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Stephen King is one of the most popular and successful authors in the world. But his journey to success was not easy, and he faced many challenges along the way. This quotes compilation will explore King’s life and career, and offer some insights into how he became such a successful writer.

Discover the most interesting Books, Love, Time, Writing, Life, World, Believing, Mind Body, Famous Haw, Haw Life quotes from Stephen King, and much more.


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About Stephen King

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September 21, 1947

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University Of Maine

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Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural Fiction, Drama, Gothic, Genre Fiction And More.


This is not a bad life. — Stephen King

It’s hard to make strangers care about the good things in your life. — Stephen King

The stories we hear in our childhood are the ones we remember all our lives. — Stephen King

It’s a hard life if you don’t weaken. — Stephen King

this is not a bad life Stephen King quote

Nobody lives forever, but we all shine on. — Stephen King

Dancing is life. — Stephen King

We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why. — Stephen King

Sometimes life coughs up coincidences no writer of fiction would dare copy. — Stephen King

Friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant. — Stephen King

it s hard to make strangers care about the good things in your life Stephen King quote

It’s a tough life if you don’t weaken. — Stephen King

The greatest mystery the universe offers is not life but Size. — Stephen King

Life is a crap carnival with shit prizes. — Stephen King

How life did imitate art sometimes. And the cruder the art, the closer the imitation. — Stephen King

This was the Darker Life, where every truth was written backward. — Stephen King

the stories we hear in our childhood are the ones we remember all our lives Stephen King quote

Home is where you dance with others, and dancing is life. — Stephen King

Just the act of cooking made her feel better, because cooking was life. — Stephen King

I have two amazing things in my life: I’m pain–free and I’m debt–free. — Stephen King

Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around. — Stephen King


I loved you then and I love you now and I have loved you every second in between. — Stephen King

i loved you then and i love you now and i have loved you every second in between Stephen King quote

Even when love isn’t enough…somehow it is. — Stephen King

Weird love’s better than no love at all. — Stephen King

I was built with a love of the night and the unquiet coffin. — Stephen King

True sorrow is as rare as true love. — Stephen King

Sometimes […] real love is silent as well as blind. — Stephen King

even when love isn t enough somehow it is Stephen King quote

Everyone loves something for nothing…even if it costs everything. — Stephen King

Love, the simplest, strongest, and most unforgiving of all emotions. — Stephen King


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If there is love, smallpox scars are as pretty as dimples.–Japanese Proverb — Stephen King

Love leaves scars. — Stephen King

I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts. — Stephen King

weird love s better than no love at all Stephen King quote

He killed them with their love. — Stephen King

There is no gain without risk, perhaps no risk without love. — Stephen King

True love always happens in a flash. — Stephen King

I write for love, but love doesn’t pay the bills. — Stephen King

But sorry is the Kool–Aid of human emotions. […] True sorrow is as rare as true love. — Stephen King

i was built with a love of the night and the unquiet coffin Stephen King quote

Was there ever a trap to match the trap of love? — Stephen King

Sometimes, he thought, real love is silent as well as blind. — Stephen King


What is writing? Writing is telepathy. — Stephen King

Writing is seduction. — Stephen King

There’s one novel, Cujo, that I barely remember writing at all. — Stephen King

what is writing writing is telepathy Stephen King quote

I started writing seriously when I was about 12. I am always in the mood. — Stephen King

The act of writing itself is done in secret, like masturbation. — Stephen King

The only wat to get better at writing is to write. And read. — Stephen King

You learn best by reading a lot and writing a lot, and the most valuable lessons of all are the ones you teach yourself. — Stephen King

Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life. — Stephen King

writing is seduction Stephen King quote

Writing fiction…is no job for intellectual cowards. — Stephen King

Writing is like a little hole in reality that you can go through and you can get out and you can be someplace else for a while. — Stephen King

We either learn to accept or we end up writing letters home with crayons. — Stephen King

Writing is like sex. The more you think about it, the harder it is to do. It’s better not to think about it so much and just let it happen. — Stephen King

You can approach the act of writing with nervousness, excitement, hopefulness, or despair … Come to it any way but lightly. — Stephen King

there s one novel cujo that i barely remember writing at all Stephen King quote

Writing good dialogue is art as well as craft. — Stephen King

As with all other aspects of fiction, the key to writing good dialogue is honesty. — Stephen King

