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Shirley Temple was born in 1928 and became a child star in the 1930s. She was known for her curly hair, dimples, and precocious talent. Although she retired from acting at age 21, Shirley Temple continues to be an icon of American childhood. This quotes compilation traces her life and career.

Here are the strongest Work, Love, Time, World, Thinking, Mor quotes from Shirley Temple, and much more.


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About Shirley Temple

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April 23, 1928

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February 10, 2014

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Actress, Singer, Dancer, Diplomat, Political Activist And More.

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Everyone thought I was bold and fearless and even arrogant, but inside I was always quaking. — Katharine Hepburn

We would have to invent the U.N if we did not have it which is not an original thought. — Shirley Temple

My mother made it seem perfectly normal for thousands of people to be cheering me, as if there was nothing special going on. I thought all children must live as I did. — Shirley Temple

My father had been disgusted and heartsick over the fact that I wanted to act. Thought it a silly profession closely allied to street–walking. — Katharine Hepburn

we would have to invent the u n if we did not have it which is not an original thought Shirley Temple quote

Shirley Temple doesn’t hurt Shirley Temple Black. Shirley Temple helps Shirley Temple Black. She is thought of as a friend–which I am! — Shirley Temple

One famous movie executive who shall remain nameless, exposed himself to me in his office. ‘Mr X,’ I said, ‘I thought you were a producer not an exhibitor’. — Shirley Temple

Good luck needs no explanation. — Shirley Temple


There’s nothing like real love. Nothing. — Shirley Temple

Don’t forget to tell your favorite people that you love them. — Shirley Temple

there s nothing like real love nothing Shirley Temple quote

At the end of the Depression, people were perhaps looking for something to cheer themselves up. They fell in love with a dog and a little girl. It won’t happen again. — Shirley Temple

I class myself with Rin Tin Tin. People in the Depression wanted something to cheer them up, and they fell in love with a dog and a little girl. — Shirley Temple

Some people liked Rudolph Valentino. I liked Rin Tin Tin. — Shirley Temple

Dr. Kissinger was surprised that I knew where Ghana was. — Shirley Temple

No part of marriage is the exclusive province of any one sex. — Katharine Hepburn

don t forget to tell your favorite people that you love them Shirley Temple quote


Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble. — Shirley Temple

I would have made a terrible parent. The first time my child didn’t do what I wanted, I’d kill him. — Katharine Hepburn

By the time I was 4, I knew how to hit my mark. — Shirley Temple

Why is Shirley Temple famous?

Shirley Temple was an American actress and public official who was an internationally popular child star of the 1930s, best known for sentimental musicals.

Temple’s popularity was partly seen as a response to the Great Depression.


By the time I got to the Fox studio for my first major film, I knew how to hit a mark. I knew how to memorize lines. I knew how to pay attention. — Shirley Temple


There are many of us who should be in a position to bring peace to the world. — Shirley Temple

there are many of us who should be in a position to bring peace to the world Shirley Temple quote

I had had enough pretend. I wanted to be in the real world. — Shirley Temple

In the world of movie personalities the distance between popularity and politics is short. — Shirley Temple

Long ago, I became more interested in the real world than in make–believe. — Shirley Temple

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Sunnybrook Farm is now a parking lot; the petticoats are in the garbage can, where they belong in the modern world; and I detest censorship. — Shirley Temple

He’s worked his entire life and he’s never lived a single moment, I mean not a moment, in the real world. — Katharine Hepburn

i had had enough pretend i wanted to be in the real world Shirley Temple quote

Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle. — Shirley Temple


Most of the people in Ghana wouldn’t know me as an actress. They’d know me for my work at the U.N. — Shirley Temple

I work a seventeen hour day, and I’m personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy. — Shirley Temple

When I saw work shoes, I would know that that person worked. I was very worried about people with shiny, pointed shoes as a child. — Shirley Temple

The U.N. acts as the world’s conscience, and over eighty–five percent of the work that is done by the United Nations is in the social, economic, educational and cultural fields. — Shirley Temple

I was absolutely bathed in love. I was so young, starting at age 3, that working seemed very normal. I thought everybody went to work. — Shirley Temple

When I asked my mother why crowds shouted my name and said ‘We love you,’ she would dust it off by saying, ‘Your work makes them happy.’ She never let it go to my head. — Shirley Temple

I liked work shoes and big, working–class hands. The stars would come and go, but the crew on my movies was my extended family. — Shirley Temple


I’ve been blessed with three wonderful careers: motion pictures and television, wife, mother and grandmother… and diplomatic services for the United States government. — Shirley Temple

I’ve led three lives: the acting part, wife and mother–which is a career–and international relations. I’m proud of my career, the first one, and I’m proud of the other two, too. — Shirley Temple

I guess I was an early method actress. I would go to a quiet part of the sound stage with my mother. I wouldn’t think of anything sad, I would just make my mind a blank. In a minute I could cry. — Shirley Temple

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph. — Shirley Temple

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