The Best Small quotes

Small quotes compilation is a blog post series that will feature inspiring, motivational and thought-provoking quotes from successful entrepreneurs. This first post will be introducing the series and featuring a quote from Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.


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The best small quotes

1. It’s not the small of her back, her thighs, or her chest or eyes that matter most. It’s the parts of her she’s afraid to show that you should get to know. — J. Raymond

2. Women are the true maintenance class. Society is built upon their acquiescence and upon their small and necessary labours. — Sally Kempton

3. I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. — Neil Gaiman

4. I look forward to a time when my career in a place where I can get out of Los Angeles and find a nice small town like I grew up in to raise my family. — Patrick Dempsey

5. All we must do is take small steps. Steps with the belief that someday, all those small steps will culminate into a giant leap, a fitting finale. — karan godara

6. Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. — Ronald Reagan

7. … I wrote about … my childhood, when dreams were small and attainable for all. When sweets were a penny and god was a rabbit. — Sarah Winman

8. The moment you tell someone else is the moment you become a whiner and the world’s smallest violin starts to play. The truth is, we all have problems. — J.A. Redmerski, The Edge of Never

9. Wings are like dreams. Before each flight, a bird takes a small jump, a leap of faith, believing that its wings will work. That jump can only be made with rock solid feet. — J.R. Rim

10. I must have 25 AT&T iPhones, maybe more than that. I’ve got plenty of Verizons. I just don’t have them in the small size. — Rush Limbaugh

11. Great opportunities may come once in a lifetime, but small opportunities surround us every day. — Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

12. I want to sling a stone, a small rock into a pool, see it ripple. I want to shake a tree, create a small storm.. — Suzy Davies, Johari’s Window

13. I liked wine, both red and white, and especially Champagne; and on very special occasions I could even drink a small glass of brandy. — Winston Churchill

14. The moon is my mother. She is not sweet like Mary.Her blue garments unloose small bats and owls. — Sylvia Plath, Ariel

15. Better hold the hand for coin, though small, Than lose, for one half a dang, it all. — Saadi

16. A small country town is not the place in which one would choose to quarrel with a wife; every human being in such places is a spy. — Samuel Johnson

17. I may be small, but I’ve got friends that make me ten feet tall. — Mickey Mouse

18. She was on edge, feeling that she might snap or cry at the smallest provocation. — J. K. Rowling

19. Is is in the small decisions you and I make every day that create our destiny. — Tony Robbins

20. You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind. — Yoko Ono

21. Foolish consistencies are the hobgoblins of small minds! — Ralph Waldo Emerson

22. Why do a crappy film role when you can do a meaty stage role? and …I’m not small and curvy and I don’t fit the prerequiste for small, passive, sexy chicks. — Nicole Kidman

23. I think the art world… is a very small pond, and it’s a very inbred pond. They rely on information from an elect elite sect of galleries, primarily in New York. — Thomas Kinkade

24. Your heart is smothering under your small ambitions. — Timothy Keller

25. Great opportunities may come once in a lifetime, but small opportunities surround us every day. — Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

26. God is gathering a small number of chosen people who will live at the edge of one time shifting to another time. These are the people who will make history — Sunday Adelaja

27. In any case, a little danger is a small price to pay for ridding a place of tourists. — Tahir Shah, In Search of King Solomon’s Mines

28. There are times in life when people must know when not to let go. Balloons are designed to teach small children this. — Terry Pratchett

29. See your life as a giant adventure. Keep pushing the envelope, and remember that every dream starts off small. — Robin Sharma

30. But Piglet is so small that he slips into a pocket, where it is very comfortable to feel him when you are not quite sure whether twice seven is twelve or twenty–two. — A. A. Milne

31. You learned to accept, or you ended up in a small room writing letters home with Crayolas. — Stephen King

32. At the gates of the forest, the surprised man of the world is forced to leave his city estimates of great and small, wise and foolish. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

33. . . . in the storm of emotions, we can create a small, peaceful sanctuary within. — Mary Morrissey

34. Today we take it for granted that war happens in smaller, poorer and more backward countries. — Steven Pinker

35. God gives all men all earth to love, but since man’s heart is small, ordains for each one spot shall prove belov?d over all. — Rudyard Kipling

36. Games? War is not a game, my friend. Games are for small children and old men like me. War is a young man’s blighted delight — Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath and the Dawn

37. If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room — Robin S. Sharma

38. A large vessel will never fill up no matter how small the leak is. — Matshona Dhliwayo

39. And she kept following the truck, like we were a very small parade, waving and waving, until Frank took the curve in the road and then she was gone. — Morgan Matson, Since You’ve Been Gone

40. Awakened by the oppressive midday heat, Zach opened his eyes to see a small blue and tan lizard doing what looked like push–ups about a foot away from his face. — Pamela Clare

41. Small daily–seemingly insignificant–improvements and innovations lead to staggering achievements over time. — Robin Sharma

42. Although we have the potential to experience the freedom of a butterfly, we mysteriously prefer the small and fearful cocoon of ego. — Pema Chodron

43. If you have a small view of your sin, God’s grace will be small to you. — Timothy Keller

44. Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked up on each other. — Ray Lewis

45. The city is like poetry; it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines. — E.B. White

46. Courage is your natural setting. You do not need to become courageous, but rather peel back the layers of self–protective, limiting beliefs that keep you small. — Vironika Tugaleva

47. Now if you are condemned to life on welfare, I’m not so sure that being in a bigger welfare village is that much better than being in a smaller welfare village. — Tony Abbott

48. My father was a Norwegian who came from a small town near Oslo. He broke his arm at the elbow when he was 14, and they amputated it. — Roald Dahl

49. Great events turn on small hinges. — Stephen King

50. A life is made up of a great number of small incidents and a small number of great ones. — Roald Dahl


No matter how small a step you take, it is still a step forward. Take the first step, no matter how small, and you will be closer to achieving your goals. Small steps can lead to big changes, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge and take the first step. These small steps will get you one step closer to reaching your goals and achieving success.

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