Outlines are the last resource of bad fiction writers who wish to God they were writing masters’ theses. — Stephen King

When you write, you want to get rid of the world, don’t you? Of course you do. When you’re writing, you’re creating your own worlds. — Stephen King

Not writing would be like going the rest of your life without having dreams. — Stephen King

i started writing seriously when i was about 12 i am always in the mood Stephen King quote


Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not. — Stephen King

I’m going to be dead for a long time, so I have a lot to do now. — Stephen King

Time and tide wait for no man. — Stephen King

When asked, ‘How do you write?’ I invariably answer, ‘one word at a time.’ — Stephen King

If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. — Stephen King

time takes it all whether you want it to or not Stephen King quote

The mystery of the universe is not time but size. — Stephen King

Time slowed and reality bent; on and on the eggman went. — Stephen King

Legends grow beards, and twenty–three years is plenty of time to grow a long one. — Stephen King

People seem to think there’s a magic formula to writing, i just write 1 word at a time. — Stephen King

Time heals all wounds. — Stephen King

i m going to be dead for a long time so i have a lot to do now Stephen King quote

Time apparently did nothing but blunt grief’s sharpest edge so that it hacked rather than sliced. — Stephen King

Reading takes time, and the glass teat takes too much of it. — Stephen King

Superstition, like true love, needs time to grow and reflect upon itself. — Stephen King

There is no such thing as a happy ending. I never met a single one to equal ‘Once upon a time. — Stephen King

Time is a face on the water. — Stephen King

time and tide wait for no man Stephen King quote

I felt lonely and content at the same time. I believe that is a rare kind of happiness. — Stephen King


Quiet people have the loudest minds. — Stephen King

I’m most afraid of losing my mind. You lose your identity, your sense of who you are, where you are. — Stephen King

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You don’t have to look back to see those children; part of your mind will see them forever. They are not necessarily the best part of you, but they were once the repository of all you could become. — Stephen King

The unconscious mind writes poetry if it’s left alone. — Stephen King

quiet people have the loudest minds Stephen King quote

Whatever came to mind, whatever came to hand, I would read. — Stephen King

Anger is the most useless emotion,’ Henchick intoned, ‘destructive to the mind and hurtful to the heart. — Stephen King

And in the gunslinger’s mind, those words echoed: You dare not. — Stephen King

And the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity. — Stephen King

As always at these times when he felt really in need of God the front of his mind was serene, but the deeper part, where faith did constant battle with doubt, was terrified that there would be no answer. — Stephen King

the unconscious mind writes poetry if it s left alone Stephen King quote

The cumulative power of doing things the same way every day seems to be a way of saying to the mind: You’re going to be dreaming soon. — Stephen King

Constant reading will pull you into a place–a mind–set, if you like the phrase–where you can write eagerly and without self–consciousness. — Stephen King

Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions. — Stephen King

The universe (he said) offers a paradox too great for the finite mind to grasp. As the living brain cannot conceive of a nonliving brain–although it may think it can–the finite mind cannot grasp the infinite. — Stephen King

As for the end of the universe…I say let it come as it will, in ice, fire, or darkness. What did the universe ever do for me that I should mind its welfare? — Stephen King

whatever came to mind whatever came to hand i would read Stephen King quote

The concept of dreaming is known to the waking mind but to the dreamer there is no waking, no real world, no sanity; there is only the screaming bedlam of sleep. — Stephen King

It was really amazing the number of hard hits from which a mind could recover. — Stephen King


Go then, there are other worlds than these. — Stephen King

And then the world exploded. — Stephen King

I believe there is an unseen world all around us. — Stephen King

go then there are other worlds than these Stephen King 

Maybe the world needs a cadre of smartasses to liven things up, who knows? — Stephen King

I wouldn’t have missed a single minute of it, Not for the whole world. — Stephen King

I did spend years as an addict, so I know that world, although I wish I didn’t. — Stephen King

The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted. — Stephen King

People are saying to me’ we’re living in a Stephen King world,’ and all i can say is, boy, i wish we weren’t. — Stephen King

and then the world exploded Stephen King quote

The world, although well–lighted with fluorescents and incandescent bulbs and neon, is still full of odd dark corners and unsettling nooks and crannies. — Stephen King

