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Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly is one of the most successful captains in the history of the game. He is known for his aggressive style of play and his determination to win. In this blog post, we will take a look at Ganguly’s life and career, and explore why he has been such a successful leader on the cricket pitch.

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About Sourav Ganguly

birth of the author

8 July 1972

size of the author

1.80 M

date of the author

Test Debut :
20 June 1996 V England

date of the author

Odi Debut :
11 January 1992 V West Indies

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Batting Average:


Any captain will take some time to settle down. Nobody is an outstanding leader straightaway. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

I was at the Wimbledon some time back and I saw Roger Federer play. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

But obviously captaincy is a long process. It takes its toll as time goes on. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

In 2000 I became captain and stayed till 2005, and this was a very successful time in Indian cricket, so it was a satisfying tenure for me. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

i was at the wimbledon some time back and i saw roger federer play Sourav Ganguly quote

Runningโ€“betweenโ€“theโ€“wickets is the ability to convert ones into twos, twos into threes, and threes into fours. And to reach the wickets on time. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Administrators guide players and I have played for such a long time, I understand how it feels as a player. You can say I am a player’s administrator. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

The selection rules are the same for everybody. I am trying to make a comeback just like some other players who got dropped after the Pakistan tour. I hope my time will come. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Mistakes do happen and life goes on. โ€” Sourav Ganguly


I made it pretty clear that if I’m captain, the best team has to play. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

i made it pretty clear that if i m captain the best team has to play Sourav Ganguly quote

As captain of India, the world was at my feet and then I did not find myself in the team. Not many captains would find themselves in that position. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

A good opening stand is always crucial for a team. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

I don’t believe in rankings. Sometimes the rankings surprise me. I don’t think it’s fair to judge a team on the basis of rankings. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

You are anxious before every game because you had to win it. If you didn’t you went down the ladder. I felt proud of the way we beat some teams in tough games. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Bangladesh, despite producing big upsets in the past, doesn’t have the art of beating big teams consistently. โ€” Sourav Ganguly


I love playing England. The teas at Lord’s are good quality. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

I will keep playing domestic cricket. I feel I am good enough to get back into the Indian team, and playing domestic cricket is the only way out. So I will keep playing. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Playing on the field is different from providing inputs sitting in the dugout. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

When you are successful, there is the pressure of performing consistently; when you are not, there is the pressure of coming back and doing well. โ€” Sourav Ganguly


Sometimes as a player you do not want to get into a controversy. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

sometimes as a player you do not want to get into a controversy Sourav Ganguly quote

England has some very good cricketers. And don’t rule West Indies out. They have some explosive players. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

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When you’re captain you get involved in a lot of things. You’re trying to get the best out of players and subconsciously, without knowing, it gets to you. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

To me he will not just be remembered as a great player and a lovely human being, but as somebody who tried to learn Bengali for the last 14 years but never managed to do so! โ€” Sourav Ganguly

As captain you’re involved immensely. You get worked up, you get carried away. It slowly dies down once you’re a player. You realise you’ve to take the back seat. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Dhoni backs players as well. People like (Suresh) Raina, (Ravindra) Jadeja, and Rohit Sharma have developed under him as players and has some terrific qualities as a leader. โ€” Sourav Ganguly


Twenty20 is must for cricket. Without T20, cricket cannot survive. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

When you play cricket for India, you are always under the scanner. You are always judged by others; you have to live up to it all. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Ipl is pure sport. The glitz and glamour is just 15 per cent. 85% is actually professional, hard cricket. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Dhoni has been an outstanding captain. His record as captain is simply terrific. He has done wonders to Indian cricket. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

That happens on a cricket field. People have a go at each other. That’s fair, that’s fine. It’s called Test cricket. It’s not a day in the park. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

twenty20 is must for cricket without t20 cricket cannot survive Sourav Ganguly quote

Kohli is a huge addition to the side not just because of his batting but with his attitude as well. He lifts everyone on the field. There is so much passion in his cricket. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

Oneโ€“day cricket must be taken with equal importance to Test cricket. โ€” Sourav Ganguly

English conditions have changed over the years. Lots of runs are being scored in oneโ€“day cricket now in England, pitches are good for batting. โ€” Sourav Ganguly


Sourav Ganguly is an inspiration to many cricketers, and his words of wisdom are sure to motivate you in your own life. Check out our courses if youโ€™re looking for some tips on how to improve your batting or cricket skills.

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