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Shane Dawson’s story is one of tragedy and triumph. At age 17, he was in a car accident that left him with severe brain damage. He spent the next 3 years recovering from his injuries and learning to walk again. Shane now has over 12 million YouTube subscribers on his channel, where he shares personal stories about everything from relationships to mental health. In between videos, Shane also runs a successful clothing company called Frocktalk Clothing that promotes body positivity and self-love for all shapes, sizes, genders and colors.

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July 19, 1988

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Youtuber, Actor, Writer, Director, Musician And More.

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Docuseries, Vlog, Sketch Comedy, Comedy Music, Beauty And More.

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Everybody loves a Keurig. — Shane Dawson

I love interviewing people and getting them to talk about things they’ve never talk about. — Shane Dawson

Love who you want to love. Life is short. Nobody’s going to hate you for it. — Shane Dawson

I love podcasts, so I thought I’d try one. — Shane Dawson

everybody loves a keurig Shane Dawson quote

I can honestly say that I am open to love in any way. I guess that makes me bisexual. — Shane Dawson

I’ve wanted to make movies ever since I was a kid. I knew that was my goal. — Shane Dawson


Youll never know where life is gonna take you. Youll never know where your life is gonna go. But youll never be able to find out if you end it. — Shane Dawson

You don’t need to figure out exactly who you are right now. Just live your life. — Shane Dawson

I have kind of a thick skin. — Shane Dawson

you don t need to figure out exactly who you are right now just live your life Shane Dawson quote

I know what I do for a living is ridiculous. — Shane Dawson


I don’t think I’ll be doing daily videos forever. — Shane Dawson

There are a lot of coming out videos of people who are gay or lesbian, and they’re so confident. But it made me cry because I’m not that. I don’t know who I am 100 percent. — Shane Dawson

Make the videos that you want to watch. Don’t think about who is going to be upset or offended. — Shane Dawson

I have a P.O. Box that I get about 50 letters a day that my mom picks up, and a lot of weird gifts I like to show on my videos. — Shane Dawson

i don t think i ll be doing daily videos forever Shane Dawson quote

I think a lot of people haven’t even seen my videos but just hearing my name are like ‘Oh, that’s that dumb Internet thing.’ And I’m definitely trying to shake that a little bit. — Shane Dawson

No matter what somebody thinks about your videos or whatever, everyone can agree how much work it is. — Shane Dawson

I have always been a director first and the whole acting thing just happened because none of my friends wanted to be in my videos, so I had to do it myself and wear a bunch of wigs. — Shane Dawson

For me, it’s always fun to have people that do the same thing as you or and have the same work ethic as you. A lot of my friends have YouTube channels, and I use them in my videos, and I’m in their videos. — Shane Dawson

I’ve made a lot of crazy comedy videos and said a lot of crazy things. If it’s too offensive, I apologize and move on, but I do comedy. — Shane Dawson


Youtube has a stigma about only kids watching it. That’s true. It is mostly kids and teenagers who watch it. But I’ve never made videos for teenagers. They should not be watching my videos. — Shane Dawson

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Now I put up something, and I have to think, ‘Oh, there are millions of people watching, and some of them could be affected by the jokes I make.’ — Shane Dawson

I have spoofed celebrities before, but it’s hard for me because I picture them watching it. — Shane Dawson

The Internet gave a place like, ‘Oh, I’ll do whatever I want now. Nobody’s going to see it anyways.’ Oddly enough, people started watching and I got more confident, comfortable with it. — Shane Dawson

I kind of made the decision early on to be extremely open about everything and just pretend like all of these people watching were my close friends that I could tell stuff to and be honest with. — Shane Dawson

i have spoofed celebrities before but it s hard for me because i picture them watching it Shane Dawson quote

Inspiring Phrases From Shane Dawson

Every year I try to pitch a show, and I try to do something outside of YouTube, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. — Shane Dawson

I want to know the psychology of a YouTuber… do you think, to be a YouTuber, you have to have something off? — Shane Dawson

Even if I get into television and movies, I’m never going to quit YouTube because of the bond I have with my viewers. — Shane Dawson

Anybody could be a sociopath. Anybody. — Shane Dawson

I think Jake Paul doesn’t know who I am. — Shane Dawson

anybody could be a sociopath anybody Shane Dawson quote

I would never put a movie on YouTube unless the funding was right, or unless YouTube paid for it or something. — Shane Dawson

Youtube opened up a lot of doors. — Shane Dawson

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