It was not fair, it was not fair, it was not fair. So cried his child’s heart, and then his child’s heart died a little. For that is also the way of the world. — Stephen King

It’s a cash and carry world. Sometimes you pay a little. Mostly it’s a lot. Sometimes, it’s everything you have. — Stephen King

I can’t understand why people use religion to hurt each other when there’s already so much pain in the world. — Stephen King

The world was the Overlook Hotel, where the party never ended. Where the dead were alive forever. — Stephen King

i believe there is an unseen world all around us Stephen King quote

It’s how we see the world that keeps the darkness beyond at bay. Keeps it from pouring through and devouring us. I think all of us might know that, way down deep. — Stephen King

In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown. — Stephen Thompson

Tough old world, baby. If you’re not bolted together tightly, you’re gonna shake, rattle, and roll before you turn thirty. — Stephen King

Silent white light filled the world. And the righteous and unrighteous alike were consumed in that holy fire. — Stephen King

The world had moved on and all that was over, done before fairly begun. — Stephen King

maybe the world needs a cadre of smartasses to liven things up who knows Stephen King quote


Books are a uniquely portable magic. — Stephen King

Good books are for consideration after, too. — Stephen King

You want to remember that while you’re judging the book, the book is also judging you. — Stephen King

I have an idea of how the book will finish up, but it very rarely finishes up the way that I think it’s going to. — Stephen King

You have to go where the book leads you. — Stephen King

books are a uniquely portable magic Stephen King quote

When a long book succeeds, the writer and reader are not just having an affair; they are married. — Stephen King

The first draft of a book–even a long one–should take no more than three months, the length of a season. — Stephen King

Every book you pick up has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones. — Stephen King

Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different. — Stephen King

Not every book has to be loaded with symbolism, irony, or musical language, but it seems to me that every book–at least every one worth reading–is about something. — Stephen King

good books are for consideration after too Stephen King quote

Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. — Stephen King

Once I fell in love with books, I fell in love completely. — Stephen King

The book is not the important part. The book is the delivery system. The important part is the story and the talent. — Stephen King

Speaking personally, you can have my gun, but you’ll take my book when you pry my cold, dead fingers off of the binding. — Stephen King

I enjoy going back and forth between plays and novels. It`s like having a wife and a mistress. Books are the wife; plays, the mistress. — Stephen King

you want to remember that while you re judging the book the book is also judging you Stephen King quote

I’m not the first person to have said this–no writer ever feels that the execution of a book lives up to the idea for that book. The execution always falls short. — Stephen King

Only library books speak with such wordless eloquence of the power good stories hold over us. — Stephen King

My books depend on someone in danger, putting pieces together and figuring things out. They do a lot of thinking, and that gets lost in the movie. — Stephen King


I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am. It’s you I’m not entirely sure of. — Stephen King

I choose to believe in God, but I have serious doubts. — Stephen King

i choose to believe in god but i have serious doubts Stephen King quote

It don’t matter if you believe in God Nick, he believes in you. — Stephen King

And I believe happiness is the exact opposite of sadness, bitterness, and hatred: happiness should remain unexamined as long as possible. — Stephen King

You are the grim, goal–oriented ones who will not believe that the joy is in the journey rather than the destination no matter how many times it has been proven to you. — Stephen King

I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it from the rooftops. — Stephen King

I believe that anyone using the phrase ‘That’s so cool’ should have to stand in the corner. — Stephen King

it don t matter if you believe in god nick he believes in you Stephen King quote

Do you need someone to make you a paper badge with the word WRITER on it before you can believe you are one? God I hope not. — Stephen King

The definition of an asshole is someone who doesn’t believe what he is seeing. — Stephen King

I believe that the combination of pencil and memory creates a kind of practical magic, and magic is dangerous. — Stephen King

All you need to do is hold on tight…and believe. — Stephen King

Most gothics are overplotted novels whose success or failure hinges on the author’s ability to make you believe in the characters and partake of the mood. — Stephen King

i believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs and i will shout it from the rooftops Stephen King quote

I choose to believe in God because it makes things better. — Stephen King

I’d been raised by my parents to believe barfing your feelings on other people was the height of impoliteness. — Stephen King

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