to an emulate. We are a pro league, and we’re on television. It makes a difference. It’s shows what’s possible. — Sue Bird


I really subscribe to the ‘look good, feel good’ mantra in terms of playing, in terms of getting out there. — Sue Bird

i have applied for israeli citizenship which makes playing overseas a bit easier Sue Bird quote

I don’t really see myself as a sneakerhead. I think I’m someone that likes to have a nice pair of shoes on when they’re playing. — Sue Bird

The reality is, like, women’s basketball players are playing against women. And we’re all in the same boat the same way men’s sports is. — Sue Bird

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I have applied for Israeli citizenship, which makes playing overseas a bit easier. — Sue Bird

Inspiring Phrases From Sue Bird

There’s been so many stories throughout the league where teams have started off poorly and ended up in the Finals. Or teams starting out great and not making the playoffs. — Sue Bird

I’ve always played in a team atmosphere. — Sue Bird

i ve always played in a team atmosphere Sue Bird quote

All of the teams in this league that have won multiple championships, they didn’t come out the gate winning. Sometimes you have to take those hits to understand what it takes to win. — Sue Bird

I think, overall, the name ‘The Storm’ in Seattle has just continued to grow. It has now become not just an afterthought that we have a WNBA team here: it has become a part of the ‘fabric’ of our sports society. — Sue Bird

There’s something about dominant teams that draws fans in. People like to see this; they like to witness dominance. — Sue Bird

Whenever you go up 2–0, you understand that teams are going to be desperate. — Sue Bird

Every great team has had to fail at some point in order to be successful. — Sue Bird

whenever you go up 2 0 you understand that teams are going to be desperate Sue Bird quote

SUE BIRD Quotes Take Away

Sue Bird is an amazing role model on and off the court. She has shown time and again that she is a fierce competitor who wants to win, but also someone who is gracious in victory and defeat. In her own words, “Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you learn. We couldn’t agree more, Sue. And we think that quote is worth remembering as we head into the new year. Thanks for being such a great ambassador for women in sport – and for providing us with some inspiration as we move forward in our own lives.

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