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It’s hard to believe that Smokey Robinson, one of the most iconic soul singers of all time, got his start by winning a talent show at his high school. But that’s exactly what happened, and from there Robinson rose to become a legendary figure in the music industry. This blog post takes a look at the highlights of Robinson’s life and career, and offers up some words of wisdom for entrepreneurs.

Here are the most inspiring Music, Love, Played, Life, Songs quotes from Smokey Robinson, and much more.


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About Smokey Robinson

birth of the author

February 19, 1940

genre of the author

R&B, Soul, Pop

occupation of the author

Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Record Executive

instrument of the author

Vocals, Piano, Guitar

date of the author

Years Active:

institution of the author

Motown, Universal, Sbk, Liquid 8, Robso And More.

productions of the author

Associated Acts:
The Miracles, The Temptations, Mary Wells, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Timothy Bloom And More.


I played golf all over Detroit. โ€” Smokey Robinson

There are very few courses around Detroit I haven’t played. โ€” Smokey Robinson

If some of those people who wanted to ban Beethoven’s music could hear the music that’s being played today, wow, what would they do, man? โ€” Smokey Robinson

I love hearing my music, I love hearing it by other people. I hope it will always be played. โ€” Smokey Robinson

i played golf all over detroit Smokey Robinson quote


You know what, life is full of temptations. โ€” Smokey Robinson

As a kid, this is what I wanted my life to be. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever dare to dream that it would be this. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Motown will always be a heavyโ€“duty part of my life because those are my roots. โ€” Smokey Robinson

We’re all going to be victims of temptation at several points in our lives. โ€” Smokey Robinson

I’m blessed, because I enjoy every part of my life. I enjoy writing songs. I’ve been trying to write songs since I was five years old. โ€” Smokey Robinson

you know what life is full of temptations Smokey Robinson quote

Drugs are in every walk of lifeโ€“doctors, lawyers, preachers, the guy who works for IBM, teenagers on the street, teenagers in school. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Hickory dickory dock, I just want to be your clock. Just set me for a lifetime, and I’ll wake you up every morning. โ€” Smokey Robinson


Put your trust in me, let this love be. This is for real, let time stand still. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Though you treat me badly, I love you madly. โ€” Smokey Robinson

There is nothing that means more to a woman than a love she can count on. โ€” Smokey Robinson

put your trust in me let this love be this is for real let time stand still Smokey Robinson quote

That’s what love is made of, snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails, sugar, spice, and everything nice. โ€” Smokey Robinson

A taste of honey is worse than none at all. โ€” Smokey Robinson

There’s some sad things known to man, but ain’t too much sadder than, the tears of a clown when noones around. โ€” Smokey Robinson

If you feel like loving me, if you’ve got the notion, I second that emotion. โ€” Smokey Robinson


When you write a song, a song has longevity. โ€” Smokey Robinson

when you write a song a song has longevity Smokey Robinson quote

And I can say this, most of the people who have recorded my songs are songwriters themselves. โ€” Smokey Robinson

I always try to write a song, I never just want to write a record. โ€” Smokey Robinson

I had been stockpiling Gospel songs for other artists, and had planned to submit them to Gospel artists. โ€” Smokey Robinson

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Originally I was not writing songs for myself. โ€” Smokey Robinson

If I hear one of my songs by anybody, it’s a dream come true every time for me as a songwriter, because I want to write a song, I want to write a song that the world can sing and will always sing. โ€” Smokey Robinson

i always try to write a song i never just want to write a record Smokey Robinson quote

When someone picks up one of my songs and records it, I’m a flattered man, it’s a blessing to me. โ€” Smokey Robinson

I always try to write a song, I never just want to write a record. Originally I was not writing songs for myself. Songwriting is my gift from God. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Even if I don’t release it myself, somebody else might hear it and want to record it. When you write a song, it gives it that potential. โ€” Smokey Robinson


That’s because we did not set out to make black music. We set out to make quality music that everyone could enjoy and listen to. โ€” Smokey Robinson

You are most certainly the inspiration for all of today’s rock ‘n’ roll guitarists. Your music is timeless. โ€” Smokey Robinson

I don’t ever balk at being considered a Motown person, because Motown is the greatest musical event that ever happened in the history of music. โ€” Smokey Robinson

The Beatles were huge. And the first thing they said when you interviewed them, ‘Oh yeah, we grew up on Motown.’..They were the first white act to admit they grew up listening to black music. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Had I not come out with an inspirational CD, you perhaps would have never known that I feel like I feel, that all songs, all the music I’ve ever done is a gift from God. โ€” Smokey Robinson

So I wanted to sing inspirational music, and that’s exactly how I approached itโ€“only the words have been changed to declare my relationship with God. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Inspiring Phrases From Smokey Robinson

The one thing about God that’s so beautiful is He is omnipotent, and He is the Almighty. But He’s not a dictator. โ€” Smokey Robinson

people still look at michael jackson as being a motown artist Smokey Robinson quote

Once you’re a Motown artist, that’s your stigmatism, and I was there from the very first day. โ€” Smokey Robinson

People still look at Michael Jackson as being a Motown artist. โ€” Smokey Robinson

Once you’re a Motown artist, you’re always a Motown artist. โ€” Smokey Robinson

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