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In this blog post, we will discuss the life and times of entrepreneur Steve Smith. Smith is a self-made millionaire who has started and sold multiple businesses throughout his life. We will explore the lessons that he has learned along the way and how they can be applied to your own entrepreneurial journey.

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August 21, 1954

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Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Rock

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My job is to score runs and hopefully I can continue to do that. โ€” Steve Smith

It’s just about getting those runs on the board and the more I can do that, the more I can put my name up there. โ€” Steve Smith

I think you always need some luck when you score big runs. โ€” Steve Smith

First and foremost I’m a batsman in the side and that’s my job, to score runs. โ€” Steve Smith

my job is to score runs and hopefully i can continue to do that Steve Smith quote

I don’t like watching others batting and scoring runs I could be scoring. It is nice to see guys being successful but at the same time I want to be the one out there doing it. โ€” Steve Smith

It really gave me a lot of confidence to know that I could score runs against some really good bowlers. โ€” Steve Smith

Damage!!@ โ€” Jack Smith

It’s great to retain the Ashes but it just doesn’t sit right with me when you don’t win it. โ€” Steve Smith


I’ve performed pretty well in the games I’ve captained Australia in and hopefully I can keep it up. โ€” Steve Smith

you never know in t20 cricket anyone can have a day out and take the game away from you Steve Smith quote

If I am bowling in a game, that means we’re in trouble. So hopefully, it doesn’t happen too often. โ€” Steve Smith

You never know in T20 cricket. Anyone can have a day out and take the game away from you. โ€” Steve Smith

The thing for me is my defence: as long as my defence is in good order then I feel the rest of my game can expand from there. โ€” Steve Smith

For me, it’s about making sure the mental side of my game is in a good place; if it is, then it’s just about backing your ability when you are out in the middle and doing what you can for the team. โ€” Steve Smith

I think everyone is vulnerable to a moving ball. It’s about just trying to find a way to have a solid defence and a game plan that can work in those conditions. โ€” Steve Smith


When you’re under pressure and your heart’s pumping, you almost go back to what you know. โ€” Steve Smith

I think I’ve been able to withstand pressure and know that things get easier and I think, when they’ve got easier, I’ve cashed in. โ€” Steve Smith

I actually think I play better with pressure, that extra pressure when the team needs something more and things like that. โ€” Steve Smith

My record probably is better when I’m captain than when I’m not. That sort of pressure doesn’t really bother me. โ€” Steve Smith

Redundant Thematics

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An Ashes series is huge for Australian cricketersโ€“and English cricketers for that matterโ€“and there’s always that added pressure. โ€” Steve Smith

when you re under pressure and your heart s pumping you almost go back to what you know Steve Smith quote

With the spin bowling, it’s about landing the ball in the right area enough, trying to build enough pressure, not let the batters get away. โ€” Steve Smith

Inspiring Phrases From Steve Smith

For me it’s about being adaptable wherever we play. โ€” Steve Smith

I don’t like watching cricket, believe it or not. โ€” Steve Smith

Yes, ron was gay. but people need to get over it, that’s between him and the lord, him and his savior. โ€” Steve Smith

I would call myself a cricket nuffie. I love watching cricket. But I’ve found other things in my life. โ€” Steve Smith

for me it s about being adaptable wherever we play Steve Smith quote

Ouch!! โ€” Jack Smith

We like to play good, hard, tough, aggressive cricket when we’re out in the field. โ€” Steve Smith

I’m very hard on myself. โ€” Steve Smith

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