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      Stevie nicks quote On Love


      I have no fear, I have only love. —Stevie Nicks

      Drowning in the sea of love Where everyone would love to drown. —Stevie Nicks


      Love is only one fine star away, even though the living is sometimes laced with lies. —Stevie Nicks

      Love is a word that some entertain. If you find it you have won the game. —Stevie Nicks


      If the sun warms up the rain, and the rain puts out the sun. Why does the greatest love become the greatest pain? —Stevie Nicks

      I’ve laid down with love and woke up with lies. What’s it all, worth only the heart can measure. —Stevie Nicks


      Stevie nicks quote On Time


      By the time I was five, I was a little diva. —Stevie Nicks

      Even the best intentions turn around one day.. Nobody’s right all the time. —Stevie Nicks


      The day before my 16th birthday I got my guitar. —Stevie Nicks

      If you see somebody running down the street naked every single day, you stop looking up. —Stevie Nicks


      Stevie nicks quote On Life


      I have my own life. And I am stronger than you know. —Stevie Nicks

      My life is a testament to believing that if you want something you can make it happen. —Stevie Nicks


      If I had my life to live over, I would never dream. —Stevie Nicks

      I wouldn’t like to be in movies. Movie people are strange. They live a different life than musicians do. —Stevie Nicks


      I’ve been afraid of changing cause I built my life around you. —Stevie Nicks

      I am pretty fearless, and you know why? Because I don’t handle fear very well, I’m not a good terrified person. —Stevie Nicks


      I had Botox and I hated it. For four long months, I looked like a different person. —Stevie Nicks

      If you want to find somebody and you want to be married and you want to have children, don’t make it a rock star. —Stevie Nicks


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      I don’t really like to be filmed. —Stevie Nicks

      Thunder only happens when it’s raining. —Stevie Nicks


      Don’t listen to her listen through her. —Stevie Nicks

      I live in the realm of romantic possibility. —Stevie Nicks


      What has Rock and Roll ever done for us? Everything. —Stevie Nicks

      You live by the light of the moon, and I live by desire. —Stevie Nicks


      And she laughed and she cried and she tried to taunt him. —Stevie Nicks

      I do not walk away in the face of adversity and never have. —Stevie Nicks


      We are just as a good as men areand maybe better and smarter. —Stevie Nicks

      But never have I been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm. —Stevie Nicks


      He and I were about as compatible as a rat and a boa constrictor. —Stevie Nicks

      Right now I’m not involved with anybody, but I hope by 75 I will be again. —Stevie Nicks


      Now here I go again/I see the crystal visions. I keep my visions to myself. —Stevie Nicks

      Timeless is the creature who is wise. And timeless is the prisoner in disguise. —Stevie Nicks


      I was not going to be a stupid girl singer. I was going to be way more than that. —Stevie Nicks

      Being able to take care of myself is something that my mom really instilled in me. —Stevie Nicks


      I’m not a witch, I just like Halloween, and I thought that blondes look skinnier in black. —Stevie Nicks

      Prince and I were just friends. I think he would have been happy to have had a relationship. —Stevie Nicks


      Most bands people have side projects and it’s not considered a death threat as it was say, with The Beatles. —Stevie Nicks

      Everything on this record is what I really wanted to say, and I’m back to being the poet I always thought I was. —Stevie Nicks


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