The Best Sport quotes

No matter what business you are in, there is always competition. And whether that competition is with other businesses or with yourself, it can be a valuable tool to help push you to achieve new heights. In the world of sports, we see this drive for competition all the time. Athletes dedicate their lives to being the best they can be and often use quotes from other athletes as motivation. Here are some of our favorite sport quotes that will inspire entrepreneurs to keep pushing themselves towards excellence.


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The best sport quotes

1. Botox should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen. Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown? โ€” Rachel Weisz

2. Slaying the dragon of delay is no sport for the shortโ€“winded. โ€” Sandra Day O

3. Sports is like a war without the killing. โ€” Ted Turner

4. Run Adam will play a significant role in aspiring sportspersons’ life to achieve their dreams. โ€” Ms Dhoni

5. Sooner or later a rider will emerge who will win more Tours. In every sport we have seen how the records eventually get broken and cycling is no exception. โ€” Miguel Indurain

6. Sports teams, people who follow sports teams, religion, churches, workโ€“any company, I find that people just generally have a need to belong to something larger than themselves. โ€” Sean Durkin

7. Playing professional sports, it’s important to eat healthy and take care of your body. In the offseason, rest is really important to me. โ€” Troy Polamalu

8. By the time I was 8 years old, sports had pretty much taken over my life. โ€” Michael Bergin

9. …there was a difference between killing for nourishment and killing for curiosity or sport. โ€” Nenia Campbell, Black Beast

10. A sporting track doesn’t always mean that it will only have grass on it. โ€” Ms Dhoni

11. I love playing sports. I’m overly eager and aggressive and not very skilled, so it leads to many small injuries. โ€” Rachel Platten

12. I knew I was never going to play professional sport, but I loved playing and I went to all the games I could afford to. โ€” Spike Lee

13. I did some sports. It was a bit frustrating. I wasn’t the greatest sports person. โ€” Tim Burton

14. I hate to be sporty and athletic. I wish that I could be, but I just wasn’t born that way. โ€” Rob Pruitt

15. At ten I was playing against 18โ€“yearโ€“old guys. At 15 I was playing professional ball with the Birmingham Black Barons, so I really came very quickly in all sports. โ€” Willie Mays

16. Boxing, for me, it’s the beginning of all sports. I’m willing to bet that the first sport was a man against another man in a fight, so I think that’s something innate in all of us. โ€” Omar Epps

17. Girls, in particular, benefit from sports. โ€” Michelle Kwan

18. If architecture is, as is sometimes said, music set in concrete, then football and basketball may be said to be creativity embodied in team sports. โ€” Michael Mandelbaum

19. Basketball isn’t just a sport. It is an art, one that must be mastered to succeed. โ€” Stephen Curry

20. Holyfield is nothing but class, and I think he’s a breath of fresh air for the sport. โ€” Sugar Ray Leonard

21. On Chris Evert: Before I even met her, she stood for everything I admired in this country: poise, ability, sportsmanship, money, style. โ€” Martina Navratilova

22. My introduction to track racing was through the background of cross country running, which is not a sport perhaps as popular in America as it is in England. โ€” Roger Bannister

23. Basketball is a sport that involves the subtle interweaving of players at full speed to the point where they are thinking and moving as one. โ€” Phil Jackson

24. I don’t feel 50. I’m still ambitious, and I’ve only just got my licence to race sports cars. I race for an Aston Martin team called Beechdean, and it’s a huge challenge. โ€” Paul Hollywood

25. I was a sports fan, but I also went to peace marches. โ€” Tim Robbins

26. It is a privilege to be able to represent this sport and have a chance to share my love of Lucha with passionate wrestling fans around the globe. โ€” Rey Mysterio

27. I cannot think well of a man who sports with any woman’s feelings โ€” and there may often be a great deal more suffered than a standerโ€“by can judge.

28. I think badminton has a real legacy with more youngsters taking up the sport. Badminton has done really well in that regard compared to other sports. โ€” Rajiv Ouseph

29. I knew I was never going to play professional sport, but I loved playing and I went to all the games I could afford to. โ€” Spike Lee

30. Sport doesn’t know barriers, really. You are judged on your performance… how far you can jump, how fast you can run, how well you can hit a tennis ball. โ€” Martina Navratilova

31. All pro sports, as well as the NCAA, should thank God every day we have sports betting here… We have the only agency in the world that regulates the honesty of games. โ€” Meyer Lansky

32. You can win all the tournaments you want, but the majors are what you’re remembered for. It’s how you’re measured as a champion in our sport. The majors are where it’s at. โ€” Tiger Woods

33. Other than sports, only war and catastrophe can create this sort of national unity. โ€” Simon Kuper, Soccernomics

34. Love is a contact sport you were born to win. โ€” Suzette R. Hinton

35. Love of sports will always break your heart, but in doing so, it reminds us we have one. โ€” Stuart Stevens, The Last Season

36. If skating got into the Olympics, I would be tempted to hold off on shredding for a year and just skate, to make that my new goal. In that sport, I’m still the underdog. โ€” Shaun White

37. She would have got a gold medal in social climbing if it was an Olympic sport โ€” Marlene Perez

38. I love to get home and hang out with my family. My brothers and I love spending time at the beach. I enjoy doing all kinds of surf sports and keeping healthy. โ€” Samantha Stosur

39. When I was a kid, I did many sports. Judo, like my dad, but also volleyball, handball, and gymnastics. We never played much football. โ€” Robert Lewandowski

40. It would be great to be recognised for my achievements, but Sports Personality isn’t about that. โ€” Victoria Pendleton

41. My kids are good athletes and runners. They run in a bunch of sports. โ€” Scott Bakula

42. Youth is full of sport, age’s breath is short; youth is nimble, age is lame; Youth is hot and bold, age is weak and cold; Youth is wild, and age is tame. โ€” William Shakespeare

43. With sports, you have no time to reflect. You just do. โ€” Terri Giuliano Long, In Leah’s Wake

44. Sport, like all of life, is about taking your chances. โ€” Roger Bannister

45. It is no loss to mankind when one writer decides to call it a day. When a tree falls in the forest, who cares but the monkeys? โ€” Richard Ford, The Sportswriter

46. You try to hide your emotions, so as not to show weakness to others. I believe it’s the same for every sportsman. โ€” Michael Schumacher

47. I want to successfully make the transition from a life in professional sports to another life, without running into major upheavals. โ€” Oliver Kahn

48. Maybe if Graziano make another work or another sport I wouldn’t have had this passion to be a rider. โ€” Valentino Rossi

49. I thInk at some poInt, In every sport, you have to have those pIoneers and maybe It’s tIme for soccer. โ€” Serena Williams

50. I can talk about sports and stuff, but I have a season pass for ‘Antiques Roadshow’ on my TiVo. โ€” Paul Rudd


Sport is a great way to stay active and healthy, while also having fun. It’s important to remember some of the great quotes out there that remind us of the power of sports. Whether you like to play, watch, or just talk about sports, these quotes will help motivate you to keep playing and enjoying the game. Thanks for reading, and remember to keep having fun with sports!

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