The Best Secret quotes

Quotes are a great way to motivate and inspire people. They can also be a source of wisdom and insight. In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite secret quotes. These quotes may not be well-known, but they are full of wisdom and inspiration.

1. She knew that oftentimes hurtful people were hurting people, so she determined to pray for them all the more. β€” J.E.B. Spredemann, An Unforgivable Secret
2. Is it right to probe so deeply into Nature’s secrets? The question must here be raised whether it will benefit mankind, or whether the knowledge will be harmful. β€” Pierre Curie
3. What was it that marked me as a woman and was I prepared to let it go? β€” Sara Sheridan, The Secret Mandarin
4. Developing a world class vision is the secret to world–class motivation. β€” Steve Siebold
5. The Alchemy’s secret key is hidden in the laboratory of the man and woman. β€” Samael Aun Weor
6. The secret of discipline is motivation. When a man is sufficiently motivated discipline will take care of itself. β€” Sir Alexander Paterson
7. Secrets tear you apart. β€” Mitch Albom
8. One of the secrets of success is to refuse to let temporary setbacks defeat us. β€” Mary Kay Ash
9. There’s a joy in having the molecule of an idea, then testing it in front of audiences at secret shows that people only know about the night before. β€” Mike Myers
10. I feel like my imagination was crafted by Tolkien. He seemed to tap into that childhood intrigue of secret doors and hidden worlds. β€” Richard C. Armitage
11. The secret is to create the condition for change, a process that sometimes takes decades, and then use certain men as pivot points, a fulcrum to move history. β€” Robert Ferrigno
12. No one ever confides a secret to one person only. No one destroys all copies of a document. β€” Renata Adler
13. All the talking in the world couldn’t even prove you and the other person both saw the same color red. β€” L.J. Smith, Secret Vampire
14. On a day when secrets shall be outThe man shall have no power nor any helper. β€” Various
15. I want to make a picture about the Russian secret police–the GOP. β€” Samuel Goldwyn
16. Expose not the secret failings of mankind, otherwise you must verily bring scandal upon them and distrust upon yourself. β€” Saadi
17. A secret spoken finds wings. β€” Robert Jordan, The Path of Daggers
18. The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give it the necessary blow. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration. β€” Swami Vivekananda
19. Every rose that is sweet–scented within, That rose is telling of the secrets of the Universal. β€” Rumi
20. People like secrets. Creative people really like secrets. β€” Nolan Bushnell
21. It is the people who can do nothing who find nothing to do, and the secret to happiness in this world is not only to be useful, but to be forever elevating one’s uses. β€” Sarah Orne Jewett
22. The secret of life is not in what happens to you. It is in what you do with it that happens to you. β€” Norman Vincent Peale
23. At the last moment she thought, I’m not ready.But she already knew the answer to that.Nobody was ever ready. β€” L.J. Smith, Secret Vampire
24. Friends are supposed to act like harbor boats–let you know if you’re off course. But it ain’t always possible… β€” Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya–Ya Sisterhood
25. It’s important to have a husband that lives and believes the same way you do. Otherwise, you’re asking for problems. β€” J.E.B. Spredemann, An Unforgivable Secret
26. On a day when secrets shall be outThe man shall have no power nor any helper. β€” Various
27. She had a passion for secrecy, but she herself was merely a Sphinx without a secret. β€” Oscar Wilde
28. Some people get rich studying artificial intelligence. I make money studying natural stupidity. β€” Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics
29. Secrets travel fast in Paris. β€” Napoleon Bonaparte
30. What is addiction? Only those that have been kept secret β€” are addictions. Those that are openly visible cannot be called addiction.
31. Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity. β€” Marshall Mcluhan
32. Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and the most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery. β€” Rumi
33. ‘[caine]”interesting. Me, I’ve always wanted to know who my real parents were.”[Sam]”Let me guess: you’re secretly a wizard who was raised by muggles.’ β€” Michael Grant, Gone
34. Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me, amplified. β€” Winona Ryder
35. The secret to gaining the whole world is to keep your soul. β€” Tice Davids aka David T. Parker
36. Everything shows me its face, its innermost being, its secret soul, which is more often silent than heard. β€” Wassily Kandinsky
37. The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself. β€” W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage
38. When you’re rich, ‘crazy’ is just ‘eccentric’. β€” Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics
39. There are no such things as secrets only truths that have yet to be revealed. β€” Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics
40. Some men mistake generosity for charity: these flatter themselves that they are giving gratuitously, whilst they are merely rewarding secret services offered their vanity. β€” Norm Macdonald
41. Be a reflection of what you’d like to see in others. You get in return what you give. β€” Ziad K. Abdelnour, Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics
42. Sometimes you hear people saying that there is a secret to get to where you wanna be, but at a certain point, you discover that you are the secret of your success. β€” Michael Bassey Johnson
43. Sometimes I think that not having to worry a bout your hair anymore is the secret upside of death. β€” Nora Ephron
44. I will take his secret to the grave, telling people I meet on the way. β€” Tom Stoppard
45. There are no secrets on the Internet β€” Paul Babicki
46. Sweet babe, in thy face Soft desires I can trace, Secret joys and secret smiles, Little pretty infant wiles. β€” William Blake
47. A cat’s secrets run so deep that even the cat itself is often unaware. Their mysteries are as natural as whiskers. β€” Wendy Beck, 9th Life
48. …reality is always plural and mutable. β€” Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati
49. He prefers his adventures second hand. β€” Sara Sheridan, Secret of the Sands
50. It was as though God’s hand was reaching down to Anna, and she was reaching her hands to Harvey and Joe, creating a circle of love. β€” J.E.B. Spredemann, A Secret Encounter


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