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Entrepreneurs are always looking for inspiration, and there’s no shortage of it in the life of Sergey Brin. From humble beginnings in Russia to becoming the co-founder of one of the most successful companies in the world, Brin’s story is truly extraordinary. Here’s a look at the life and career of this amazing entrepreneur.

Here are the strongest Innovation, Work, Google, Time quotes from Sergey Brin, and much more.


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About Sergey Brin

birth of the author

August 21, 1973

country of the author

United States

education of the author

University Of Maryland, College Park

occupation of the author

Computer Scientist, Internet Entrepreneur

knownfor of the author

Known For:
Co-Founding Google And X Co-Founding Alphabet Inc. Co-Creating Pagerank

money of the author

Net Worth:
Us$110.4 Billion


Too many rules will stifle innovation. โ€” Sergey Brin

Any conversation I have about innovation starts with the ultimate goal. โ€” Sergey Brin

The kind of environment that we developed Google in, the reason that we were able to develop a search engine, is the web was so open. Once you get too many rules, that will stifle innovation. โ€” Sergey Brin

When it’s too easy to get money, then you get a lot of noise mixed in with the real innovation and entrepreneurship. Tough times bring out the best parts of Silicon Valley. โ€” Sergey Brin

too many rules will stifle innovation Sergey Brin quote


As we go forward, I hope we’re going to continue to use technology to make really big differences in how people live and work. โ€” Sergey Brin

You do see more people that have been freed up over the last couple of hundred years to do work that is more about thinking about or creating things… and I would hope to see that trend continue. โ€” Sergey Brin

Having been trained as a computer scientist in the ’90s, everybody knew that AI didn’t work. People tried it. They tried neural nets, and none of it worked. โ€” Sergey Brin

We’ve been kind of having an increasing succession of tests: tests for getting balloon flights to work, tests to test connectivity. it’s super exciting that this is going to serve actual communities. โ€” Sergey Brin

Solving big problems is easier than solving little problems. โ€” Sergey Brin

solving big problems is easier than solving little problems Sergey Brin quote

We just want to have great people working for us. โ€” Sergey Brin


If Google Books is successful, others will follow. โ€” Sergey Brin

The name was supposed to be ‘Googol,’ which is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeroes. It was before the Google spellchecker existed. โ€” Sergey Brin

Google actually relies on our users to help with our marketing. We have a very high percentage of our users who often tell others about our search engine. โ€” Sergey Brin

Redundant Thematics

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I’d like to get to a state where people think that if you’ve Googled something, you’ve researched it, and otherwise haven’t, and that’s it. โ€” Sergey Brin

if google books is successful others will follow Sergey Brin quote


Generally, health is just so heavily regulated. It’s just a painful business to be in. It’s just not necessarily how I want to spend my time. โ€” Sergey Brin

People try new things all the time. By now, the people who succeed have to be very sophisticated. โ€” Sergey Brin

I wish there were a hundred services with which I could easily look at such a book; it would have saved me a lot of time, and it would have spared Google a tremendous amount of effort. โ€” Sergey Brin

I am sometimes something of a lazy person, so when I end up spending a lot of time using something myselfโ€“as I did with Google in the earliest of days, I knew it was a big deal. โ€” Sergey Brin

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