The Best Seeing quotes

There are a lot of quotes about entrepreneurship out there. Some people seem to think that being an entrepreneur is easy, and all you need is a great idea and the drive to make it happen. While those things are certainly important, they’re not the only factors that contribute to success as an entrepreneur. In fact, there are a lot of other things you need to know in order to be successful. So if you’re thinking about starting your own business, or if you’ve been running one for a while but haven’t been seeing the results you want, then read on. This post is compilation of some of the best quotes about entrepreneurship, so that you can learn what it really takes to be successful in this field.


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The best seeing quotes

1. I have no right to say I believe in God unless I order my life as under His all–seeing Eye. — Oswald Chambers

2. I am not seeing myself in your eyes, I think someone has replaced me — Zarak Shakeel

3. Creativity isn’t a switch that’s flicked on or off; it’s a way of seeing, engaging and responding to the world around you. — Rod Judkins, The Art of Creative Thinking

4. Dell is a very different company than it was five years or so years ago. and we’re seeing tremendous momentum inside the business. — Michael Dell

5. Every time I start thinking the world is all bad, then I start seeing people out there having a good time on motorcycles. It makes me take another look. — Steve Mcqueen

6. I’m excited about seeing things, and I’m interested in the way I think other people saw things. — Roy Lichtenstein

7. Am I seeing or am i dreamingIts showing so I’m believingAm i seeing what i believe orAm i being shown then believing — Mohammad K. Walizada

8. Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle. — Walt Whitman

9. And our tears are an expression of that which we cannot express. Tears are perfect prayer. — Ronald Chapman, What A Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes

10. Not seeing people permits us to imagine them with every perfection. — Victor Hugo

11. The band feels loose in all the right ways, and it’s just so cool looking out and seeing all of these people that I haven’t seen in a while. — Trey Anastasio

12. If Your Eyes Are Opened, You’ll See The Things Worth Seeing. — Rumi

13. If growing up means not seeing one’s family and friends on the regular–all in the name of paying the bills, then growing up is overrated. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Confessions of a Misfit

14. Behead yourself!… Dissolve your whole body into Vision: become seeing, seeing, seeing! — Rumi

15. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me. — Ram Dass

16. I’m excited about seeing things, and I’m interested in the way I think other people saw things. — Roy Lichtenstein

17. Thus and thus is the world. Seeing the depth, we shall see also the height, and praise both. — Olaf Stapledon

18. The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing. — Pierre Bonnard

19. Intellect is not speaking and logicising — it is seeing and ascertaining.

20. The lure of seeing new places, different ways of life, has been almost irresistible. — Walter Dean

21. There were corpses here and there and pools of blood. I remember seeing a butterfly flutter up and down that street. Summer does not abdicate. — Victor Hugo

22. There’s nothing like seeing the smile on my kids’ faces. Laughing together. Playing. It’s the best. — Mark Wahlberg

23. My job is essentially just corralling more and more and more facts and information, and occasionally seeing whether that leads to some action. — Warren Buffett

24. People are losing jobs, people need to be entertained, and I want to make movies that parents and children can look forward to seeing, that can become a kind of family ritual. — Nicolas Cage

25. Did if feel like jumping off a cliff when he kissed you? I imagine it did. — Na, I’ll Be Seeing You

26. We may speak about a place where there are no tears, no death, no fear, no night; but those are just the benefits of heaven. The beauty of heaven is seeing God. — Max Lucado

27. Islam is not a set of rules. It’s a way of seeing life and the world. — Nouman Ali Khan

28. Used to see people in love . seeing them , Used to say–how heavenly it is , they looks so happy in love. now i toughed by love–and don’t say the same . — litymunshi

29. I get more inspired by seeing everyday people succeed against the odds than anything else in life. — Suze Orman

30. Seeing the transformation in Aaron made me wonder how it would feel to have someone–even a not–so–nice guy like Aaron–look at me the way he looked at Anjali. — Polly Shulman, The Grimm Legacy

31. People are capable of seeing the deceit they’re ensnared in. They just have to make the effort. — Noam Chomsky

32. Genius is the talent for seeing things straight. — Maude Adams

33. When you have spent long years in the dark, there is joy in seeing the light and pleasure, above all, in the ordinary. — Sally Brampton, Shoot the Damn Dog: A Memoir of Depression

34. To the degree you experience God’s love towards you–seeing you as beautiful and radiant–to that degree sex won’t ruin your life. — Timothy J. Keller

35. I’m seeing the ball well. I’m not trying for home runs. I’m trying to hit to right field more. When I do that, the home run comes. — Sammy Sosa

36. Imagination is seeing with the eye of God. — Neville Goddard

37. When scientifically investigating the natural world, the only thing worse than a blind believer is a seeing denier. — Neil Degrasse Tyson

38. There is an awful lot of difference between reading something and actually seeing it, for you can never tell, till you see it, just how big a liar History is. — Will Rogers

39. I’ve really learned to appreciate the magic of challenging yourself. Seeing yourself somewhere new. There’s a whole world out there. — Stacie Hammond, Ana J. Awakens

40. Being in love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability. Being in love means seeing the Beloved all around me. — Ram Dass

41. The impulse to dream was slowly beaten out of me by experience. Now it surged up again and I hungered for books, new ways of looking and seeing. — Richard Wright

42. There are different ways of seeing things. That’s art. There is no one interpretation. — Sharon Leach, Love It When You Come, Hate It When You Go: Stories

43. If one looks at a thing with the intention of trying to discover what it means, one ends up no longer seeing the thing itself, but of thinking of the question that is raised. — Rene Magritte

44. If eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

45. A lot of the stuff I am now seeing is edgy, raw kinda material. — Mickey Rourke

46. We’re seeing quite a lot of people who really would like a return to class–based politics. — Patricia Hewitt

47. We are nature. We are nature seeing nature. The red–winged blackbird flies in us. — Susan Griffin

48. I don’t really distinguish between sympathy and honesty when I’m writing. The two go together–I’m interested in inhabiting my characters, seeing the world through their eyes. — Tom Perrotta

49. I say this as a young dad seeing children going into primary school: I don’t think we should underestimate the formative effect on a child of those first years in primary school. — Nick Clegg

50. I have no right to say I believe in God unless I order my life as under His all–seeing Eye. — Oswald Chambers


We hope that this collection of quotes has inspired you to take a closer look at the world around you, and to appreciate the beauty that can be found in the simplest of moments. From the monumental to the mundane, there is something special to be found in every moment. So take a moment to stop and smell the roses, and to look out for the beauty that is all around you.

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