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Whether or not you are a football fan, you have to respect the accomplishments of Steve Young. Born in Utah and raised in California, Young was one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. He is the only player to have won league MVP awards in both the NFL and CFL. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Young’s life and his journey to becoming one of the greatest players ever.

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About Steve Young

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October 11, 1961

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6 Ft 2 In

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215 Lb

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High School::


I can’t imagine as a rookie actually playing good football. I went through it. — Steve Young

I loved playing Green Bay. — Steve Young

I notice guys playing the piano playing a part up here and a part down there, and I wandered why couldn’t I do that on the guitar? — Steve Young

My playing style is very eccentric and mostly self taught. — Steve Young

i can t imagine as a rookie actually playing good football i went through it Steve Young quote

As the story about CTE got more real, it became more clear that players are playing that without a full understanding of the risks they face, and the long–term effects. — Steve Young


But life doesn’t turn out the way you expect. Ever.–Iris from What Comes After — Steve Watkins

I have found that––just as in real life––imagination sometimes has to stand in for experience. — Steve Martin

I have heard it said that a complicated childhood can lead to a life in the arts. I tell you this story of my father and me to let you know I am qualified to be a comedian. — Steve Martin

Only then does he realize what he has done to Mirabelle, how wanting a square inch of her and not all of her has damaged them both, and how he cannot justify his actions except that, well, it was life. — Steve Martin

it s hard to explain anxiety to those who don t experience it Steve Young quote

Everything you do in life is up to you. Part of life is realizing you have much more potential and ability than you’d ever know, but it’s up to you to face the fears and unleash that which really drives you. — Steve Young

I understood that as much as I had resisted the outside, as much as I had constricted my life, as much as I had closed and narrowed the channels into me, there were still many takers for the quiet heart. — Steve Martin

If you occasionally wonder how I know about some of the events I describe in this book, I don’t. I have found that––just as in real life––imagination sometimes has to stand in for experience. — Steve Martin

I thought yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life but it turns out today is. — Steve Martin

I opened the show with this line: ‘I have decided to give the greatest performance of my life! Oh, wait, sorry, that’s tomorrow night. — Steve Martin

It’s pain that changes our lives. — Steve Martin

Just remember, darling, it is pain that changes our lives. — Steve Martin

It’s hard to explain anxiety to those who don’t experience it. — Steve Young


I’ve played more golf with Joe Montana and Steve Bono than I’ve played with anyone else. We’ve played a ton of golf. I always tell people; my relationship with Joe was as good as it could be. — Steve Young

I played 18 seasons. That’s a lot. There is some that played more. Brett Favre I think played a couple more. There is a few. There is a few guys that played more, but not many. — Steve Young

i got good grades i played sports Steve Young quote

I got good grades. I played sports. — Steve Young

When I played for the 49ers, we loved to see man–to–man defense. I could get the ball quickly to the receivers. — Steve Young


When you’re an elite athlete, it’s a very special moment in time and you don’t want it to end. — Steve Young

The self–prepared dinner is a great time killer for lonely people and as much time should be spent on it as possible. — Steve Martin

I’d rather work with guys that have time to live with you, and let it gel. — Steve Young

i d rather work with guys that have time to live with you and let it gel Steve Young quote

At the time I retired I was kind of known for it, as one of the guys whose career ended technically as a result of a big hit. — Steve Young

I just believe that the interesting time in a career is pre–success, what shaped things, how did you get to this point? — Steve Martin

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Music saved my life a few times because I could play the stuff rednecks loved. They thought I was great and they wondered why I didn’t do that all the time. — Steve Young

Over time, I learned that how a quarterback moves the chains and leads his team to touchdowns is about as important as whether he actually does it or not. — Steve Young


I have somewhat [Taylor’s or Gallagher’s guitars], but I like the power of the Martins. — Steve Young

i have somewhat taylor s or gallagher s guitars but i like the power of the martins Steve Young quote

A kiss may not be the truth but it is what we wish were true.’ L.A. Story (1991)–Harris Telemacher (Steve Martin) — Steve Martin

Martin [guitar] sounded pretty good as new guitar. Martin has several levels of guitars now, and this one is pretty good. — Steve Young

You know what your problem is, it’s that you haven’t seen enough movies–all of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.’ Steve Martin — Steve Martin


If you exhaust every play out of the pocket, what happens is you find more opportunities. — Steve Young

The truth is that in the NFL, the job is to deliver the ball from the pocket. That’s the job. — Steve Young

if you exhaust every play out of the pocket what happens is you find more opportunities Steve Young quote

A running quarterback, to me, is safer. Because, once I got out [of the pocket], I didn?t run where there were a lot of people. I ran where there was nobody. — Steve Young

You have to take certain truths. One truth is that to have championship success in the NFL you have to learn to deliver the ball from the pocket. — Steve Young

The pistol isn’t going to go away, but the job in the long run is going to be to deliver the ball from the pocket. — Steve Young

I always felt like hanging around the pocket was trouble, but the truth is, the great players take the beatings in the pocket and expose themselves––and that is the real risk. — Steve Young


I like the idea of having an old Gibson [guitar], but I don’t have one. The Gibson has a different quality, but it’s almost like you need both. — Steve Young

I was made to go to church and I heard the gospel songs, and every now then somebody would come through with a guitar and that was a thrill! — Steve Young

I really wanted a guitar. As A little boy I used to tell people I was going to be a musician. They would humor me, and I’d make up thirty minute songs and drive them nuts. — Steve Young

I grew up wanting a guitar, my family was very poor. When I was fourteen my mother bought me a Gibson ES 125 thin body. That was a bunch of money in those days–$125.00. — Steve Young

If I wasn’t so lazy, or if I had a roadie, I’d have a line of guitars on stage. I’d have a lap steel and a nylon string up there, but who wants to keep up with all that? — Steve Young

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