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What can you learn from the life of an entrepreneur? If you’re looking for inspiration, then you need to read the quotes compilation of Stringer Bell. This man was a self-made millionaire who overcame incredible obstacles to achieve his success. His story is one of determination and hard work, and it’s sure to motivate anyone who reads it.

We are glad to present you the strongest quotes from Stringer Bell, and much more.


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About Stringer Bell

date of the author

First Appearance:
“The Target”

date of the author

Last Appearance:
“Mission Accomplished”

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Created By:
David Simon

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Portrayed By:
Idris Elba

occupation of the author

Drug Kingpin, Housing Developer

Inspiring Phrases From Stringer Bell

I’ve always been DJing; it’s just I’m making more of a push for it, making it more public. — Idris Elba

White actors still get way more money in Hollywood. It’s been that way for a very long time. I hope it’ll change, but it’s a matter of forcing that change. — Idris Elba

Every leading lady I work with, I’ll see if I can get a song out of them and put it on an album. — Idris Elba

I was in The Wire for three years, and I left at the highlight of that. — Idris Elba

In ‘Pacific Rim’ I had to have a haircut I wouldn’t usually rock. However, the moustache I had in the film–that might have to come out again. It was a good moustache. Good times. — Idris Elba

Yeah, I know, any time you hear an actor say, ‘I do music’, you cringe. But I want to be gradual with my music. I want to earn my stripes. — Idris Elba

I get criticized for taking roles in films like Ghost Rider 2, but if you look at my résumé, dude, I’ve mixed it up as much as I can. — Idris Elba

Various Statements From Stringer Bell

Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond, and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue–eyed James Bond. So if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond. — Idris Elba

I’m a little sheepish about it. Whenever I meet fans and they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re so sexy,’ I just don’t get that. There’s no way one man can be universally sexy. — Idris Elba

What I like about their films is that you actually feel the momentum of whatever they’re shooting. So, if someone’s falling out a window, it gives the opportunity to show what that might feel like. — Idris Elba

Television is where I cut my teeth. — Idris Elba

It’s really funny because the same people who loved me as Stringer Bell were the same people that were watching Daddy’s Little Girls literally in tears. — Idris Elba

If I was gonna go to jail, I don’t want to go to jail for stealing a bottle of water. I’ll steal that $20 million. At least then it was worth it. — Idris Elba

The only thing I change mainly is my sneakers. I love sneakers. But everything’s sort of black or jeans. Jeans, always. — Idris Elba

More Phrases From Stringer Bell

I did a rendition of Billie Jean which is on my Soundcloud. I put it on Twitter, and it got about 3000 hits that day. — Idris Elba

Redundant Thematics

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Television, for me, is a medium that I’m probably always going to be attached to, one way or another. — Idris Elba

I still sing on bits and pieces. Singing’s something that I love to do, but it’s not something that I pursue as a career. — Idris Elba

The English are good at bad guys–the James Bond–style villain, cunning, slow–burning. The Americans are much more obvious about it. — Idris Elba

I was on a well–beaten path of actors–what we all call ‘the Law and Order route’. I spent two years of auditioning for everything… and then ‘The Wire’ came up. — Idris Elba

As an actor, you’re trained to do the right thing, be politically correct, say your lines, say the right thing about the people you’re working with… — Idris Elba

I don’t get recognised that much yet in London, but when I do I get a real sense of achievement. — Idris Elba

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