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Sean Connery is a classic example of someone who has made it. Born in Scotland, he was just another one of the many people living at that time without an identity or much to call his own. He had to fight for what he wanted and earn everything. His life shows us how important it is to stand up for yourself and never give up.
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About Sean Connery

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25 August 1930

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31 October 2020

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1954-2005, 2012


This is no time to be rescued. — Sean Connery

We must have a few fast falls together some time. — Sean Connery

The key to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. — Sean Connery

Drama is conveyed with emotion, and it’s best to spend time looking for that emotion––which is international––instead, besides, i think there is a certain musicality each person has in their own tongue. — Sean Connery

this is no time to be rescued Sean Connery quote

I haven’t found anywhere in the world where I want to be all the time. The best of my life is the moving. I look forward to going. — Sean Connery

I don’t think I’ll ever act again. I have so many wonderful memories, but those days are over. — Sean Connery

I find if I just sit down and think, a solution presents itself. — Sean Connery


I like women. I don’t understand them, but I like them. — Sean Connery

It’s not the worst thing to slap a woman now and then. — Sean Connery

i like women i don t understand them but i like them Sean Connery quote

Sometimes a woman just needs to be slapped. — Sean Connery

There are women who take it to the wire. That’s what they are looking for, the ultimate confrontation. They want a smack. — Sean Connery

I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong in hitting a woman, though I don’t recommend you do it the same way that you hit a man. — Sean Connery

You’re a woman of many parts, Pussy! — Sean Connery

The terrible beauty is that in the brotherhood of golf we are all the same–certifiable. — Sean Connery

it s not the worst thing to slap a woman now and then Sean Connery quote

I unfortunately don’t speak French, but my wife is now fluent in English, which really reflects rather badly on me. — Sean Connery


I take the good with the bad. I can’t love people in slices. — Sean Connery

If you fear nothing, you love nothing. If you love nothing, what joy can there be in life? — Sean Connery

How peaceful life would be without love. How safe, how tranquil and how dull. — Sean Connery

A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing; and if you love nothing, what joy is there in your life? — Sean Connery

i take the good with the bad i can t love people in slices Sean Connery quote

But as a Scot with a lifelong love of Scotland and the arts, I believe the opportunity of independence is too good to miss. Simply put there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation. — Sean Connery

Love may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile. — Sean Connery

I admit I’m being paid well, but it’s no more than I deserve. After all, I’ve been screwed more times than a hooker. — Sean Connery


I left Scotland when I was 16 because I had no qualifications for anything but the Navy, having left school at 13. — Sean Connery

Everything I have done or attempted to do for Scotland has always been for her benefit, never my own and I defy anyone to prove otherwise. — Sean Connery

only 4 percent of all the companies owned in scotland have their head offices in scotland Sean Connery quote

When you hear someone from the very north of Scotland speaking, I think its nice, very musical and harmonious. — Sean Connery

There’s something fundamentally wrong with a system where there’s been 17 years of a Tory Government and the people of Scotland have voted Socialist for 17 years. That hardly seems democratic. — Sean Connery

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I’ve always been hopeful about Scotland’s prospects. And I now believe more than ever that Scotland is within touching distance of achieving independence and equality. — Sean Connery

Only 4 percent of all the companies owned in Scotland have their head offices in Scotland. — Sean Connery

Inspiring Phrases From Sean Connery

There’s one major difference between James Bond and me. He is able to sort out problems! — Sean Connery

there s one major difference between james bond and me he is able to sort out problems Sean Connery quote

I don’t think I’ll ever act again. — Sean Connery

Everyone talks about how they knew the Bond films were going to be a success, but it simply isn’t true. — Sean Connery

Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up. — Sean Connery

James Bond’s qualities of] self–containment, his powers of decision, his ability to carry on through till the end and to survive … I like to think I acquired them before Bond. — Sean Connery

Bond. James Bond. — Sean Connery

i don t think i ll ever act again Sean Connery quote

Don’t wait for it to happen, don’t even want it to happen–just watch what does happen. — Sean Connery

Various Statements From Sean Connery

Nothing is impossible, only mathematically improbable. — Sean Connery

I did many other things before I ever got into the movies. I’ve been in so many businesses, it’s a joke. All of them totally unsuited to me. Selling used cars. Running a club in London. — Sean Connery

Bond’s introduction: ‘Bond. James Bond.’ Repeated in 17 subsequent Bond films. Number One in the Top Ten Most Famous Movie Quotes.–The Guinness Book of Film — Sean Connery

I have always hated that damn James Bond. I’d like to kill him. — Sean Connery

nothing is impossible only mathematically improbable Sean Connery quote

I care about Bond and what happens to him. You cannot be connected with a character for this long and not have an interest. All the Bond films had their good points. — Sean Connery

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