The Best Sorrow quotes

Sorrow quotes are a great way to teach, learn, and understand the emotion of sorrow. Sorrow is not just feeling bad or unhappy. It is a deep and complex emotion that can be difficult to describe. These quotes help us explore all aspects of sorrow and how it affects our lives. They also remind us that we are not alone in our experiences. Reading these quotes can provide comfort and guidance in times of sorrow.


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The best sorrow quotes

1. There is no such thing as wasโ€“only is. If was existed, there would be no grief or sorrow. โ€” William Faulkner

2. Don’t focus on outward means of satisfaction if you want to be happy. โ€” Trebor Healey, A Horse Named Sorrow

3. We meet on the common ground of an uncommon age and share out our gifts of dark and light, good and bad, simple joy and not so simple sorrow. โ€” Ray Bradbury

4. Sorrow’s child grieves not what has passed, but all the past still yet to come. โ€” Nick Cave

5. True love will not brook reserve; it feels undervalued and outraged, when even the sorrows of those it loves are concealed from it. โ€” Washington Irving

6. You came to me to learn the Pleasure of Life and the Pleasure of Art. Perhaps I am chosen to teach you something much more wonderful, the meaning of Sorrow and its beauty. โ€” Oscar Wilde

7. Even if loving meant leaving, or solitude, or sorrow, love was worth every penny of its price. โ€” Paulo Coelho

8. Our greed for joy is the sole reason for our sorrows โ€” Nilesh Rathod, Destiny of Shattered Dreams

9. Weep hard as much as you need โ€” but do not let your tears pursue the sorrow for the rest of your life.

10. Behind Joy and Laughter there may be a temperament, coarse, hard and callous. But behind Sorrow there is always Sorrow. Pain, unlike Pleasure, wears no mask. โ€” Oscar Wilde

11. When sorrow knocks at your door, tell it you’re busy finding happiness. โ€” Saru Singhal

12. Why is crying so pleasurable? I feel clean, absolutely purged after it. As if I had a grief to get over with, some deep sorrow. โ€” Sylvia Plath

13. Ignoring the question is not the solution of problem, Same as forgetting the sorrow isn’t happiness โ€” Sarthak Tiwari

14. Never let anything so fill you with sorrow as to make you forget the joy of Christ risen. โ€” Mother Teresa

15. True love will not brook reserve; it feels undervalued and outraged, when even the sorrows of those it loves are concealed from it. โ€” Washington Irving

16. A wise man’s sorrow is better than a fool’s happiness. โ€” Matshona Dhliwayo

17. Joy was a flame in me Too steady to destroy. Lithe as a bending reed Loving the storm that sways herโ€“I found more joy in sorrow Than you could find in joy. โ€” Sara Teasdale

18. Crippled and crazy, we hobble toward the finish line, pen in hand. โ€” Siri Hustvedt, The Sorrows of an American

19. A fellow gets to thinking. About all the sorrow and afflictions in this world; how it’s liable to strike anywhere, like lightning. โ€” William Faulkner

20. The longer you live, the more mistakes you make. And the more sorrows you carry. โ€” Nalini Singh, Archangel’s Kiss

21. Each tear longs to kiss sorrow โ€” Munia Khan

22. Actions undertaken in anger, only result in pain, sorrow, and regret. โ€” Rajen Jani, Once Upon A Time: 100 Management Stories

23. Blurred is the picture, To not know what’s next! Is it the laughter that awaits, Or sorrows lined up to dictate. Untold, unclear is…A story of our fate! โ€” Somya Kedia

24. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrow.โ€“Isaiah 53: 4 (NASB) โ€” Shelley Lubben, Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth

25. Every time I go look for God amidst sorrow, I always find Jesus at the cross, in death and resurrection. This is our God. โ€” Nadia Bolzโ€“Weber

26. From sorrow to sorrow love crosses its islands and establishes roots that are watered by weeping. โ€” Pablo Neruda

27. This feather stirs; she lives! if it be so, it is a chance which does redeem all sorrows that ever I have felt. โ€” William Shakespeare

28. Can I see a falling tear, And not feel my sorrow’s share? โ€” William Blake

29. The deeper the sorrow the less tongue it hath. โ€” The Talmud

30. We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken. โ€” Oscar Wilde

31. I now see that sorrow, being the supreme emotion of which man is capable, is at once the type and test of all great art. โ€” Oscar Wilde

32. Can I see another’s woe, and not be in sorrow too? Can I see another’s grief, and not seek for kind relief? โ€” William Blake

33. I’ve always been able to transform happiness and pain and sorrow and tears into positive energy. โ€” Thalia

34. Ah, cruel fate, how swiftly joy and sorrow alternate! โ€” Raimbaut de Vaqueyras

35. If you possess the basic necessities in life, there is absolutely no reason to feel any sorrows. For there is someone praying that they could have your spot. โ€” Jessiie Mahadeo

36. As all our senses are the inlets of sin, so they are become the inlets of sorrow (99). โ€” Richard Baxter, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest

37. For us there is only one season, the season of sorrow. The very sun and moon seem taken from us. โ€” Oscar Wilde

38. No, the sadness will soften, its edges will become less rough. In time missing him will be the way you love him. โ€” M.J. Rose, The Witch of Painted Sorrows

39. When love begs hatred & sorrow, show it your heart. For what you sow you reap, what you feel you seek. โ€” Robert Vanleeuwen

40. When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave. โ€” William Shakespeare

41. The happy ending of the Resurrection is so enormous that it swallows up even the sorrow of the Cross. โ€” Timothy Keller

42. There is quite enough sorrow and shame and suffering and baseness in real life, and there is no need for meeting it unnecessarily in fiction. โ€” Theodore Roosevelt

43. Go forth into the busy world and love it. Interest yourself in its life, mingle kindly with its joys and sorrows. โ€” Ralph Waldo Emerson

44. We read each other through our eyes, and anatomically they are an extension of our brains. When we catch someone’s eye, we look into a mind. โ€” Siri Hustvedt, The Sorrows of an American

45. So sweet was ne’er so fatal. I must weep. But they are creul tears. This sorrow’s heavenly; it strikes where it doth love. โ€” William Shakespeare

46. To be afraid of sorrow is to be afraid of joy also. โ€” Rebecca West

47. Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light, so when we are in sorrow, then this light is nearest of all to us. โ€” Meister Eckhart

48. Do you mind, ‘ he asked politely, ‘if I slide my blade under your skin, just a little? โ€” Mercedes M. Yardley, Beautiful Sorrows

49. More in sorrow than in anger. โ€” William Shakespeare

50. Bad is the trade that must play fool to sorrow, Ang’ring itself and others. โ€” William Shakespeare


Remember that sorrow is only one part of life. Itโ€™s an important part, and itโ€™s worth learning from, but itโ€™s not the only part. Life has much more to offer, and you can find joy and strength even in the midst of sorrow. Take heart and keep moving forward.

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